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Doodles By Stitch Accessories

Got Doodles??

My concept in life is that if sleeping and eating are mandatory, we have got to make it real fun. Mealtime and Bedtime should be the springboard of many a wonderful memory your family and you will one day reminisce about. Thereby,was I ever  delighted to come across the Doodles by Stitch Concept. This is so me!

These are Washable Sketchbook home textiles to personalize…. endlessly! Fun, versatile and creative, their bed linen, kitchen linens and gifts are just the best thing to customize. 

Doodles by Stitch have produced Tablecloths, Doodles Placemats, Doodles Pillowcases, Doodles Flags,  and even Doodles Aprons for Adults and Kids. All of the Doodles Accessories include a set of markers. Basically you get to DOODLE all over those products and then throw ’em in for a wash. Once again, you get clean and empty Doodles Accessory to write whatever comes to mind then. Personally, I can see this being my new Holiday Gift for him, her and kids too! sshhh.. My secret!  View the images to see some of the marvelous ways we have been using Doodles!



Doodle (Write On) Cotton Tablecloth

Doodle (Write On) Decorative Pillowcase

Place Setting Design Set of 4 Doodle Placemats

Decorative Doodle (Write On) Apron Adult Also available in Kids

Decorative Doodle (Write On) Flags


Get the Gist?.. 

New Rolf Glassware Set| Seabreeze Collection

Refreshing New GlassWare Set  –  Seabreeze Turquoise Collection!

Rolf Glass is an American glass cutting and engraving manufacturer, a leader in quality tabletop giftware and personalized gifts. Rolf Glass is well known for unique, original, distinctive images, and timeless icons on quality crystal and glassware. Rolf Glass’s unique cut glass studio produces affordable and attractive designs for everyday use. Each product line puts a distinctive twist on contemporary glass, adding a touch of fun to the table and creating “where’d you find that?” conversation in every Rolf Glass household.
The Latest  and most Refreshing Collection by Rolf Glass, Seabreeze in Turquoise has finally been released. Hand etched waves and flock of seabirds, the seabreeze glasses from Rolf Glassware will be a wonderful addition to your beach house. See those little fish swimming beneath the waves?  Look for rolf seabreeze cooler glasses, seabreeze dof, seabreeze martini, seabreeze pitcher, rolf and rolf glassware set, rolf, barware collection.

The Seabreeze Collection By Rolf Glass


Labor Day Mixed Drinks Recipes

On The Rocks: Labor Day Cocktail and Drinks Recipe

 What are the secrets to a successful late-summer barbecue? Plenty of extra chips, stellar seasoning on the grilled chicken and burgers, and a tempting array of ice-cold beverages to keep the crowd happy. While a full bar isn’t necessary, aim for a couple of bottles of your favorite spirit and a strategic selection of juices and club soda. Get inspired by the following cocktail recipes that are all served on the rocks.


Cranberry Kiss Recipe

Spiced and sweet-tart, this Captain Morgan rum and cranberry cocktail gets a lift from a dash of collins mix.






Pomegranate Margaritas Recipe


Premix a pitcherful of these ruby-hued pomegranate-juice margaritas and let guests serve themselves. No fuss, no muss.









Tom Collins Recipe


Revive the charm of this classic cocktail, which became popular more than 100 years ago.












This classic cocktail, made with vermouth and Campari, originated in Italy, where it was popular with American tourists during Prohibition.










Glassware & Barware

Classic selects glassware of the highest quality. Choose from a wide selection of durable glasses for everyday-use, as well as sophisticated stemware and accessories for enjoying wine and cocktails. Classic carries a full line of lead free crystal wine glasses to the finest mouth blown glasses from wine, martini, flutes, shot glasses, to cordials. Our collection of glasses will make the perfect spirits, brandy, and martini glasses.

Apothecary Jar Beverage Dispensers

The Apothecary Style Glass Drink Dispensers Are Classically Glamorous!

