Authentic Models Historical Collectibles

Authentic Models CollectionA fascinating story translated into a unique collection; Authentic Models recreates history with their Furniture, Nautical, Flight, Globes and Kids Decor Items, These objects are produced by Authentic Models using the same materials and construction techniques used to create the originals. Artwork is hand-painted, models are hand-made, all are hand-finished in exceptional detail. Authentic Models strives to appeal to those moving away from the fake world of global brands and seeks those who choose individuality. AM combine modern and classic themes in an effort to challenge the mind as well as the eye. Authentic Models Collectibles make great Gifts for Him and for anyone appreciative of History and Detail!

Flight Models

Aviation ModelsHistorical and Antique Model Airplanes bring you back those old glorious days! Worthy of a museum, reconstructions of high quality airplane models of military and civilian aircrafts. Collectors and Enthusiasts will be thrilled by the extensive collection of Die cast Airplanes, Blimp Models, RC Model Aircrafts that epitomize aeronautics history. Commercial Airlines, Jets, Parachutes, Hot Air Balloons and Helicopter models will be admired by anyone enthused by Aviation Industry. Enthrall the little one by the Authentic Models Mobiles.

Authentic Models Globes and Maps

AM GLobesAuthentic Model globes offer history at your fingertips and highlight some of the world’s most famous cartographers: Mercator, Hondius, and Vaugondy. No other company in the world offers reproduction antique globes of similar quality and affordability. Attention to detail is key. All AM globes are made using original charts, researched for their historical accuracy and visual appeal. Those Armillary, Terrestrial and Celestial globes, replicas of known cartographers, are mounted on stands made of wood or brass with steel axis. For the enthusiastic collector, you will find at antique globes, pocket globes, table globes, floor globes, antique maps, Antique Atlasas, Ocean Globes and even replicas of Gerardus Mercators Maps.

Authentic Models Sundials and Compasses

Authentic Models CompassHeralding the age of exploration, compasses offered navigation and direction to those at sea. Our travels have taken us to the four corners of the world, in search of gifted artists who are willing to share their talents. Now Authentic Models has authentic antique compasses that are functional too! Authentic Models has brought ancient technology that will make a great gift to any avid nautical collector. Take your pick from bronze compasses, mahogany compasses, pocket compasses and many more.

Authentic Models Bar And Game Furniture

Authentic Models Bar and Game FurnitureAlways playful and eclectic, The Authentic Models Bar and Game Furniture are made to last. Reminiscent of British colonial armies as well as French artisan stores and workshops, those individual pieces easily match and combine with both contemporary and classical style. Cabinets turning on hidden wheels, glass tops that show photos and collected ephemera. The accent home decor furniture have modular units to create storage, display and workspace exactly as you have always wanted. French finished, brass bound, lightly distressed furniture that will increase in value over time, make great gifts for your bar and for the retired gentleman.AM Furniture includes campaign chairs, stateroom bars, cabinets and traveling desk to name the few.

Authentic Models Nautical Collection

AM Boat Collection setsBoats and rafts on wild oceans and lakes have provided people with inspiration ever since. Authentic Models unearths all Nautical Treasures and find the perfect coastal decor or gift for anyone. Ahoy! Choose from our wide selection of nautical collectibles as bells, captain's whistle, wall decor, ship rack display, porthole mirrors, anchors, deck prisms, desk bells, nautical paintings, fish bowls and even wooden oar racks and stands! The nicest part of a day on the water is returning to port. The sun is low over the horizon, a ball of red. Take the sails down and stroll home. For the Collector, bring those nostalgic days back with historic sailboats, which cruise through the sea with speed, agility, and grace. Find the perfect Speed Boat Set for your collection, office, or home décor, and enjoy its stylish charm and nautical sophistication forever. These yachts, civil war ships, tall boat models also make excellent decorations or centerpieces for a reception or group event. Liven your office, beach house or sun room with one of these fun and colorful wooden boat models. Bon Voyage..