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Ravenscroft Decanters Make Wine Taste Better

Are you looking for something that can really set your home decor apart from the norm? Maybe GG canisters or Ravenscroft Decanters can help.

GG canisters offer a genteel touch to any kitchen counter. These curios can be decorative as well as purposeful. Hold your spices in these jars. Hold tea leaves as well, or any other loose food item that you need to contain and keep fresh. In different colors and styles, they are sure to fit in with any kitchen color scheme.

Similarly Ravenscroft Decanters can be tabletop accessories anchoring an empty shelf in your china cabinet, or you can use them as drink dispensers. Decant your favorite cabernet sauvignon to aerate the wine for a fuller, better taste. Ravenscroft Decanters allow the wine to breathe naturally, bringing out the more delicate flavors of your favorite wine.

Tons of styles and designs make choosing difficult, but don’t think too hard, you can easily buy more later.  Along with Ravenscroft Decanters are different kinds of arte Italica, which have classic designs that are centuries old, and go back to the Medici family of the Renaissance. From beverage dispensers to tabletop accessories and everything in between, has you covered.

Globes and Tabletop Accessories from Authentic Models

Have you ever wanted to know where Mozambique is? Sure, you can google it, but isn’t it nicer to see exactly where a country is in relation to you? Don’t press the zoom button, buy a globe.

Owning a globe as part of your tabletop accessories is a great way to preserve tradition.  Authentic Models sells globes that are historically accurate,  visually appealing, and gorgeously crafted.  In the early modern period, during the Renaissance and afterwards, globes were made by gluing copperplate prints on paper mache centers. Only the very rich could afford these models of the earth, because of the price of the manufacturing and the riskiness of exploration.

Authentic Models reproduces the same tabletop accessories that were traditionally on the desks of barons and dukes, princes and kings. Many are exact reproductions from master cartographers like Gerardus Mercator and Weber Costello. Choosing which globe you like best will allow you to see the world through different eyes, a Mercator globe can show you how they viewed the world in the 16th century, and Costello will provide a early 20th century colonial lens.

The globe signified for the Dutch Masters a sense of worldliness, riches, and enlightenment.  Today you can add these to your barware or beverage dispenser and discuss where you plan to visit next.

Top 3 Tabletop Accessories for a Still Life

Cezanne’s “Fruit and Jug on a Table”

Tabletop accessories always lend gravity to your tabletop. This is a tabletop that would be appropriate for one of Cezanne’s still lifes, your visitors will think. Here are some of the best ways to make your tabletop accessories ready to be painted as still lifes.

1.    Flowers: Some of the earliest modern paintings that break away from the religious subjects that dominated art for hundreds of years were done by Northern Europeans. The Dutch specifically responded to the numerous new species of plants (the tulip, for example, imported from Turkey) and drew them in expensive vases.

2.    Food: Probably the most classic still life subject, the bowl of fruit, has been painted since Roman times. Having a variety of color to fill your tabletop accessories is important, so choose grapes, apples, bananas, cantaloupes: the wider the variety, the more attractive, and tasty. Many painters depicted meats and delicacies like oysters and lobster, delicacies that followed after banquets.

3.    Desk accessories: A clock, beverage dispensers, cups, saucers, bowls, dice, and other assorted bric-a-brac have been included in still lifes, including skulls, which are called memento morii, or, reminders of death. As far as impressing guests with your elegance and beauty goes, I’d stick with the first two options.


This is officially the hottest year on record, so keep your beverage dispensers full. Global warming is back with a vengeance, so don’t believe the pundits when they say that Al Gore was crazy. The warm weather is everywhere, from Canada to Africa. The El Nino effect warms the globe, but later in the year La Nina, which exerts a cooling effect, could drop it back down, keeping 2006 the warmest year yet.

A heatwave in Moscow has caused locals to head to swimming holes, and being Russians, they bring vodka. 233 people drowned last week. Israel is experiencing their longest and most severe drought since the 1920’s.  If you’re like me, you’re praying that August isn’t as bad as July was. But just in case it is, it’s important to stay hydrated.

Beverage dispensers are a great way to keep cool. If you find yourself often sweating, it means you’re probably dehydrated. Drinking water, especially with lemon, or ice tea is a great way to combat the heat. Keep a full beverage dispenser on your kitchen countertop and you will be surprised at how frequently it is drained. While the average person is supposed to drink 8 cups of water a day, an athlete should drink a gallon of water a day.