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Tabletop Accessories for Mother’s Day Dinner

Mother’s Day is coming soon on May 8th. You may know exactly what you are getting her, the card may be picked out, heck you’ve even got everyone confirmed to come over for dinner and you are cooking your world famous lasagna. But you haven’t stopped to think about the dining room table. If you want to give mom the awesome meal she deserves, the right tabletop accessories are going to really make her feel special.

First you need to think of the flatware. Break out the nice stuff that you always say you are going to use when company comes over. It’s going to make mom feel great to know that fine china was taken out and polished off just for her.

A few candles or a beautiful card holder in the middle would be great. Or use the napkin holder for the cards. Have everyone place theirs in there so she can pick them out and go through them as she likes.

Don’t forget the beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers. If you don’t know what her favorites are, go with roses. Classic and elegant, they’ll really show how much you love her.

So prepare with the right tabletop accessories and Mother’s Day dinner will be the best one yet!

Drink Dispensers for Warmer Weather

It’s here, it’s finally here! The warm sun and the cool breeze of spring. And before you know it, that gives way into the even hotter days of summer. And it’s exciting, because it’s the time of year you can rightfully enjoy a glass of iced tea or lemonade, fresh and in season. So you need new drink dispensers to serve these fabulous drinks in.

The right dispenser will look beautiful on your dining room table and even better outside on the patio. It’s easier to make the iced tea or lemonade and set it outside for everyone to enjoy. And with a clear glass dispenser, it’s easy to see what drink they are going for.

Get a drink dispenser with a nozzle at the bottom which will have your drink taste best. Sugar tends to drop to the bottom, even after a good mix, so drinking from the bottom of the dispenser is going to get the best taste for everyone.

So get ready for that warm weather. Pair some lemonade with a light sandwich for lunch and sit out and enjoy the sun, with your beautiful drink dispenser ready for when you want seconds!

Wedding Gifts for Mom

Spring is wedding season. With the bloom of flowers come the bloom of love and new beginnings. When it comes to wedding gifts people often just think of the lucky couple. But you can’t forget the tradition of getting gifts for mom. This goes for both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom.

No matter which mom you are buying for, there are some staples that will be perfect for both. A beautifully engraved picture frame may be a nice choice. Make sure they get a picture with their son or daughter on the big day, so that it can be developed and cherished in the frame forever.

Crystal is commonly chosen with gifts for mom. Crystal flower bouquets, glassware and perfume bottles are a few different options. It’s fragile but beautiful and both the mother of the bride and groom will really love it. It’s also very easily engraved which is an option to be considered. Moms love personalized stuff, after all.

If you are absolutely stuck, it doesn’t hurt to ask what they maybe would want the most. Maybe after all the stress of the wedding you can get them both a trip to the spa to relax!

Glass Cake Stands for the Baker in Your Life

When you think glass cake stands, you may immediately think of a wedding. After all, it’s the perfect way to display the wedding cake. And if you are the type to have multiple little cakes per table, the more stands the merrier! But they are also a perfect gift for someone who truly loves to bake. Whether they are in the professional culinary career, sell their baked goods in their own business, or just love baking for the family, a glass cake stand will be the most thoughtful gift they’ve received in a while.

For the culinary artist, it can’t get any better than displaying their cake on a glass stand. I have a friend who goes to culinary school and specifically studies desserts. When she received a couple of glass cake stands during one of her semesters, she didn’t stop using them.

Selling baked goods online has become a booming business for some, and glass cake stands can let them display their  cake and take pictures that will entice customers. They’ll be grateful for a gift that really helps their business.

And for that aunt who bakes everything under the sun for get-togethers and parties, nothing is better than showing it off and keeping it as a centerpiece on the table. Cake stands don’t need to just hold cake, but can be decorated with brownies and cookies as well. Let them go wild!