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Turn the New House into A Warm Home

The elation that first-time homebuyers experience after closing on a home typically wears off once they realize how many things they actually need to make their house a home. Even after taking advantage of the record-low interest rates in today’s buyer’s market, you may still need assistance buying necessities for your home after you pay your closing costs. With this in mind, here are some  housewarming gift ideas to help you transform a new residence into a welcoming home.

While firewood and pineapples have historically been considered a symbol of hospitality in America, times have changed since the days of heating homes via firewood. Today, a bathroom basket may be much more appreciated as the cleaning products can help a new homeowner sanitize and rid their home of bacteria build-up leftover from the previous owners. Some of the items you should incorporate in a bathroom basket include:

  • Window/mirror cleaner, Surface cleaner, Trash bags, Paper towels, Towels, Tissue, Liquid/bar soap

I would love to see those items placed into an Apothecary Jar. To suit the homeowners style, choose from stemmed apothecary jars, to the more modern cylinder jars with ball top.

Or, if you are more baking inclined, bear in mind: A Homemade delicacy may sometimes say more than a thousand words. You can fill those apothecary Jars, or any cookie jar with biscotti or your claim to fame goody. Whether you are sending cupcakes, dessert for the Housewarming Party, or a pumpkin pie in item for the Holiday, why not send it over on pie plates, Ceramic or Glass Cake Stands so the new homeowner has an essential countertop accessory.

Barwares are some of the most common housewarming gifts too.

Whether you purchase shot glasses, wine glasses or bottle openers, chances are these items will be used often and greatly appreciated by a new homeowner. If you feel like wine and shot glasses are not enough, you can always include a bottle of the homeowner’s favorite drink of choice.

If the homeowner throwing the housewarming party has a pet, a doggy bed (basket) is another perfect housewarming gift idea. View the GG  Griffen Pet Collection the the new neighbor and her pet will cherish forever.

For the Classic People out there, you never go wrong with decanters, drink dispensers and even scented home fragrances. LiveChat with us anytime for more advise from our gift experts.

By getting the new homeowner’s a proper gift, you will be a guest for a lot longer than just the housewarming party!


Gift Gifts And More Gift Ideas – Bridal Showers/Tea

As an experienced bridal shower or tea attendee I have had my fair share of last minute desperate Gift Huntings with just a blank mind and thin wallet to assist me.I wanted to show my support to the Bride-to-Be without Breaking the Bank of course. After one really desperate and long search, I made a promise that if I find the gift  of her dreams and get it gift wrapped on time, I shall do something to help all of those last minute peoples like me. ( I know you are out there…) True to my word, here is a compilation of great,clean ( the bride’s mom is there..)  and inexpensive Bridal Gifts I have observed my friends receiving:


For a Bridal Tea, you go with the theme:  This Les Fleurs En Rouge Porcelain Teapot has coordinating appetizer and dipping dishes, trays, mugs and even pitcher which you can purchase based on your budget.  Found it at Classic Hostess now reduced for $49.99. Best Part? They arrive gift boxed so we can really get ready on time. The refined botanical prints, a nod to the great gardens of Paris, come from Portobello Road in London. The vibrant combination of green and red make for festive winter tablescapes. However, these year-round botanical can easily grace spring and summer tables as well. Microwave, and dishwasher safe too!


Or, As the little black dress has taught us, black is a year-round classic.  Basic black should not only be found in everyone’s wardrobe, but also in everyone’s cupboard.  Use these gorgeous pieces for striking contrast with a mound of white meringues or to serve a luscious red velvet cake. This Black Porcelain Tea Pot also arrives gift boxed by Rosanna and sells for $39.99. Your classy and basic friend might love and abuse this.


For a bit of a romantic gift that the couple will enjoy, I love the Aquiesse Scented Candle, specifically the Bergamont & Vetiver. A unique line, the Trump Home Bergamont & Vetiver Collection by Aquiesse has a refined scent, and understated elegant packaging.The large soy candle is made with organic soybean oil and carefully selected lead free wicks. Nestled in a ultra-thick clear glass that is safe for burning candles. the custom heat resistant cover was designed to serve as a pedestal for the candle to rest on, or to keep the wax dust free while not in use. Also Gift Boxed, this Scented Candle sells for $43.99

Be surprised how fine fragrance oil diffusers can spread good scents and cheer throughout a home. Personally, I like to change the diffusers at home to reflect specific stages of my life. After the birth of our son, I have settled on the Santorini Reed Diffusers , a medley of crisp citrus and green notes artfully paired with exotic spice and natural wood essences. “Petite Size for a Petite Space” The Antica’s new collection of 100ml Home Ambiance Fragrances are approved for carry-on baggage, making this reed diffuser a great gift for an out of town bride or a fragrant reminder of home to bring along wherever life takes you. The perfect size for your personal space and the perfect price for your wallet.



