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More New Glass Drink Dispensers

We Want More! Encore!

Sunny days are meant for sipping cold drinks  –  and for Glass Drink Dispensers! Classic Hostess has answered the call to their thousands of clients, with even more varied styles of Mason Jar Drink Dispensers and Twin Beverage Dispensers with Stands. Here are some of my favorites that are already flying off the shelves. What do you say to them?



1 Gallon Glass Mason Jar Drink Dispenser



Brimming with Southern charm, this delightful beverage essential brings a country-chic touch to your next soiree. The Mason Jar Drink Dispenser is the perfect addition to holiday parties, summer barbeques, and children’s birthday parties. Whether serving some refreshing mineral water, raspberry lemonade, sangria or punch, this colorful beverage companion is sure to be the life of the party!   They are available in 4 different colors and look ever so pretty together.










Bell Shaped Sanford Glass Drink Dispenser


Bell Shaped Sanford Beverage Dispenser, a high quality 1.6 gallon party workhouse lets you relax with elegance and flair, createsthe perfect drinking vessel and hostess gift she will enjoy for years to come. It is the perfect drink companion for spring garden parties, summer barbeques, and offers stylish and convenient self service. Whether displaying this lovely beverage dispenser as your table centerpiece, or serving some refreshing drinks and cocktails, use them individually or pair the Red, Blue, Green and Purple Sanford Drink Dispenser up.










Double Glass Drink Dispensers with Stands


Pub Twin Glass Drink Dispenser on a Rack by Jay Imports


Double the fun, and flavor with the Twin Pub Glass Dispensers on Wrought Iron Stand. Perfect for both formal, and informal celebrations, the chrome plated lids screw on for a secure fit, while the wide openings make refilling and cleaning as easy as dispensing! They stand at 16″ tall and have a total of 2 Gallon Capacity. I think the Pub Style makes those double drink dispensers an ideal home bar accessory.









Springfield Set of 2 Glass Ribbed Beverage Dispenser on a Rack

 Charming and chic, high quality set of two glass beverage jugs serve as a wonderful addition to picnics, parties, and are great for hosting large crowds. Our ultra durable double drink dispenser encourage  variety and choice, providing you with worry free indoor and outdoor entertaining. Detailed black stand elevates jugs for an attractive presentation and easy dispensing, and decorative glass lids top the beverage dispensers for a graceful display. Enjoy refilling your cup with some ice cold sangria, raspberry lemonade or mineral water with the flow of its sturdy spout.

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Classic Hostess Giveaway!

Win a $100 Free Shopping Spree at Classic Hostess!


Okay, you do not have to admit this with me, however secretly we are all obsessed with party accessories. ( Ye, shake hands…) Therefore, in honor of summer and in honor of you, Classic Hostess has partnered with Bird’s Party for a most stupendous giveaway. You get to win $100, and hear this: you spend and splurge it any which way you prefer.
From dazzling Drink Dispensers, to the gorgeous Glass Ware and Bar Ware, and even the cutesy Cake Stands you have been eyeing.. They can all be yours to Wow your guests with at the next party or gathering.









Timeless Elegance – Tuscan Glass Drink Dispensers

Bella Toscana Glass Beverage Dispensers

No entertaining piece gets as much repeat use during an event as your beverage dispenser. Classic Hostess quality glass and wrought iron drink dispensers by Bella Toscana are durable and beautiful. From our single, 1 gallon pieces to our triple drink dispensers, Bella Toscana makes it a pleasure to keep guests’ glasses full!  We’ll toast to that!

Trio Elegant Glass Beverage Dispenser

Its superb quality so typical of the Bella Toscana Collection will serve you fine at your restaurants, inns, parties, and grand occasions. Incredibly designed, with the finest glass, and wrought iron stand, our magnificent triple apothecary drink dispenser will give you an excellent flow with the turn of its metal spout.

Siena Tall Apothecary Drink Dispenser with Wrought Iron Stand
Lift your party spirits and give that touch of Italy too! This high quality, hand cut glass Siena Tall Apothecary Vintage Beverage Dispenser will server as great drinking vessel at your restaurants, inns, parties, and grand occasions. Incredibly designed, by hand skilled artisans and inspired by Tuscan vineyards, the magnificent apothecary drink dispenser on wrought iron stand by Bella Toscana will give you an excellent flow of liquors, Iced tea and lemonade with the turn of its spout.

3 Gallon Elegant Beverage Dispenser with Wrought Iron Stand

Treat guests to their favorite beverages in our Elegant Drink Dispenser.Its superb quality will serve you fine at your restaurants, inns, parties, and grand occasions. Incredibly designed, with the finest glass, and wrought iron stand, our magnificent apothecary drink dispenser will give you an excellent flow with the turn of its plastic spout.

2 Gallon Fruitwood Glass Drink Dispenser by Bella Toscana

Elegance and charm will grace your next function with our spectacular fine glass and wrought iron beverage dispenser by Bella Toscana. Combining the simplistic beauty of twigs with the natural curves of fruit, our 2 gallon party workhouse lets you relax with flair and grace. Whether displaying this versatile piece as your table centerpiece or serving some refreshing drinks and cocktails this beverage dispenser will surely give you its best in elegance.









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Tropical Fruit Sangria Recipe & A Classic Hostess Giveaway!

