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NEW! Leather iPhone 5 Wallet Case

wallet2Time for a trade in! Trade your wallet and trade your iPhone Case for one convenient and fashionable iPhone 5 Wallet Case.

The Phunkeetree Leather iPhone Wallet and Case is for the 5s phone and manages to protect your phone,  looks professional, and redeems you from being chained to your wallet!

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Salad Cruet Zinger and Pear Vinaigrette Recipe

saladzingerdMuch like kitchen pros and chefs, you can now create a chipotle chili oil, or fresh Italian flavored dressings.  Drizzle your grilled steaks, or baked vegetables with your Salad Zinger Creations.

Like warm ciabatta bread? Zing garlic and basil with a little olive oil, and dip away!

Classic Hostess now has the Salad Zingers to accompany the Citrus Zingers, Water Zingers, and Vodka Zingers.

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Holiday Drink Recipe + New Gold Festive Drink Dispenser

Alexis Gold and Glass Beverage Dispenser with PedestalIt is a timeless drink in a timeless beverage dispenser that will make the hit at any Holiday presentation.

Classic Hostess brings you a most beautiful fruit filled green drink recipe previewed in a Gold Glass Drink Dispenser.

Holiday Sparkle and Effortless Glamour!

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NEW!! IN1Case – Multi Utility iPhone 5s Accessory

TOOLS2Remember the Swiss Army Knife?  Still carrying the Multi Utility Tools Set?  With the new IN1Case,  you combine the two with a case that fits the iPhone 5 and iPHone 5s.

Apparently, this case is not just a case.  So what else is it???

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Classic Hostess and Giveaway

giftregistryClassic Hostess and have joined for another awesome giveaway and registry opportunity.

The month of May generally is a frenzy of hectic preparations for all engaged couples that hope to be wed in Summer/Fall.  Don’t let the month slip by without taking advantage of a great Gift Registry and Giveaway.

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