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Barware For Outdoor Entertainment

It may only be February but there have been several days where just loafing around the yard in the cool breeze and the bright sun has been a rather pleasant option. It seems like as the days go on we get closer and closer to the moment where Saturday afternoon cocktail parties in the backyard are all the rage once more. I am eager to get back to it and may begin actually having these sorts of parties as soon as this weekend if the light jacket weather we have been having holds out.

To make the festivities all the more exciting I have combed the (web)pages of Classic Hostess looking for nice glass drink dispensers and other nice barware. I’ve purchased a few really nice ice buckets that will look great in my backyard next to a huge glass drink dispenser offering one of my patented sweet and boozey cocktails.

I love entertaining but the whole winter indoors really starts to get to me. We have a huge yard for a reason and I want to have people mingling in the bright sun enjoying my colorful landscaping. With this barware and so much more I think this spring and summer might be my most festive ever.

A Glass Cake Stand And Much More

As our Valentine’s Day post two weeks ago should have suggested, Classic Hostess is not all about glass drink dispensers. Sure the site does have a glass drink dispenser for any aesthetic but there is also a wide array of cookware and various other kitchen and dining room accouterments. There is a wide array of specialty barware and plates and trays designed to display food elegantly.

The glass cake stands at Classic Hostess are a particularly charming item. As the spring season comes around there are more and more opportunities to entertain guests. As a result a cake stand is not only practical but actually quite a significant item to liven up your table displays as well as freeing up space for things on your serving table.

When placed on a glass cake stand your dessert takes on the look of a gorgeous centerpiece while still looking incredibly delicious. It is the best way to get your guests gushing before they have even cut themselves a slice. It will keep the cake fresh and make it into a colorful reminder of the festivities unfolding around it.

If you have been looking for a gift for the baker in your life these glass cake stands are a great option.

A Real Valentine Gift

Last week we spoke of a romantic Valentine’s Day in with a beverage of your mate’s choice in one of our awesome beverage dispensers. This week we wanted to focus on the gift giving aspect of this holiday and perhaps a different route than the usual candy and flowers. Specifically we think you would probably do pretty well to buy a great glass beverage dispenser as a gift. These items are beautiful and fun, plus they last a whole lot longer than an expensive box of chocolate or a wilting as soon as you get them order of flowers.

The thing that those items have, namely an immediate aesthetic enjoy-ability of course, can be imbued into any of our glass drink dispensers by simply making a batch of your favorite mixed drink. Perhaps some fantastic Sangria made with one of your love’s favorite wines and a beautiful looking medley of fruits. It will look just as good as the flowers and taste just as good as the chocolate. Plus, it will give you a great gateway into an even more romantic evening.

Valentine’s Day is a time for romance but they can also be a time for building memories to last. A thoughtful gift can go a long way in this direction.

Special Valentine’s Day Items

You are officially one week away from Valentine’s Day and it is time to find the perfect gift for your love. Luckily, Classic Hostess has your back with a lot of lovely pieces specifically for Valentine’s Day in our special Valentine’s Day section. Finding a beautiful set of glass flowers can actually be a lot nicer than buying an often far more expensive bouquet of actual flowers. There are also a number of charming small glass figurines of cute bears baring hearts and the like. There are beautiful picture frames that anyone on your Valentine’s Day shopping list would love to have.

Worried about things getting to you in time? Don’t! These items will ship in one to two business days!

A lot of people go a long way to let everyone know that Valentine’s Day is not a big deal. It is a “Hallmark Holiday,” designed to sell greeting cards and not much else. Well, so what? Buying something nice for the people you love, whether it is a glass beverage dispenser or a heart shaped candy dish, can just show you care in an interesting way. If everyone has decided it is worth doing on this particular day shouldn’t we all follow suit. If we don’t aren’t we leaving our loves open to feeling left out?

Valentine’s Day is just a great way to show you care.