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A Flatware Caddy Makes a Great Housewarming Gift

When it comes to getting a new place, your friends are probably excited but running around to try to get everything they need. And even if they have the most extensive list they can think of, drink dispenser and all, there will always be something that they miss. That’s why housewarming gifts are far more important than people realize. You are helping your friends get fully outfitted with the items they may have forgotten. And a flatware caddy is a great choice, something they probably won’t think of but could use a heck of a lot more than that weird painting you saw at the flea market.

A flatware caddy can be one of the most beautiful pieces in the dining room or kitchen. They are elegantly crafted and can hold all the flatware needed. They can be so unique that they can serve as a centerpiece for the table, even when no one is dining. And they’ll really appreciate the thought you put into getting them something they may not have thought of.

So get your friends something that truly helps them out. A flatware caddy will look great in any home and you know they will use it every day!

Whiskey Decanters for the Perfect Bottle

Whiskey can be one of the best liquors to serve at a party with friends and family. Whether mixed or straight up, people really appreciate a great bottle of whiskey. You might have one that you have been saving for a special occasion. And when you do break it out and want to serve it, having whiskey decanters to use not only makes it aesthetically pleasing but actually can help release the flavor.

When you keep your whiskey in a decanter, it makes the whiskey the centerpiece of the table. There’s nothing better than showing off a truly great whiskey. Some of the top brands for whiskey, if you are looking for that perfect bottle, are Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, Knob Creek and Maker’s Mark. If you ever see a whiskey from these brands in your local liquor store, you should definitely check them out, especially if you are going to be hosting a party soon.

And while whiskey is great on the rocks, you can also mix it with sodas, a good brandy or triple sec for some pretty popular cocktails. So however you decide to serve your whiskey, having the right beverage dispenser will make all the difference.


Beverage Dispensers and Drink Ideas for A Wedding Drink Table

After the main ceremony is over, the reception is the big focus. You want to make sure that you have offerings for every guest. The drink table is an often visited spot where guests can either serve themselves or be served a plethora of beverages in between waiting for food and dancing to all those fun wedding songs.

When you set up your drink table, you want to make sure you have all the right beverage dispensers. Some drinks, like champagne and wine, can come straight from the bottle. You just have to make sure they are kept properly chilled. Other drinks like punches and other mixes can be stored in glass drink dispensers. These can be beautiful pieces that will really accent your wedding theme.

Popular choices for drinks are champagne, sparkling wine, fruit punch, and Kir Royale. You always want to make sure you have a non-alcoholic choice for guests who are too young or just choose not to drink.

You also want to make sure your drink table is easy to get to, but out of the way enough that it doesn’t cause a traffic jam in the reception area. Make it inviting and give plenty of options!

Tabletop Accessories for Planning a Picnic Party!

Summer may soon be coming to a close but picnic season is far from over! In fact, the fall can be one of the best times to go because the air is cool and the sun isn’t beating down on you. And having a picnic party at your local park can be just the thing to celebrate the changing seasons. But you need the right tabletop accessories for the picnic table, and everything else to make it run smoothly!

First you need to make sure you have your basics. You need flatware, so a flatware caddy is going to make carrying it all handy. It’s nicer to be able to eat with actual sterling silver flatware and not plastic knives and forks, so keep them all in a caddy, and make sure you count everything so you know it’s all been returned at the end.

Drink dispensers are also important. It may even be easier to make your lemonade and iced tea mixed right there at the park! Just bring the mix and have some water and sugar packets handy and you are ready.

Make sure you get to the park early to get a picnic table. Bring a picnic blanket and use it over the top of the table to make clean up at the end easy.