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Aquiesse Rioja Reed Diffuser Gift Set

Entertaining is not all about food and drinks. It is important to remember this when putting together your home for a special event. Everything from lighting and music, to decorations and scent of the room become important factors in defining the essence of your engagement.

It’s called atmosphere and it is as important as all the other elements of entertaining company, if not more important. To help with the smells wafting through your home Classic Hostess has some great tabletop accessories like scented candles and the great Bergamot and Ocean Aria Room Diffuser pictured here. These beautiful pieces are both charmingly decorative and beautifully scented.

Table top accessories that are both functional and nice to look at are definitely the best kind. These diffuser sets are a great addition to the set up for parties but are also nice to have around every day of the week. They work perfectly to keep the restroom smelling fresh and can help manage strong cooking smells that may waft around your home.

The selection of scented candles over at Classic Hostess are also great. You should definitely consider a selection of these products to make your home smell and look beautiful. Why wouldn’t you?

Modern Barware With Classical Feel

Much of what the Classic Hostess carries is just that, classic items for the classic hostess but don’t put them in a box just yet. There are a lot of funkier and more playfully stylish designs available for at Classic Hostess. In fact some of these designs might just redefine classic all together.

Take for example the gorgeous cylindrical Ravenscroft Crystal Free Form Wine Decanter pictured here. It is the kind of thing you might see at a home that was almost hyper modern. It’s hip and an effective decanter at that. This is the sort of barware that could work in most classic settings but could fit right in at the hippest home in the neighborhood.

Ravenscroft makes a wide array of glass drink dispensers, wine glasses, and other barware each with an inventive and exciting design. The whole collection feels modern with it’s clean crystal look and it’s exciting and diverse shapes. It is the kind of set that could give your entire party a cohesive look and feel.

If you are looking for classic elegance and modern design for your next event look no further than these dispensers and barware. Great selections are available as always at Classic Hostess.

Beautiful Barware For A Spring Evening

A crisp and mild evening in March is always perfect for getting cozy with a big glass of wine in the yard or on the porch. I tend to favor a solid red over a white, especially for post dinner outdoor drinking, and especially if the spring evening is more sweater than tank top weather. These beautiful large Vino Glass Balloon Wine Goblet Carafes are a great way to sit back and relax without having to repeatedly go back to the bar. Just load it up with your favorite wine and use it’s handy spout to keep the drinks flowing as evening turns to dusk.

This is a different sort of elegant glass drink dispenser. It is a fantastic and somewhat ornamental piece of barware, perfect for outdoor events and indoor events for the entire year. There are a wealth of other beverage options but the look of these dispensers simply beg to be filled with a richly colored win. On top of that the dispenser also acts as a decanter for the wine, exposing its flavors and nuances before it even gets in a glass.

So kick back and enjoy the freshening weather outside with a few glasses of vino from this stylish dispenser.

Irish Coffee Mugs With Your Barware

With Valentine’s Day behind us and the spring holidays still a ways away you might have thought the gang at Classic Hostess was all out of holiday barware to share with the masses. You would of course be wrong. St. Patrick’s Day, or as it is colloquially known St. Paddy’s Day, is coming up around the bend and while we do not have a pot of gold drink dispenser we do have some fantastic tall Irish coffee mugs.

Irish Coffee of course is a fantastic beverage to serve around the Celtic themed holiday. The mix a simple brew of a deep, dark coffee, some fine Irish whiskey (my bias is for Jameson) and some Bailey’s Irish Creme can warm you in the still chilly March air while offering you the kick that St. Paddy himself likely would have wanted after a long day of snake wrangling.

These mugs are a perfect asset for a St. Patrick’s Day party or get together and will match practically with almost any barware you have around. Once March has turned into April you do not have to put these glass mugs away til next year. These are diversely usable mugs that might make their way into regular rotation for your morning coffee as well as any evening boozey coffee beverages.