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Beer Glasses -Enjoy Your Next Tall and Cold One!

Bring the ambiance of your favorite pub into your home with those beer mugs or beer glasses. These Pilsners, in its brilliant crystal, are  the perfect gift for beer lovers or a special addition to your own bar ware collection.


Double Wall Gel Freezer Mug -$28.00

Glass-in-a-glass set keeps beer colder longer on the inside with no condensation on the outside.
Enjoy your next tall, cold one in one of these fun, lightweight double-walled acrylic glasses. They keep up to 16 ounces of your favorite brew or beverage icy cold longer without breaking a sweat… literally! These Gel acrylic mugs are insulated with a double wall construction and filled with freezable “crackle ice”gel. Set of 4 Gel Acrylic Freezer Mugs come in assorted Colors.










Set of 4 Gel Freezer Pilsners 16oz -$28.99

This Unique Acrylic Gel Freezer Pilsner will keep your drinks frozen longer than traditional.No need to use ice with these as the mug contains a special gel that when frozen keeps cold for hours.Place in freezer for one hour before use.filled with non toxic,refreezable crystals. This

Freezer pilsner is made for all your party and holiday use. Set of 4 Colored 16 oz Gel Acrylic Beer Mugs.









Beer Goggles Pint Glass -$19.99

As your drink goes down, your beer goggle level goes up. The Beer Goggles Pint Glass lets you know exactly how your judgement is being altered as you drink. Starting at “Never” and going all the way down to “Irresistible” the glass keeps track of every level of beer goggles you’ll experience as you consume more alcohol.Thanks to this handy pint glass, you can tell exactly why a woman starts out looking like your old high school principal and ends the night as a spitting image of Miranda Kerr.












Set of Four Brewing Beer Mugs -$15.99

rap your hand around this solid 13-ounce beer glass, or give it as a gift. Perfect for your home bar or make any beer lover happy with this solid brewing beer glass set. On those cold days, use these set of four hi-ball glasses for your mocha, latte or cappuccino drinks.  These Glass Beer Mugs are sturdily made to survive all toasts and durable enough to store in your freezer.












Set of Four Happy Hour Pint Glass – $15.99

A pint is a bar glass that can hold an American pint of 16 ounces. These bar ware glasses are used predominantly to serve beer. Essential for the well-equipped home bar, this  glass beer mug has the capacity for a generous head of foam. Any expert will tell you that you need the proper drink ware to relish the taste and hue of your favorite golden pilsner.


Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Set Of 6 Mini Scroll Knife Rests -$23.99


Rest your knifes and spoons with elegance on our lovely set of six knife rests. These tiles can be used as a name card too,which each piece is made of erasable ceramic so you can write and erase with ease. Features a scroll style pattern that matches to our message board and buffet cards from this Place Tile collection. Comes as a set of six in a beautiful blue gift box





Sparq Set of 9 Whiskey Rocks -$24.99


Those Whiskey stones from Soapstone will sustain the bourbon Temperature without dilation. Whiskey rocks never wear out or lose their ability to hold the temperature. Those coffee stones are non-porous, odorless, tasteless and will not harbor bacteria. Sustains the Chill for low volume drinks as in scotch, whiskey, white wine and champagne





Stellen Straw Pine Cones -$19.52


The pretty pine cones are all one size, topped with a red thread loop. The attractive wooden gift box renders it ideal as a Christmas or holiday gift. Set of 24 Stellen Straw Pine Cones in a Gift Box.





Ravenscroft Crystal Long Neck Aerating Funnel


Ravenscroft Crystal Wine Decanting Funnels are used to separate the wine from its sediment, to increase oxidation, and assist in ease of transfer. Hand-made in Europe of brilliant lead-free crystal. This is the perfect accessory for any wine enthusiast. The stem of the Ravenscroft Long Neck Crystal Aerating Funnel will splash your wine deep into a decanter.





Classic Designed Bottle Stopper -$10.99


Classic and elegant, this designed bottle stopper is an ideal way to add festive style to your next special occasion. Its just a simple and elegant way to cover your champagnes, wines or any bottle! Made of silver plated and cork, this piece will surely give you its best in elegance. It’s the ideal gift for your wine lover



Leaf Design 2 Tone Napkin Rings -$29.99


Inspired by nature, and modern arts this divine set of 4 napkin holders juxtaposes stainless, and brass leaf detailing. Set your table elegantly, or present them as a much appreciated and useful gift. Set of 4 Leaf Design Napkin Rings will complement anything of the  Leaf Design Collection.



