I just moved. I have a great new place, and I intend to stay here a while, but I really needed some new furnishings. It’s the little things that can really tie a home together, you know? So I’ve been shopping around and I’ve found a couple of things that have given my apartment that final touch.

For example, an iron floor candelabra. It’s perfect for my bathroom, and I can light the candles and turn off the lights whenever I want to de-stress and take a bubble bath.

Then there are a few tabletop accessories that I’ve bought that really make home feel like home. My crystal fish bowl is a great place to keep candies on the entry table. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll put potpourri in the fish’s mouth. I like this item because it gives me freedom to do with it what I please.

And finally I found a nice glass beverage dispenser. I usually keep it filled with lemon water, which is good for the throat and the voice, making it sound more resonant. But the couple of times I’ve had friends over, I fill it up with a punch or sweet tea. It’s one of those tabletop accessories that’s very practical. But perhaps the most practical part of these items is that they serve to make my house feel like a home.