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Make Mother’s Day One to Remember Forever

If you aren’t aware, Mother’s Day is May 9 so you’d better get shopping. I don’t know about you, but I feel like every year it gets harder and harder to think of creative things to send my mother. I mean, how many times can you give someone new pajamas? I know flowers seem like the obvious gift, but not for my mother. She hates getting flowers. She thinks it silly to spend so much money on something that is going to wilt in a few days.

So this year, I’m opting for the surprise gift. I know she’s expecting me to show up to brunch with a new p.j. set, but after 20 years of getting pajamas for Mother’s Day, I think she can stand to get something different this year.

I decided to get her some new tabletop accessories and beverage dispensers for when she has her friends over for dinner and bridge, and a dozen crystal roses. The crystal roses are a beautiful alternative to real flowers, because they’re everlasting. Classic Hostess also has a single long stem rose, as well as multi-colored spring flowers. It’s great because they come with a vase and wrapped in a gift box.

The best part is you can get 10% off your purchase of $85 or more or 15% off a purchase of $275 or more.

Host the Perfect Dinner Party with Stylish Tabletop Accessories

So, you want to host a dinner party for your friends, but you’re stressing out a little? The key to a great dinner party is to keep things simple for yourself.

Host your party on the weekend so you have a whole day to prepare, and don’t try to invite everyone in your address book to prove how popular you are – keep it manageable with six to eight guests.

You don’t need to provide your guests with silver service and spend all your time rushing between the dining room and the kitchen. Go for a more relaxed setting, and consider having guests help themselves to food and drink.

Choose a menu that can be prepared well in advance so you’re not frantically mixing cake batter while your guests are finishing their mains. And don’t try to impress your guests with soufflés or steamed lobsters if you’ve never attempted them before; go with your tried and tested dishes.

An easy way to impress your guests is with stylish tabletop accessories and barware. Choose serving dishes that complement your culinary creations, and bring some elegance to the table by serving your wine in Ravenscroft Decanters and your homemade brews in a beverage dispenser.

The soup’s ready to be reheated, the cake’s sitting on the counter looking beautiful, and the roast chicken is in the oven. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the party.