Combining Old European Flair with Casual Elegance, The GG Collection defines the gracious entertaining of today’s lifestyle. Get the bride canisters, desktop accessories or kitchen and pet accessories. She shall love adding on her own items to the collection as she moves on in life. Or, you can send her items to complement the collection on each anniversary. I would suggest you stars with the Baroque Serving Ware Collection for elegant and useful entertaining table centerpieces.

wine GlassesMy favorite item for the Couple or Bridal Shower is the Sempli Glassware Set. The Designers at Sempli have realized that the stem is aesthetically and technically superfluous. The result was the Hand Blown Cupa Vino Glass. This pure lead free glass rests slightly at the side.The swirling rotation of the stemless glass when posed on a table is both amusing and practical; Set of two is great for a romantic night spent. Also gift boxed ( we are organized after all) they have matching coasters and trays.

Fall Wedding Bells Are Ringing – It’s Time For The Bridal Shower

Fun Favors, Themes and Gifts

Throwing a Bridal Shower might seem like a difficult task at first, however with a  little  preliminary planning and a bit of Classic Hostess Tips the event can turn out wonderfully and leave the bride and atendees with some wonderful memories.

THEMES: Having a shower theme is completely optional, but it can be a fun way to give bridal shower gift ideas to your guests. Some typical themes include:  “Kitchen Shower”, where all gifts will be for the bride’s new kitchen and even the self understood, “Lingerie Shower”. Perhaps a ” Carnival Themed Party” with whimsical accessories and decorations.  Once you have decided on a theme, you can incorporate it into the invites, decorations, and party favors or prizes.

GIFTS: Upon opening of the gifts, make sure that one of the bridesmaids keeps a list that matches the guest to their gift. This is important for the bride when she writes thank you notes. Check out Classic Hostess Gifts Category for a complete variety of unique Gifts for Bride.  t’s traditional of the bridesmaids to hold onto the gift wrapping ribbons to fashion a “flower” bouquet for the bride to which she shall use  during her wedding rehearsal.

FOOD AND DRINKS:  Whether you are providing lunch, afternoon tea, or just hors d’oeuvres; in any case it’s a good idea to write a menu of the items you’ll be serving (and a breakdown of the items you will need to buy.) Have the guests anticipate your menu by providing Menu and Message Tiles on the Table.  Once you have the number of guests attending, stock up on the right amount of Bar Ware so the bride and bridesmaids shall be merry. If you as the hostess do not want to be hostessing all night, have some self serve with Beverage Dispensers that fit your theme!  You may also want to consider dessert and bridal shower cakes. If you want to make your own, you can get bridal shower cake ideas from the Web and bookstores. A favorite desserts deserves special presentation, so shop original or traditional desert pedestals and cup cake stands for your decadent dessert.

DECOR:  A tablecloth joins everyone together – we equally share a meal, conversation and our lives!  Shop Cotton and Linen Table Linen as a great backdrop to any formal dining. For the Fall Wedding Splendor choose appropriate autumn coloring  or sheer white and the color theme as an overlay.

Happy October! – Great Halloween Party Decoration Ideas


BOO-tiful Party Ideas and Table Decorations.  Halloween is the only time you can make your dessert and table look pleasantly spooky!

Classic Hostess Party Ideas are simple enough to achieve on any budget and flexible enough to personalize to your own taste:


  • Slime Punch: This spooky punch looks the part and tastes fizzy and lime-delicious.
  • Sangria: Vamp up your cocktails with this sweet sip, a drink that takes its name from the Spanish word for blood.
  • Keep the cocktails chilled with Whiskey Soapstone that will not water your drink down.
  • Offer drinks such as “Nuclear Waste,” made with one shot blue curacao mixed with orange juice and vodka.
  • “The Floating Brain.” Pour one part lime juice and one part Midori over ice and strain into a large shot glass. Pour one part Bailey’s Irish Cream into the glass and top with a drizzle of grenadine syrup.
  • You can create the right ambience for your party by choosing the appropriate music and candleholders. Set the mood by keeping the lights dim – use candles, lanterns, small lamps and Halloween lights. Or, place floating candles into a hollow pumpkin and you have your own hurricane!
  • Wicked Desserts include Mud Pies, Marshmallow Monsters, Owl MoonPie Treats.
  • If you are looking for an alternative to Pumpkin Pie, decorate a batch of ghoulish cupcakes to fit the freaky theme.
  • Witch hat cupcakes, boo cupcakes and worm cupcakes are relatively simple to decorate, making them perfect for a Halloween party where you’re feeding a large crowd. Or, tombstone cupcakes, the mummy cupcakes, the scarecrow cupcakes or the ghost cupcakes.
  • You need splendid cupcake stand holders to display the boo-tiful selection.
Have a Holiday Party go off with a screech!