Last Minute Shoppers! Gift Guide and Great Deals for Christmas Gifts Under $50

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be shopping for holiday gifts up until the last minute. Finding the perfect gift can be stressful, which is why we’ve pulled together a collection of gift guides for you this year: For HerFor Him, For Kids and MORE. But that doesn’t mean the hunt is over.

With that said, here’s our last-ditch effort to bring you a few more fabulous gift ideas for all the guys and gals in your life.

Chrome Nascar Car with Set of 6 Shooter Glasses

Celebrate a winning season with this Nascar 7 Piece Chrome Car Shooter Set. The car features the traditional Nascar label and has a removable lid to hide the Set of 6 Shooter Glasses. Dole out some spirits and serve them in the Godinger Silver Shot Glasses in honor of the victory.

Set of 4 Soapstone Shot Glasses – $39.99

Enjoy a shot of port or sake ice cold in elegance with these unique shot glasses by Teroforma. A revolutionary way to chill and serve your favorite spirits, our soapstone shot glasses keep drinks cool from the outside in without diluting its contents.

Beer Goggles Pint Glass – $19.99

The Beer Goggles Pint Glass lets you know exactly how your judgement is being altered as you drink. Starting at “Never” and going all the way down to “Irresistible” the glass keeps track of every level of beer goggles you’ll experience as you consume more alcohol.

Matsuri Sake Set with Ice Carafe Gift Boxed -$47.99

Form follows function in our smart Matsuri Sake Set. Freeze the tube that nests in the carafe to keep sake chilled without dilution. Crafted from borosilicate glass, the six (6) sake glasses and pretty pitcher arrive in a wood compartment gift box. ( Sake: a Japanese alcoholic beverage of fermented rice often served hot)

Glass Thermos Water Carafe with Cup -$43.99

We feel this glass bottle (made to look like the yucky plastic kind) and its coordinating water glass (also made to look like the plastic version) is fun, sophisticated and also sends a great statement about reducing waste.It is made out of sturdy borosilicate glass and comes with a handy wooden stopper for a truly authentic look. The Glass Thermos Carafe makes a great corporate gift and is perfect for the environmentalist. It’s also a terrific gift for the person who has everything- because surely- he or she doesn’t have this yet.

Yorkshire Glass Mason Jar Beverage Dispenser -$29.99

Deeply appreciating the past, celebrate the simplicity of bygone times with our clear glass mason jar drink dispenser. The durable mason jug is complemented by the traditional screw top metal lid and easy pour spout. Showcasing 2 gallons of your iced tea, lemonade, punch, sangria or cocktails, this classic mason jar is the established way of serving at your next outdoor or indoor party gathering.

Glass Pie Plate With Dome -$29.99

Keep your pies oven fresh, and  give your counter tops a touch of elegance and sophistication. with its finely cut glass dome and plate, you’ll have your  pies handy at the sound of the doorbell.  This Pie Plate with Dome was Featured in Better Homes Magazine December 2011



Unique Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Whether you’ve got a Secret Santa, a Yankee Swap, or just a beleaguered cube-mate in need of some cheer, we’ve got a great and funny gift idea that won’t break the bank.


1) Beer Goggles Pint Glass – $19.99











he Beer Goggles Pint Glass lets you know exactly how your judgement is being altered as you drink. Starting at “Never” and going all the way down to “Irresistible” the glass keeps track of every level of beer goggles you’ll experience as you consume more alcohol.Thanks to this handy pint glass, you can tell exactly why a woman starts out looking like your old high school principal and ends the night as a spitting image of Miranda Kerr. See it Here

2) Set of Two Good Grief Glasses – $29.99









This pair of glasses make a quirky, clever gift. Each glass has the Kubler-Ross model of the 5 stages of grief on classic glass tumblers.Sometimes you just need a drink. If you are grieving it’s understandable, but if you don’t know exactly how much you should drink, maybe these Good Grief Glasses can help. Glass tumblers will show you just how much to drink for each step of the grieving process. It certainly might be great for your emotions, but we do not know about your liver! See it Here.


3) Set of 2 Dual Colored Freezer Bags – $10.99












Contemporary design filled with clear freezable liquid, these cosmopolitan bags are festive, lively and can be stored in the freezer ready to chill It when you need them.Stylish double bottle wine bag has gel pockets that freeze like an ice pack when put in the freezer. Keeps your wine chilled on your way to dinner or a party, and serves as a Gift for Host, or Holiday Gift.