The Glass Apothecary Drink Dispensers are reminiscent of the old-fashioned glass booze holders that were popular in mini bars. At Classic Hostess  there is a vast selection of Apothecary Jars in Glass, Crystal and with silver accents.  The spout allows you to serve drinks simply by opening the tap without having to tip the delicate glass container or needing to use a ladle. See some of the popular Glass Apothecary Jar Drink Dispenser. 


Apothecary Glass Drink Dispenser with Silver Accents




 The detailed apothecary shape and silver accents add a festive touch to a brilliant entertainment essential. Its superb quality and style allows you to serve with ease at parties, anniversaries, bridal showers, weddings and grand occasions. Whether displaying this versatile and classic piece as your table centerpiece or serving some refreshing mineral water, this glass apothecary beverage dispenser will surely give you its best in elegance! Capacity: 2.4 Gallons













Glass Hand Etched Apothecary Beverage Dispenser


A sweet display, those apothecary glass jars were inspired by old time confectionery shops.  Guests will be enamored by the Hand Etched Apothecary Beverage Jar! Its fine etched design, and high quality glass make this a functional conversation piece at any social gathering! This Etched Apothecary Dispenser is ideal for wedding receptions and all sophisticated affairs. Capacity: 1 Gallon
















Crystal Footed Muirfield Beverage Dispenser

 The ultimate sparkle! Featuring a graciously large opening, for easy cleaning and refilling, the  high quality crystal beverage dispenser offers guests stylish and convenient self service. Whether you are looking to add a dash of sophistication to a wedding, bridal shower, barbeque or party on the patio , the apothecary drink dispenser will not let you down.  Enjoy refilling your cup with some ice cold sangria, raspberry lemonade or mineral water with the flow of its sturdy spout. Capacity: 1.5 Gallons













Siena Tall Apothecary Beverage Server With Iron Stand


Rustic Elegance! This high quality, hand cut glass Siena Tall Apothecary Vintage Beverage Dispenser will server as great drinking vessel at your restaurants, inns, parties, and grand occasions. Incredibly designed, by hand skilled artisans and inspired by Tuscan vineyards, the magnificent apothecary drink dispenser on wrought iron stand by Bella Toscana will give you an excellent flow of liquors, Iced tea and lemonade with the turn of its spout.












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Classic Hostess Giveaways! Double Fun… One Porcelain Cake Stand, One Drink Dispenser!




We love the thrill of treating you, our revered clients. Cool, no?  So, as the summer’s end is nearing we are finalizing with two great giveaways for all year round entertaining essentials.


Giveaway #1 – Creating Couture Parties

Creating Couture Parties is the spot for creative party ideas, inspiration and how-to’s. From casual dinner parties, to ideas for first birthdays to what to wear at a rehearsal dinner, Creating Couture Parties brings out the inner party planner in all of us! The blog features unique and creative party ideas, real parties, do-it-yourself tutorials and behind the party scene tips from the editor. Most importantly, the blog gives readers the confidence to put together and host a fabulous party on their own! Classic Hostess has now sponsored a prize, the ultimate Dessert Serving Pedestal.


This Rosanna white cake stand has a unique scalloped design and will stand out in any kind of table setting! It will surely showcase your favorite cake, pie or torte with a touch of elegance to it. The Porcelain anc Ceramic arrives in a corresponding gift box making storage and passing it on ideal. Anybody ever said no to dessert??

Enter HERE.



Giveaway #2 – Two Classy Chics

Two Classy Chics have received and reviewed the Impress Ice Cold Mason Jar Drink Dispenser. Shelly is getting ready for her daughter’s Bridal Shower. ( Congrats) She is still raving about this wonderful beverage dispenser. You can head right over to her site to read all about her enthusiastic reviews and actually see the drink she has creatively concocted. As part of the review, Classic Hostess is offering this particular Glass Drink Dispenser as part of a giveaway.

Crafted from high quality durable glass, and fashioned into the shape of a mason jar  complete with a traditional metal lid. This drink dispenser is an established and classy way to serve iced tea, lemonade, sangria and more. Its heavy duty acrylic spout will ensure a smooth and efficient flow. This Mason Jar Drink Dispenser can hold up to 2 gallons of your favorite drink.

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