Some people may think that wine decanters are only used because of their elegant and luxuries looks. But the truth is that there’s a long story behind wine decanting and lot’s of rules too.

The main reason for pouring wine from a bottle into a wine decanter is in order to oxygenate the wine and make it breathe before enjoying it.

When younger wine breathes, it changes, opening to more interesting aromas and flavors that are hidden in the wine. When older wine is decanted slowly, its sediment stays in the bottle and the wine imparts the strong, bitter flavor.

Many decanters are available in many different designs, one of them is the unique Crystal Duck Decanter:


This spectacular wine bottle, inspired by the shape of a duck, contributes a breathtaking elegance to a dinner table. Whichever way you display it, it will be the talk of your event!

For bigger crowds and extra large capacity, you might want to consider the Excaliber Large Decanter:

The Ravenscroft Crystal Excaliber Decanter has a broad base that allows the wine to aerate and release flavors and aromas which enhance the attributes of your wine. Its convenient extra large capacity will enable you to host large parties or events with the finest wines ever. Your guests will truly be inspired by its neat look it adds to the table.

All of these unique decanters and other unique tabletop accessories are available online at