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A Glass Cake Stand Makes a Beautiful Keepsake

You may have a nice glass cake stand in the house from a recent purchase or your wedding, or maybe it was your mother’s and you got possession of it when you first moved into your own place. However you got a hold of it, you love using it for your cakes and for even smaller baked goods like your delicious brownies and cookies and all the other new baking recipes you’ve been trying. It works well for pies too!

Then think about how your glass cake stand can turn into a keepsake. It can be something you continually pass down through generations. That’s the beauty of something so cherished and well made, it can last for years. And why not have your daughter or son use the glass cake stand for their home, or for their future wedding cake? Think about the memories one object can hold and can continue to make. It’d be worth more than you ever imagined when you first picked it up from the store.

It’s funny how the littlest things can end up meaning so much, so why not start the tradition now? Your kids will certainly appreciate it when it become a keepsake and a memory of you in the future.

Wedding Cake Stands for a Classic Wedding

When you need that perfect piece for the cake at a classic wedding, you want something really beautiful. The worst thing that can happen is your glass cake stand looks, well, tacky. You want your whole wedding to be beautiful, from the stand to the tables, from your dress to the wall treatments. And that’s why investing in a really well made and decorated wedding cake stand is so important.

Think about it; all eyes are on the two of you when you cut the cake. It’s a big part of the ceremony. And while you are having fun smashing cake in each other’s faces, people are also going to be looking at just how beautiful the cake is. And adding to the display is your glass cake stand. It’s something that everyone will be taken in as part of the picture.

So splurge a little and go with the best cake  stand you can get. If you spend the money now, you can take it home as a wedding present to yourselves, something that will always remind you of your wonderful day. And you can continue to use it any time you have guests over!

Glass Cake Stands and More for a Summer Birthday

Summer birthdays are wonderful. The weather is so nice that you can also host them outside and people seem to have more time overall in the summer. It’s especially great for young kids when they are all out of school, it’s much easier for them to come over and enjoy the party! When preparing for a summer birthday, you want to have all the essentials and theme things the right way.

Glass cake stands are essential for the birthday cake! They make a beautiful display and also keep the cake protected from any insects buzzing about or even little fingers from trying to sneak a bit of icing! Be careful with cake in the hot sun; it’s best to keep it safely inside until it’s time to blow out the candles.

You’ll also need drink dispensers to keep everyone hydrated. Make kid’s favorites like lemonade or Kool-Aid. A drink dispenser with some ice will keep your drinks cool and make it easy for everyone to get their share, even the little ones.

When buying party supplies, get colorful plates, napkins and flatware! Not only will the different colors be festive, but it may be easier for people to remember which plate and fork was theirs depending on which color they had.