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Wine Racks Make Great Tabletop Accessories

Wine is not just a choice alcoholic beverage for folks in the upper crust. Wine, as it were, can also be something of a status symbol. You can go out and find fine wines simply for the pleasure of flaunting their noteworthy vintage or a top shelf name. The collectible nature of wine of course suggests that it should not just be consumed but displayed for guests to be entertained and intrigued by. This of course is the charge of the lovely tabletop accessory pictured here. A wine rack perfect for a table display or a high visibility position on a near by shelf or end table.

Tabletop accessories like this wine rack are the perfect way to spruce up your home for entertainment. Having objects of value and interest can stimulate conversation and wine is the perfect choice to fill this role. Each bottle of wine has a story and an origin, not to mention an interesting history. There are so many angles in a conversation about a bottle that it is almost a wonder that it is not a more regular subject among friend’s chats.

This rack will be a great way for you to show off a little in a pleasant looking and subtle way. Besides you were going to crack a bottle or two anyway.

Stylish Water Pitcher

Beverage dispensers are not just about booze filled beverages for entertaining or even fruit filled cocktails for lounging around the backyard. They can also be simply for water. Keeping a glass drink dispenser full of water in the fridge and breaking it out to soak in the sun or just to pour yourself a quick cold drink before bed is a great thing for anyone. Water is not just essential for your day to day human function, the more you drink the healthier you will actually feel.

In keeping your tabletop accessories as stylish as possible, the fine people at Classic Hostess have this great hyper-modern water pitcher. It is a great look for a really sweet item to have around your house. The clear label of “WATER” is at once cheeky and informative. Plus it will match up perfectly with your more modern decor.

A nice pitcher of water is something that should always be at the ready. Whether entertaining guests or simply offering your tuckered out kids a beverage to keep them hydrated, some fresh and cold water is the perfect solution. It is a healthy choice and now with this glass drink dispenser a stylish one. Drink up!

Glass Cake Stands For Cake Displays

Classic Hostess gets a lot of attention for their beautiful collection of beverage dispensers and barware but I think one of their most interesting selections of items is their other tabletop accessories. Among these are items like the glass cake stand pictured here. These pieces can help display your beautiful cakes as they should be, like high designed works of art.

The other great benefit of these glass cake stands are that they keep a cake covered and away from the elements in situations where you are entertaining outdoors. This is particularly helpful with Easter and other festive springtime get togethers on the near horizon, and it will be helpful in making sure that the cake remains untouched not just by overzealous party guests and the elements, but also the bugs that are inevitably flying around your yard.

These cake stands are a fantastic way of displaying almost any good looking pastry or backed good as well. They can be used to display some carefully stacked cookies or canolis as well as the most elaborately designed multi-tiered cakes.

These days cakes are as much a centerpiece to be marveled at as they are a desert and at the Classic Hostess they seem to really understand that.