4) Leather Ten Piece Manicure Set – $59.99











The tan leather manicure kit has all the utensils a gentleman needs to look good and feel clean. The Bey-Berk 10 Piece Manicure Set will serve as a special gift for him on Father’s Day or any occasion. A variety of staple grooming tools are elegantly tucked into a tan leather traveling case combining fundamental convenience with affluence . Any well traveled man or executive will appreciate the precision and quality of the stainless steel manicure set while on the go or at home. See it Here. 

Christmas Gift Guide and Holiday Shopping Tips

Get Expert Help This Holiday Season

No matter how much you love the holidays, sometimes you need a little help getting through them. The 2012 holiday gifting season is upon us. Our Gift Gurus are happy to be there for you, with free Guides offering suggestions and tips for gift giving, wrapping, online shopping, hosting and finding ways to stay within your budget.

Shopping Advice

Set a spending limit. This is vital unless you like the funny palpitations surprise bank statements or credit card bills tend to induce. No one is going to think any less of you for doing your shopping on a budget. If they do then you might want to question why exactly it is you include them on your list anyway.

Gift Ideas Under $50, Gift Ideas Between $50 and $100

Make a list. Like the head honcho of Christmas shopping himself, you should make a list and check it two or three times. Make sure each person you will give to is on the list. Be sure the items you choose are not above your spending limit. When you go out shopping, buy what is on the list and on the list only. One of the easiest ways overspend is through impulse purchases. If the item is not on your list, but happens to truly be perfect, bump another item from the list.

Gift for Her, Gifts For Him, Gifts For The Couple

Bargains are your secret friend. One tendency that needs to be rooted out is the feeling that you must spend a certain amount per gift. Where did that idea come from? It is silly. If you find a gorgeous cashmere sweater on sale for 50% off, there is no need to spend the amount you saved on supplemental gifts. All this does is absorb funds and create unnecessary additional shopping. The sweater is enough. Don’t feel guilty for not spending a certain amount; instead feel savvy for finding a smashing gift for a price that leaves a little something for a rainy day.

Start early. Christmas, and other gift giving occasions, occur on the same day every year. Why is that so many people are rushing frantically to the 24-hour Christmas Eve last chance sales? Unless you like the challenge and stress of doing your shopping with huge crowds of desperate and rabid shoppers, get it done early. The rationale that the sales are better if you wait just doesn’t make any sense. Why take the risk that you may not have the time or selection to find what you really need? If you start early enough you can bargain shop much more effectively than if you wait to zero hour when the need to get something, anything eclipses all other concerns.

Christmas Specials and Deals

Shop online. Avoid the crowds and stores altogether and shop in your bunny slippers in the comfort of your own home. A few things you will avoid by staying home: fighting for parking, lost crying children, sharp elbowed fellow shoppers or less than helpful store clerks. A few of the pros virtual storefronts have to offer: savings in gas, many online stores have free shipping offers, special web only sales and offers, and perhaps the biggest advantage of all shopping and shipping to distant relatives without going to the post office yourself. Don’t forget the list

Classic Hostess has Gift Gurus willing to assist you anytime online or over the phone at 888-280-6539

Top 6 Holiday Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers

Finding a Christmas gift for a wine enthusiast is easier than you think. My Family and  I slurp red wine and we love giving and receiving wine enthusiast-type gifts. These holiday gift ideas and tips are for both red and white wine lovers. While I’m not a fan of drinking only wine for lunch, I’ve been known to enjoy a crisp white Chardonnay with an apple, cheese, and walnut salad! Yum.


A wine aerator, decanter, or medium-sized ceramic pitcher. Who has time to let wine breathe? A Ravenscroft Crystal Wine Decanting Funnels whooshes oxygen into wine, bringing out its deepest flavors and textures. A  wine decanter works in a similar way, but it’s a slower process. But my all-time favorite way to nudge our red wine into the heavens is the Captains’s Decanter with Handle by Ravenscroft. Received as Christmas Gift, the decanter is mouth blown to its perfect shape to enhance your tasting experience.




With great wine comes a taste for great cheeses. Vino Bottle Cheese Board with Knife for starters. For all those vino wine lovers, this vino cheese board with knife or spreader is what you need for your next wine and cheese gathering. This black glass bottle cheese board provides a charming presentation for a selection of artisanal cheeses, appetizers and or bit-sized dessert. The bottle design is intended for festive gatherings and wine gift bags. For more elaborate gift, try the Marble Cheese Server Set by the Gracious Goods Collection. Made from the GG Collection, with exceptional quality and style, its ornate scroll style handles, and uniquely designed knife, will not only let you serve with style, but give you an impressive centerpiece too.





