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Beverage Dispensers

Guests - Help Yourselves, Please! Using Beverage Dispensers with Spouts, self service and effortless entertaining render relaxed and pleasant hostesses. Classic Hostess carries the largest selection of Drink Dispensers to suit any beverage station from elegantly sophisticated, to traditional vintage refreshment tables.

Pour on the Fun with Drink Jugs and Beverage Servers at Weddings, Graduation Parties, Summer Soirees, and more!

Glass Drink Dispensers - Year Round Best Sellers, Glass Drink Dispensers allow elegant showcasing of infused beverages and cocktails. Classic Hostess sells many different quality glass beverage dispensers. Try Hammered Glass Drink Dispensers for busier drink stands, or embossed Glass Beverage Dispensers for rather elegant affairs. Some Glass Drink Dispensers by Classic Hostess already include Chalkboard Tags so that drinks can be easily identified. For more convenient dispensing, a lot of the Glass Beverage Dispensers also include complementary Drink Stands and Pedestals. Infused Water or Sangria Enthusiasts? Classic Hostess is pleased to retail Glass Drink Dispensers which already include infuser inserts and ice chambers.

Lemonade Drink Dispensers – Kick off any party with chic and durable Lemonade or Iced Tea Drink Dispensers. Great for Casual Outdoor or Indoor Parties, Lemonade Drink Dispensers include a variety of party jugs with spouts and stands. Iced Tea Drink Dispensers are sold in ribbed glass, hexagonal shaped, and some with easy pour spouts, amongst many more.  Simply put, Iced Tea and Lemonade Drink Dispensers are essential and affordable entertaining accessories at patio gatherings, barbeque cookouts, and even graduation parties.

Beverage Dispensers with Leak Proof Metal Spout - An absolute winner for event planners, caterers, and restaurant owners, Drink Dispensers with Metal Spigot provide everlasting quality to beverage severs. Metal Spouts ensure drip free dispensing, plus clog free spigots. A bit pricier, the Glass Beverage Dispensers with Metal Leak Proof Spouts are vital to any large scale or commercial events. Classic Hostess now offers exclusive Stainless Steel Metal Spouts with the purchase of some Glass Drink Dispensers. We suggest using Beverage Dispenser with Metal Spouts for Wedding Receptions that’ll bring greater traffic.

Acrylic Beverage Dispensers - Perhaps the most convenient for everyday use, the Acrylic Drink Dispenser are produced with Polycarbonate Plastic for long lasting quality. Some Acrylic Drink Dispensers include removable Ice Chambers and Infusers for infused waters and vodka. The Plastic Acrylic Drink Dispensers are practically unbreakable, scratch-free, and lightweight for easier transporting.

Double Drink Dispensers – Side by Side, or Stacked Beverage Dispensers offer a choice of drinks to undecided party attendees. Plus, Dual Glass Beverage Dispensers offer eye-catching displays of different color drinks and cocktails. The Double Beverage Dispensers include Wrought Iron Stands or Galvanized Metal Buckets. Like all of Classic Hostess Beverage Dispensers, these Double Drink Jugs are sold in many different styles. Find Vintage Mason Twin Glass Beverage Dispensers or Hammered Elegant Set of Two Drink Dispensers. Some of the Double or Twin Drink Dispensers include Chalkboard Labels or Bail and easy pour spouts.

Elegant Beverage Dispensers -  Functional, Sophisticated, plus Versatile, these Elegant Drink Dispensers are sold in Hammered Glass, Crystal Glass, or durable High Quality Glass. These Elegant Beverage Dispensers are highly recommended for elegant bar stations like at Holiday Gatherings, Wedding Receptions, and Spas. Some Elegant Beverage Dispensers are sold by Classic Hostess with sophisticated gold accents. Apothecary Jar Beverage dispensers, and Mercury Glass Drink Dispensers are amongst the sought after Elegant Drink Jugs with Spouts. All of the Elegant Beverage Dispensers are affordably priced and of exceptional quality. 

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