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Barware From ClassicHostess Saved Me With The In-Laws

One thing you learn very quickly when you’re dating a Ukrainian is the importance of Vodka glasses. Not that it really mattered to her, mind you, but the first time I met my girlfriends father, one of the first (if not THE first) thing he asked me was where we kept the vodka.

Now, I don’t “keep” vodka. I keep toilet paper and paper towels and an extra set of towels in case someone crashes over and maybe a bottle of wine somewhere for a special occasion. But her father left the Soviet Union the day after it collapsed: he’s self-described as “Old-School Russian,” and he wanted to make sure that this schlub his daughter was dating kept a bottle of vodka on ready.

Unfortunately, I didn’t. And his first impression of me was hardly positive.

For his next visit, I picked up a bottle, as well as some barware from ClassicHostess, picking up a set of six green tinge Vodka glasses. It’s amazing; my job hadn’t changed, my looks hadn’t changed, nothing about me made me more qualified to date this man’s daughter than the first time he’d met me.

But I did have a new addition to my barware.

By no means am I suggesting a set of six green tinged vodka glasses is what will make the difference in impressing your in-laws.

But it was for me.

How to Have a No Worry Christmas

tabletop accessoriesChristmas is going to be a success. No surprise, really, because I have everything I need: wine carafe, drink dispensers, glass cake stand, and some other tabletop accessories I can’t do without.

We’re having nineteen guests. My brother’s family, mom and dad, the in-laws, Tyler’s sister’s family is flying in from Boston and our neighbors, The Petersons are coming over too.  At first I was worried that nothing would go right, because the sirloin took longer than I expected to arrive, (we ordered it from a farm) but it came yesterday, and I’ve got all of the ingredients ready to make the perfect Christmas dinner.

My parents told us they have a beautiful bottle of wine, which we will use the wine carafe for. And Tyler’s sister is bringing dessert, which we will sit on the glass cake stand on the set of drawers behind the dinner table. And I bought more than enough food so that we’ll have leftovers. I’m just glad I have space enough to hold it all. Our collection of tabletop accessories helps in that department.

I don’t know why I worry sometimes. With all of the goodies we have from Classic Hostess, we are never in need.

My Personal Barware

barwareI may still live at  home, but that didn’t stop me from creating my own makeshift bar in my room, complete with barware accessories. I don’t have the luxury of a sink or appropriate countertop space, but I made due with what I had. The bar? The top of one of my dressers of course. (Hey, it’s a start!) The most important element of my “bar” is the bar tool set. Buying just a cocktail shaker and all the essential tools separately is just not plausible. I got a great set that includes the cocktail shaker, tongs, strainer, stirrer, opener, and knife. On display is my collection of beer glasses. Wine and cocktails are great, but I’m a beer woman. I have both pilsner glasses and beer mugs.

When the mood for a cocktail strikes me, I’m equipped with two martini glasses. Most of my cocktails probably belong in tumblers but the dresser is only so big. On the right are my liquors of choice –vodka, rum, and amaretto. I have a few small bottles of mixers like apple martini mix and lemon drop mix, but all the rest is dispersed in the rest of the house. Lastly, I have one bottle stopper from my sister’s wedding. However, after seeing this awesome skull bottle stopper from Classic Hostess, it’s now on my wishlist. One day soon, I’ll have my dream barware area.

Classic Hostess Holiday Sale – Free Shipping

“Tis the season to be Jolly…”

It’s also the season for savings, as Classic Hostess is offering free shipping as part of the holiday seasons. By using the promo code “holfree” for all orders over $79, you’ll receive free shipping.

Of course, Classic Hostess has a tremendous selection of gifts and items specific to this holiday season. Make sure your seasonal festivities include “the swirl of the bright red and white candy cane design collection (that) will highlight any Christmas gathering. Join it with our other seasonal products such as ornamental Christmas tress, place card holders and more for the optimum holiday look.”

Personally, this blogger has been eyeing the Shannon Crystal Glass Footed One Gallon, an exquisite beverage dispenser that will be perfect for that warm apple cider everyone in my family loves so much. This drink dispenser is a magnificent way to serve your favorite beverage, whether it be apple cider, iced tea, or even sangria.

Get your holiday party buzzing with a beautiful crystal glass drink dispenser. And keep your wallet buzzing by getting all of your deliveries from Classic Hostess FREE by using the holiday season promo code during check out. After all, tis the season…

Choose Gifts for Host That Will Last

When visiting your family for Christmas this year, don’t just bring a bottle of wine. Bring gifts for host or gifts for mom that will remind them of you for years.
Fine photo albums, for example, are vastly underrated. When you have quality photo albums, you can leave them on your coffee table and encourage your own guests and yourself to brief through them. It is a quick, intimate way of sharing memories with your loved ones, and of reliving them on your own.

A wine carafe is another one of those great gifts for mom. A bottle of wine disappears after it is drunk, and the thoughts of it can easily be conflated with those of other delicious bottles, even if it is an excellent vintage. But a wine carafe exists for years and will inspire thoughts of you long after it is given. A carafe acts as a symbol of all those memories of enjoyed bottles of wine, which eventually become tied to the gift-giver. Whiskey decanters function similarly and are great presents for those cold winter nights when the warmth of whiskey in a belly is necessary.

So don’t settle on the same traditional gifts for host. Choose something different, more personal, that will remind your host that you care long after it has been given.