Wine Carriers. How many times have we purchased a bottle of wine and had the bag break in our driveway? Gasp! At that moment in time it truly feels like life, as we know it, is OVER!  Wear the Ultimate Wine Carrying Bag embroidered with the Ravenscroft Emblem with pride. Ideal for the practical Wine lover, that needs wine securely at his fingertips! Ravenscroft Crystal produces a full line of accessories for the world of wine and spirits. Some essentials are indispensable and some simply fun. Then again, isn’t fun indispensable! As an alternative, Try the Bring Your Own Glasses Tote.



Hanging  Wall Wine Bottle Holders. When your shelf and cupboard space is limited, storing wine bottles can become an issue. Bella Toscana solves the problem with this super stylish and space-efficient wall-mounted wine bottle holders and Tiles.  This Vineyards Collection by Bella Toscana duplicates the organic beauty of  of grape vines which are widespread throughout the vineyards of Italy. Bring the grace and beauty of Tuscan into you home or bar with those hand forged wine bottle holders. Inspired by the classic elegance of a beautiful Tuscan vineyard, this Wrought Iron Wall Wine Rack brings the timeless European flair back to your home.




Freezer Bags. Going camping? Roughing it is one thing, but serving a glass of Riesling at the wrong temperature is simply uncalled for. Here’s the solution to that travesty: Insulated Freezer Bags. Cells surround the bags adding color and lasting cool for any beverage! Contemporary design filled with clear freezable liquid, these cosmopolitan bags are festive, lively and can be stored in the freezer ready to chill It when you need them. Stylish double bottle wine bag has gel pockets that freeze like an ice pack when put in the freezer.




Personalized Wine Bottle Stoppers. Let the wine lover personalize their wines with our high quality ceramic Place Cards/Bottle Stoppers! These tiles are great as name plates, jot down messages, opening date of a wine etc. Elegant yet functional, these wine stoppers can make a great gift for any occasion or event. For more Cutesy Wine Bottle Stoppers, Classic Hostess also offers the Snowman Bottle Stoppers or the Godinger Football Wine Stopper for the Football Fan too.



Holiday Bar Ware Glasses For Your Christmas Cocktail Party

With the onset of the Holiday season, there is no doubt that there will be plenty of parties to go to – or host. Should you choose to accept the challenge? For those brave enough, party planning is quite the undertaking, especially when you are the type to be concerned about every tiny detail.  One aspect of party planning, which is typically responsible for setting the mood and flow of a party, are the Spirits. For those of you who do not drink, you are saluted. Cocktails can be a very fun way to set a theme for a party, whether its thinking of specially mixed drinks or appropriately named holiday drinks – not all of which have to be alcoholic beverages.

 With every cocktail considered, you should mind the proper glass for the type of drink – martini, tumbler, old fashioned, highball, etc. You can find great glass options that will fulfill the needs of all of your desired cocktails. Here are a few examples :

School of Fish Room Tumblers Set of 4/39.99

 With this artfully depicted School of Fish design, Beautifully etched and polished fish swim together, save one for the little guy that’s headed in the opposite direction. A delightful nod to the individuality, and unique spirit within all of us. Part of Rolf Glassware, view the full selection Double Old Fashioned Glasses for DARK SPIRITS OR STIFF DRINKS.

Purple Set of 4 Purple Pulse Highball Glasses Set of 4/$44.50

Made by using stained glass with textured dots to improve grip and enhance your party! Cooler Glasses and High Balls are used to serve long drinks and mixed spirits.

Monogram Glass Champagne Flutes – Set of 4/$55.00

Essential Glassware for any well equipped home bar, the Rolf Glass Monogrammed Collection makes a personalized keepsake. Champagne Flutes are used for cocktails whose main ingredient is Champagne.

Martini Set Of Four Crystal Goblets $79.99

The Ravenscroft Crystal Martini glass, with a whisper light hand, is the most elegantly classic glass ever produced, to indulge in the pleasure of a great martini. Martini Goblets are used to serve a range of cocktails straight-up.

Wine Glasses

A wine glass is a type of glass stemware that is used to drink and taste wine. Taste or drink your wine in style, using our huge selection of red wine glasses. or white wine glasses. Blown glass results in a better vessel, with a thinner lip, and is usually acceptable for casual wine drinkers. Personally i favor the: Sempli Set of 2 Cupa Wine Series


Glass Vino Wine Carafe with Ice Insert $39.99

Any expert will tell you that you need the proper pitcher to properly enjoy your drink. This Hand Blown Carafe will allow you to serve your favorite white or red wine at an optimum level. This 48 oz Glass Decanter uses an ice chamber to keep the steady dry coldness glass after glass. You simply need to insert ice cubes into the ice insert and you have a drink pleasing to the eye and palate