Authentic and FUNctional; Antique Compass Models

Heralding the age of exploration, compasses offered navigation and direction to those at sea. Our travels have taken us to the four corners of the world, in search of gifted artists who are willing to share their talents. Now Classic Hostess  has authentic antique compasses that are functional too! Authentic Models has brought ancient technology that will make a great gift to any avid nautical collector. Take your pick from bronze compasses, mahogany compasses, pocket compasses and many more.

My personal favorite is the Nautical Walking Stick with Compass. This multi purpose Captains Walking Stick replicates the one people, or rather captains, used as they took a walk. This timeless nautical accessory actually includes a compass hidden in the brass knob! On the other side, the cane has a glass inside for a tipple. This lovely Authentic Model stick, can be displayed anywhere in your home, office or bar! Plus, it is gift bagged for easy gift giving.

Once you complete your compass and sundial shopping, complete your navigational collection with the AM two tiered compass display. Adorn this lovely Authentic Models compass display as your desk accessory in your home or office. Present your AM compasses as a collection on this French finished wood display complete with story of the compass as an explorers tool.

AM combines modern and classic themes in an effort to challenge the mind as well as the eye. Authentic Models Collectibles make great Gifts for Him and for anyone appreciative of History and Detail!


Fall Splendor Is Almost Upon Us- Color Is In!

With the vibrant colors of the seasonal transition, make Fall the season to uptrend your Home Decorand Entertaining Accessories in time for Halloween and the Holiday Season.

Bake wareTreat your family and friends to succulent servings done in the oven-to-table bake ware set, and spare yourself some dish washing. If you are one of those who despise dish washing, treat yourself to this gift. The  9 piece ceramic bake ware set is a must have for any serious chef that appreciates style and color too. Rich texture of the cookware set will enhance the beauty of your tabletop for serving and entertaining. Available in an array of colors, each individual piece can be used for baking, cooking, microwaving, serving, and storage too. The Set includes  6 Ramekins and 3 Casserole Dishes.


Coordinating Hobnail GlassHObnail Tumbleres serve as good quality drinking glasses for afternoon refreshments and further spread the color and fun!


If you are baking inclined, the tin 3 tiered cake stands might serve you well as a dessert pedestal for holiday entertaining be it Thanksgiving or Halloween.


It’s Back to School – Back to the AM Historical and Educational Gifts

In an instant world of disposables, the children have shelves stocked with plastic toys bound for wastebaskets after a fleeting lifespan. A gift to inspire and educate is a rare and welcome reprieve. Crafts for a rainy afternoon or just to challenge the mind, Classic Hostess has the full Authentic Models Collection. An interactive mix of history and adventure, unique and fun toys and games for adults and kids alike.

Gifts for HimVaugondy Authentic Models on Wooden Stand replicates the complicated Gravure printing process, resulting in the sharpest of lines, words, and symbols. The rich  stand is made of wood and bronze, while the globe is made of wood, bronze, paper and plastic. Great to display as a desk accessory for your home or office for it will surely add a historic and elegant touch. Classic Hostess has many more Terrestrial Globes and Armillaries for historical reproductions and unique home décor worldwide.

Even your infants shall be lulled into sleep educationally with the educational Solar System Mobile. All the AM Mobiles can make a wonderful addition to any room that will delight everyone young and old alike. It has nine detailed, colorful planets that follow their actual orbit paths as they spin independently of one another. The mobile is sturdy and durable which is constructed out of stainless steel.

For the collector, Our Flight Collection is truly unique. Exquisite models and artifacts of early flight. Hand-built biplanes whose lightweight frames are stretched with fabric. Dakotas and Trimotors made of aluminum, meticulously executed in intricate detail, moving parts, and cockpit interiors. Wood propellers and vintage travel agent models will enthuse grown ups and school aged children too!

Browse the complete collection at Classic Hostess to find AM Compasses, AM Nautical Collection and even AM Telescopes and Sextants. A fascinating story translated into a unique collection; Authentic Models recreates history with their Furniture, Nautical, Flight, Globes and Kids Decor Items.