A Tall Cold Glass of Tropical Fruit Sangria on a scorching summer day; does it get more tempting than that? Actually it does! Classic Hostess is running a giveaway in addition to that. Now, if you love Mason Jars and Glass Drink Dispensers, we have an offer you just would not want to refuse.

Classic Hostess has had the honor of partnering with Toni Dash from Boulder Locavore, a most fantastic site with lip smacking recipes. Toni whipped up a recipe for Tropical Fruit Sangria that is sure to transport even the most landlocked to a feeling of a lying in a hammock with trade winds softly blowing while having a cool sip! This Cocktail Recipe includes some great tropical fruits like nectar and kiwi plus ginger ale and. hey I am giving it all out!




As the Dog Days of the summer are upon us, the best thing to have is a glass drink dispenser with a ready drink in the refrigerator to sccot out once your family is home. A glass jar with spigot allows for simple entertaining and storing. As a Classic Hostess Fan, you know of the countless styles of glass and acrylic beverage servers out there. Where to start??  Personally, when it comes to backyard patio entertaining, there is something about the simplicity of a Mason Jar Drink Dispenser accompanied by the traditional Mason Drink Mugs.

Toni selected the Blue Yorkshire Mason Jar Dispenser, loving the nod to the vintage blue color of the classic Mason jar.  In addition she chose a set of Old Fashioned Mason Jar Mugs which are especially handy with each having a lid allowing portable single servings of drinks, easily kept on ice until enjoying (we also  offer engraving options on a number of their Mason jar collection items).  The iconic Mason jar not only conveys a feeling of more simple times but has risen as a metaphor for conscious and sustainable living making its appeal timeless and hip.  It’s comfortable and relaxed; exactly what we want in our seasonal entertaining.

To Enter the Giveaway and win a FREE set of Mason Jar Drink Dispenser with Mason Glass Drink Jugs, READ:

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A Bevy of Beautiful Beverage Dispensers

Given there will be cocktails, mocktails or any drink at your Bridal Shower or Wedding, why not host in style? Beverage Dispensers are the ideal drink vessels to mix up a batch of Margarita and Spa Water in honor of the big day! Plus, you get to have the spout efficiently dispense so you can mingle with your guests and enjoy the party! At Classic Hostess, we have an array of Drink Dispensers to Suit our Wedding Decor, be it rustic charm, vintage feel, or modern contemporary reception. 


This Week, Classic Hostess is running a Drink Essentials Sale!  Hurry, Ends, 7/22
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See our Glass and Elegant Beverage Dispensers


 Maybe it is because I am clumsy, or have lots of wild little ( and adorable) boys, but I have always had a fear of hosting and parting with ceramic, or even glass dining ware.  So when summer and entertaining season rolls around ,  I frantically start envisioning all my worst case party fiascos and entertaining miseries. Thus, Classic Hostess new line of Acrylic Serveware and Bar Ware could not have been met by greater ecstas than your dear butterfingered hostess. Check out the new line of Double Wall Gel Freezer Drink Ware, Acrylic Drink Dispensers and even Melamine Serving sectional trays. Outdoor entertaining has never been more worry free!! 

Meet the Plastic Family!

A perfect poolside accessory, acrylic pitchers are available in different sizes and styles. Take the plunge into summer with plastic drinkware. The set of 3 Ice Tube Pitchers in assorted colors, allows one to serve up cold drink without watering the drink down. Evergreen has created the Summertime Pitchers for summertime partying with summertime feel. Available in pink or green, the melamine handled pitchers are lightweight, hard and water resistant. Perfect for the patio or on the deck, the Plastic Jugs will serve up ounces of freshly squeezed orange juice, raspberry lemonade and be your best beverage companion!

Fear no graceless attendee or wild poolside party! The Plastic Drink Dispensers are virtually indestructible. All Poly Pro Acrylic Beverage Servers feature an Easy Pour Spigot for No Drip Dispensing. Plus, the removable ice cores, infusion inserts and separable ice chambers will keep your margaritas chilled and infused without being watered down. And.. you get to stop worrying about the scratches and cracks. A most recent addition to the Acrylic Drink Dispensers is the tiered stackable drink dispenser by Evergreen. Relax – even your toddler can handle this.
Perfect for upscale casual entertaining, acrylic serving trays and platters are ideal for picnics, boats, backyard or just everyday dining. Elegant melamine trays include sectional trays for chip and dips and even condiments. The impressive Lazy Susan is great for indoor and outdoor parties. The acrylic 3 tiered lazy susan allows your to arrange a number of tantalizing appetizer, cakes, cheeses or dessert servers. Plates can be used individually and risers can be used as bowls. If one is dining beneath the sun umbrella, the magnificent 2 tiered acrylic carousel tray is comprised of 4 interlocking trays that easily fit around the umbrella pole. Beautiful and handsome, this melamine sectional dish will serve you up anything you desire.
The Double Wall Gel Freezer Acrylic Barware is the new way to drink it up. Available in assorted colors and sold as a set of four, the Gel Freezer Drink ware has now become popular in several versions. No need to use ice with these mugs, as the melamine drinkware contains a special get that keeps the drinks cold for hours when frozen. For the beer drinker, the  16 oz Acrylic Beer Pilsner is the new hot item to use, reuse and use once again.  Break the ice at the next party with the incredible multi colored freezer acrylic shot glasses. They are the coolest way to enjoy your favorites shot, The indispensable double wall gel freezer cordial glass coordinates well with the acrylic 16 oz handled mug.