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Dinnerware and Tabletop Accessories

tabletop accessoriesIt’s time for another wedding gift search. The one wedding gift you can never go wrong with is dinnerware. I have yet to view a bridal registry that doesn’t have both casual dinnerware and fine china. Are you looking to go the elegant route for your friends? Then consider a dinnerware set from Classic Hostess. Their formal dinnerware is simple, yet beautiful, and will match with anyone’s decor.

Looking for some great tabletop accessories to add on to your already beautiful purchase? Classic Hostess has flatware sets for as little as $50. These flatware sets can be used for everyday use on spaghetti night or you can save it for more special occasions like Thanksgiving.

Another option is stemware or barware glasses. Who doesn’t need a nice set of wine goblets? If your friends prefer a dirty martini over a Cabernet, Classic Hostess has martini glasses, tumblers, Pilsner glasses and flute glasses for those who like to celebrate with champagne every night. A drink dispenser can top off your ultimate gift package. With so many options from Classic Hostess, you can’t possibly go wrong with the items you choose. So browse the site and if you’re stumped, check out the gift occasion section to find more great items for wedding gifts.

Beautiful Wedding Photo Albums

After going to a lot of my friends’ weddings, you start to get stumped with ideas. There are only so many times I can purchase a china set or two crystal goblets. I’m on a budget and I like to get couples something a bit different. There are a couple gifts you can never go wrong with: photo albums or picture frames. I know at my sister’s wedding she took about a billion photographs, not to mention all the pictures taken by the photographer. If the parents have already taken care of the giant picture frame for their wedding photo, the couple can  never have enough photo albums.

Classic Hostess has gorgeous albums and many are specifically made for weddings. Now all their precious memories can be safely preserved. It can be a great add-on gift, so browse the rest of their site for other gift ideas. Pair up the album with candle holders, a ring holder or an individual frame. Love the idea of a photo album? Classic Hostess has a selection of them for every occasion, including baby showers, anniversaries and bar mitzvahs.

We may be in a digital photo age, but everyone still enjoys the feeling of physically flipping through an album and enjoying all those memories. I know I love my trips down memory lane!

These Candle Holders Make The Perfect Gift

Looking for a great gift idea? We’ve got just the thing.

I recently bought a set of two Crystal Square Candle holders from for newlywed friends of mine. They are, in the opinion of this writer, the perfect gift, because they’re something that any new couple can use, but would rarely think to buy for themselves.

These specific crystal square candle holders are absolutely magnificent, and what’s more, they work well with any table setting. From the specific product description:

This beautiful pair of Regent candlesticks, by Godinger, will be a welcome addition to any holiday table setting. This Regent Candle Holder Pair is exquisitely crafted out hand-cut 24 percent full lead crystal to add a glimmering touch to your table accent. Featuring a unique design with a square bottom

And it’s certainly worth noting the Crystal Square Candle Holders are listed for $82.50, but are available on for the discounted price of $69.99.

It is definitely recommended that you take some time to browse through the Classic Hostess web site and their tremendous selection of inexpensive drink dispensers, cake stands, barware, flatware and home décor items.

Barware 101: Stemware

barwareToday we’re going to give a lesson about barware, more specifically stemware. Any good bartender or mixologist knows that certain drinks need to go in designated glasses. Putting red wine in a white wine glass is practically sinful to any wine lover. Using the wrong barware glass can actually diminish the flavors and aromas of the drink. Here’s a breakdown of your common stemware:

  • Wine glasses: Red wine is served in the larger goblet which will enhance the bouquet of the wine. White wine is served in the smaller glass because it reduces the chances of it becoming warm. (White wine should be served chilled.)
  • Champagne flutes: Like the name suggests, they should only be used for champagne and sparkling wine. The thin flute will retain the carbonation. Champagne saucers (the ones that look like small margarita glasses) will actually diminish the bubbles and is not good to use.
  • Cocktail/martini glasses: A v-shaped glass that can be used for any shaken and strained mixed drink.
  • Margarita glasses: A wider rimmed martini glass used for frozen drinks.
  • Sniffers: Has a short stem and a wide vessel that is used for brandy and cognac. Never put more than 2-3 ounces. This will allow the aromas to open up.
  • Highball tumblers and old-fashioned tumblers: Used for drinks mixed with sodas/tonics and ice.

For those who prefer beer over cocktails, check back next week to learn more about beer glasses!