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Champagne and Other Gifts For Host

New Year’s is just a few days away. If you’re entertaining there are some things to remember.

gifts for hostMake sure your champagne flutes are clean and dry, and that you have at least one decent bottle of champagne to begin the night with as well as less expensive bottles as the night moves on. Prime the champagne by pouring a little into a flute and letting the bubbles subside. Then pour the glass to about three-quarters fullness. Hopefully your guests will have brought extra bottles as gifts for host, but there’s also the chance they’ll bring wine, whiskey or any other kind of present, from tabletop accessories to a glass cake stand with dessert.

Your home should be clean now so that on New Year’s Eve you can give everything a quick wipe down to make it spic-and-span. Depending on whether you are having dinner with friends or just amuse-bouches and canapes, now is the time to prepare. Go out and buy all of your ingredients and find your recipes.

Party hats and kazoos or other noisemakers are also fun. And if you want to save the champagne for after midnight, you may consider making a punch or cocktails, with the proper barware of course.



Surviving the Holidays, Buying Gifts for Mom and More

tabletop accessoriesIt’s the most wonderful time of the year. Family parties, delicious foods and a much needed respite from the hectic working world. That doesn’t mean it won’t be stressful. Here are some holiday tips to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

-) When traveling, it’s important to prepare for the worst and accept it when it happens. Don’t get stuck in a mood, move on.

-) If you’re nervous or worried about seeing a certain family member, stay away from them altogether. This may seem weak to those around you, but in reality it is wise, and much better than having an uncomfortable scene with many present.

-) Always remember gifts for mom. Tabletop accessories such as a wine carafe work very well, since they are the kind of luxury items she normally wouldn’t buy for herself.

-)n If you’re entertaining, don’t wait until the last minute. Make sure to start shopping a week beforehand so that if you forget anything at the last minute, it’s just a quick stop at the supermarket while the ham is baking, instead of a long list of things you still have to chop and dice.

-) And if you’re a guest, bring gifts for host to show how much you appreciate them. Be safe and have a happy holiday season!

Glass Cake Stands

A glass cake stand is a royal way to display a cake or pie, cupcakes or any sort of baked good. There are more options available than the traditional glass cake stands we are all familiar glass cake standglass cake standwith. For example, the glass pie plate with dome is a great alternative. It’s elegant and practical because it keeps pies fresher for longer, so that they keep their straight out of the oven taste.

Then there’s the 6-in-1 glass cake stand. This serves as a traditional cake stand; you can turn it upside-down and serve punch or fruit in it; the bottom tray has four sections to hold different appetizers; and the foot of the bowl can be used to hold a dip or sauce.

Then there are fun holiday glass cake stands such as a red scalloped one. It’s a set of three, so you can stack them and place cookies or appetizers on each tier, or use them as three separate stands. Whatever kind of cake stand you choose for your home this holiday, you’ll be sure to make the most of it.

A Wine Carafe For Mom

wine carafeI miss my mom. I can’t wait to see her over the holidays. I know she’ll be expecting a gift, so on top of the earrings and jewelry I’ll choose from the gifts for mom Classic Hostess offers. I know she’s a big white wine drinker and whenever she has people over she likes to impress them.

At her last party, her friend Marie came over and tried opening a wine bottle and couldn’t get it; the cork was shoddy and it began to fall apart. It was a nice bottle of wine too, an ’09 Pinot Gris. So we eventually had to press the cork into the bottle and filter the wine through a strainer — very tedious and unsightly for the guests, who asked about the bottle and what was going on. I decided that what she really needed was a wine carafe, so that if such a thing ever happens again, at least we can empty the corky wine into a beautiful container.

And so while browsing through the gifts for host, I chose mom a beautiful crystal wine carafe, something which she will always use and probably prefer to drink wine from, from now on. Now all I need are some earrings.