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Laser Cut Christmas Wooden Ornaments

When you’re visiting your mom for the holiday, get her something she’ll have for years. Gifts for mom, like laser cut Christmas wooden snowflake ornaments are a great gift. These snowflakes are cut with great precision to create unique, intricate designs. Since these gifts for mom are made from birch wood, they are sturdier than traditional glass ornaments and don’t require nearly as much packing or preparation. They also come in beautiful gift boxes that would make great gifts for mom on their own.

Some other gift are laser cut mini Christmas trees. These little trees really capture the spirit of winter. And after the holiday, you can take these tabletop accessories, fold them up and put them back in storage until next year. You’ll never have to throw another Christmas tree away again! They come in a few different varieties, such as the Mexican Fir, the Jack Pine, the Suba Fir, and the Balsam Fir. You could even buy all four and display them throughout your home all winter long.

Whatever you decide to get your loved ones for Christmas will surely resonate well with them, but if you really want to leave a lasting impression, choose gifts for host that they will use every year.

One Week Advance Tips For Thanksgiving: Buying Your Bird and Your Tabletop Accessories

With Thanksgiving little more than a week away, it’s time to start planning for the big day.

First off, you should know how many people you’re going to have at table. Then think about what you’re going to eat, drink, and have for dessert. If you’re going to make punch, make sure you have your whiskey decanter. Remember all of the tabletop accessories you may need so you aren’t stressed out at the last minute. It’s helpful to choose dishes that can be baked, broiled, fried and microwaved, so that you don’t have all of your dishes waiting for the oven when the turkey still needs another hour. If your guests offer to bring something, be specific about what you need.

Chutneys and cranberry sauce can be made up to a week in advance, so save yourself time by thinking about the little things now, before it gets hectic. Similarly, buy your turkey so you have it and make space in the freezer. In a few days, move your bird into the refrigerator to thaw and start your grocery shopping. And a couple of days before the holiday start taking out all your kitchen canisters and tabletop accessories. If you aren’t hosting, make sure to get your gifts for host.

Holiday Beverage Dispensers

The holiday season has officially begun. If you plan on hosting this season, there are a few items you may want to consider.
Drink dispensers made by Gracious Goods and Ravenscroft Decanters are fine products to have in your home if you plan on entertaining. They make serving beverages much easier because they allow your guests a certain level of freedom.  With a beverage dispenser your guests can help themselves; they don’t need to ask you for more water or punch.

If you’re really big into entertaining, a good idea is to own a couple of GG Canisters. That way you can fill one with hot cider for the kids on Thanksgiving or Christmas, and your other with hard cider or egg nog for the adults. Clearly demarcate which is which, though! You don’t want naughty children running around your home drinking beverages from the adult glass beverage dispenser.

It’s important not to let the weeks slip by. Thanksgiving is little more than two weeks away. And if you’re cooking, you don’t want to have to worry about what else you need to make your dinner run smoothly. Invest in your beverage dispensers now and don’t worry about it later.

Beverage Dispensers and Cider Make Parties Better

With the holidays approaching, there is a lot of entertaining to look forward to. My go-to form of hosting involves a huge glass cider or egg nog filled beverage dispenser. When I make a party drink I do it in batches, so that there’s enough for twenty or thirty people. And the best way of serving is not a punch bowl, which inevitably makes the entire table sticky, but rather a beautiful beverage dispenser. All it takes is a simple turn of a knob, and the release of liquid easily streams into your cup. You can refill it as much as you’d like and it looks more contemporary than a bowl filled with juice.

There are lots of different ways to make cider. You can make it hard with some enzyme powder, yeast energizer and wine yeast. If you don’t have three to five days to allow it to ferment, you can easily find recipes for traditional apple cider online, and for the adults, add a splash of rum as you like.

For beverage dispensers, kitchen canisters, barware, and other tabletop accessories, visit Classic today! They’ll change your next party from a good time, to a time people will never forget.