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Valentine’s Day – Crystal Glass Roses

valentineroseIt is the time of the year again  in which you can make your loved one aware of your sincere care and devotion.

Classic Hostess is back this Valentines with a new collection of Crystal and Glass Rose Bouquets.     ( Hey, we care too!) The glass roses go a long way and stay forever. We mean in the heart, too.


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iPhone 5/5s Crossbody Case| Designer iPhone Cases

bandolier1Please note we don’t sell the Bandolier iPhone 5. To see the new iPhone 6 click here.


Liberated, Finally!  And thats without losing the smart from the smartphone.

The iPhone Cases and Wallets for 5/5s have the convenient Crossbody strap for the ultimate hands free experience.


The Bandolier Designer iPhone case holder frees you up completely. Hands Free, Chic, Smart, And Ready for Anything!

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Anchors Aweigh – Anchorage Etched Glass Drinkware Set

anchorage_glass_and_pitcherBAnchors aweigh and set sail. Or start serving!

Rolf Glassware boasts another cutting edge design: The Anchorage Glassware Set.

The new Rolf Anchorage Glassware Collection Set brings the feeling of a springtime meadow to your table and event.

Timeless. Classic. With a Nautical Appeal.



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Classic Convenience – Glass Drink Dispensers with Ice Buckets

rusticbeveragedispenserSuitability and Style are the two top priorities on your list? I assume then that you are also one of those on the constant lookout for delightful 2 in 1 Contraptions.

So, Ms. Convenience – here’s the latest!

Glass Drink Dispensers with Metal Ice Bucket. In other words, we got your hydration station all in one!



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Dazzling Array of Glass Cake Stands

IMG_7622Hooray to Dessert, Hooray to Cake, and Hooray to Color! Combine all three and you get our new Glass Colored Cake Stands.

A new twist on the traditional glass cake and cupcake stands, the colored glass cake stands include domes and are available in many sizes.

Welcome the Pedestal for your savory sweets!



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Warm Cranberry Cider Recipe And A Glass Drink Dispenser

cranberryciderIf you are one of those getting married in a chilly winter weather, surprise your guests with a warm winter cocktail.

I like this spiced cranberry drink fortified with port. You can use a cinnamon stick as a flavorful stirrer.

The good news is that these days Classic Hostess already has a glass drink dispenser that can safely hold hot beverages for display at the reception.



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Classic Hostess Gift Lovers Survey And A Gift Giveaway

wrapingWelcome 2014! So the wrapping has been stowed away; the leftovers all downed. Now, whatever happened to your gifts? Let’s admit it, some are being used daily, while others have been stored up up and away…. While it certainly was nice of Aunt Emily to think of you , there must be something else on the market.

Just so that we ( and all Aunt Emilys) understand what you want for your next birthday, We have created this Poll for all gift lovers.

Participate in the Classic Hostess Survey for a chance to win one of those Gifts!

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