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GG Canisters: Practical and Pretty

I love tabletop accessories and kitchen accessories. I think they can really add something to a room in terms of aesthetics, as well as utility. Out of all the different kitchen accessories out there, I have to say that my favorites are the GG Canisters.

I hate having to store things like flour, cereal, oatmeal, coffee, etc. in ugly Tupperware. It just does nothing for the decor of your kitchen. Tupperware belongs in the fridge, or tucked away in the pantry, not on the counter. So that’s why I love the GG canisters. They keep your baking and cooking items fresh and preserved, all while looking great. Their smooth ceramic finish and rustic iron detailing goes expertly with the decor theme of my kitchen and dining room.

I get so many compliments on my GG canisters, it’s unreal! People are often surprised when they find they’re more than just decorative pieces, they actually are functional as well. Another additional feature that I absolutely love, is that they’re dishwasher safe. So when I need them clean and sparking, all I have to do is run it though a normal washing cycle and boom–they’re ready to resume their posts.

Tabletop Accessories: Get Some!

I recently had a tabletop accessories intervention with my little sister. She had me over for dinner at her new place the other day, and I did all I could to hold my tongue about her lack of tabletop accessories. She made lasagna for dinner, which was great—I had no idea she could cook so well. She took it out of the oven and placed the glass pan the it was cooked it, right on the table. Then she tells me to go ahead and serve myself, she had to take a phone call and would be right back. I went into the kitchen and scoured the drawers and cabinets in search of serving utensils. I check the dishwasher, thinking maybe she washed them for the occasion and hadn’t had the chance to take them out. Nothing. That’s when it hit me: my sister had no tabletop accessories.

When I say no tabletop accessories, I mean not a stitch. Her salt and pepper shakers were the disposable black and white ones you get from the grocery store! Upon further inspection, I saw that she only had 4 dinner plates, hand-me-downs my mother had given her. It was her first place after all, so was slowly acquiring the little things that make it a home. But after that dinner, I went online and ordered her some tabletop accessories. It’s what sisters are for!

Barware Essentials For the Aspiring Mixologist

Are you dying to throw a cocktail party, but don’t have the barware necessary to pull it off? Don’t know which to get? Well here is a guide to help you choose some essential barware, and get you one step closer to becoming an amateur mixologist.

Shaker: One of the most important pieces of barware is the shaker. Shakers are great because they chill and mix drinks at the same time. Most classic shakers have three parts: tumbler, snug fitting lid and a cap on top. There are also Boston shakers which consist of a glass tumbler and a smaller stainless steel tumbler that fits in it.

Ice Bucket and Tongs: Ice buckets are pieces of barware that are great for convenience, especially if you’re having a cocktail party and don’t want a lot of traffic in and out of the kitchen.

Jigger: A jigger is a measurement tool that is used by professional mixologists. They allow you accurately gauge how much liquor your putting into a cocktail

My Beverage Dispenser Wish List

Out of all of the many tabletop accessories out there, there’s one that I wouldn’t be caught dead without. That my friends, is the always-handy beverage dispenser. They are perfect for the obvious: hosting parties. But I’ve found them to quite useful in everyday life as well. I live in the south, so it’s practically criminal to not have sweet tea on hand, or at the very least, lemonade! So instead of having those ugly plastic pitchers around, I like to kick it up a notch and put said beverages in glass beverage dispensers. Here are three styles that I’m eyeing for myself and, if they’re lucky, for my friends:

First up is the Cubic Glass Beverage Dispenser with Separable Ice Chamber. This modern looking beverage dispenser would coordinate expertly with an art-deco inspired kitchen or dining room. Plus, the separable ice chamber makes it ideal for parties.

Next in line is the 24 inch Apothecary Drink Dispenser. I like this style because it look almost like it belongs in some Victorian parlor. Simply classic.

Last, we have the Roost Marseilles Large Dispenser With Pedestal. I love its crystal clear, sleek lines. From afar, it looks like the beverages are floating in thin air!