apothecary-gallon-dispensersIf you’re looking for drink dispensers, you may have a vague idea of what you want. The thing is, there are more than just your standard hexagonal glass beverage dispensers out there – oh yes. www.ClassicHostess.com has a range of drink dispensers from every style and era.

If you like retro novelties, they have light green, Bell drink dispensers which take me straight back to the 60’s and “I Dream of Jeanie.”

Or you may prefer something a bit more classic – of course they have options for such tastes. Small etched apothecary glass beverage dispensers are perfect for those small dinner parties or for any small batch of liquor or punch.

Cylindrical beverage dispensers are a medium between the retro and the classy; they are great for any style of kitchen and even include an ice chamber. Holding two gallons, this drink dispenser is ideal for keeping the kitchen stocked with fresh lemon water.

A white ceramic beverage dispenser is the perfect touch for an outdoor garden or backyard, and if you have a smoking room or a bar that needs a liquor dispenser or a specialty Nascar pump drink dispenser, your needs can be met by shopping at Classic Hostess.