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Top 3 Tabletop Accessories for Spring

Can you smell spring? The dogwoods spreading their fink fingertips, the tulips emerging from the loamy earth, the sweet smell of fresh rain. I can.

After you do your spring cleaning, you’ll be surprised at how much space you have on your counters for new tabletop accessories. A glass beverage dispenser is a great idea if you want to stay better hydrated during these warmer months. They’re also good for serving beverages at parties if you like to entertain.

Spring is still a good time for baking. Glass cake stands are a great addition to your kitchen. They highlight your baked creations so that they’re always on display. Whether you make pies, cakes, or even cookies, these glass displays are the perfect way to protect your sweets.

And nothing welcomes warm weather like a frozen cocktail. If you need new mixing supplies, now is the time to get them. Barware, or even whiskey decanters are good ideas, if you know that you’re going to be doing a lot of shaking this springtime.

So no matter what your preference is, you kitchen could benefit from a few new accessories. And you can too. It will help you create and entertain for your family.

Tabletop Accessories to Preserve Your Love (Symbols)

Today is Valentine’s Day. That means that you and your sweetheart probably have reservations at Sergio’s, he has a beautiful pair of earrings chosen for you, and there is a nice bouquet of pink roses ready for after dinner. After all, this is one of the two days of the year (the other being your anniversary) when you can celebrate your love, the fact that you can gaze into each other’s eyes entirely and feel that rising urge of desire to be with that person, hold his hand, and confide in his ear.

Tomorrow, though, you may realize just how much jewelry you have. That bowl in your bathroom is overflowing. Literally. You need some kind of tabletop accessories in order to make it work, something to hold your necklaces, rings, bracelets and all the other stuff. A wooden jewelry chest would be just the thing. That way all of your jewelry will stay safe and clean. You won’t have to worry about misplacing it, either, since that’s where you will return everything you wear.

So celebrate Valentine’s Day by choosing tabletop accessories that preserve your love, or rather, the symbols of your love. And after you choose a jewelry chest, think about photo albums to hold pictures of the memories you share.

How to Decorate a Table: Hurricanes and Other Tabletop Accessories

If you’re having guests over for a formal dinner, you want to have certain items on your table. Of course you should have wine glasses and chargers, but there are other important items you shouldn’t over look: namely, the candlestick.

Hurricanes come in different heights and styles. They are made of clear crystal or colored glass, and can be used to hold candles or flowers. These pieces of decor help to set a mood at your dinner table that is different from any ordinary dinner.

The right touch of color or light is an important dramatic effect in any home, not just in the dining room. That’s another reason why these hurricane crystal candle holders are so popular – they are versatile enough to be used at any occasion.

And while you’re shopping for tabletop accessories, you may consider other ideas to enhance your dining experience. New barware and beverage dispensers are a great idea if you want the ability to serve delicious drinks. Beverage dispensers are just as functional as hurricanes – they can be used at formal parties for punch or can be set on a counter top and filled with lemon water. Either way, the details that these tabletop accessories provide make a big difference in your home.