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Glass Beverage Dispensers For Spring

Spring Beverage Dispenser Station



Ready to Welcome Spring??  A lil bit of sunshine and a Dispenserful of Lemonade should do the trick.

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Luxury, Designer, and Durable Dog Beds

Dog BedsPractically the next best thing to your bed is the all new Pet Beds for Dogs by PLAY Pet.  As Classic Hostess believes – Every Pet deserves a warm, comfy, and pretty place to sleep!

Lots of pet owners are faced with a huge dilemma when wanting to purchase a new Dog Bed.  On one hand, pet owners truly want to pamper their pooch, however they cannot compromise on the decor of their home.

The new Dog Beds are designed to match the decor of the home, plus please your furry friends.

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Elizabeth Glass Colored Footed Cake Stands

Colored Square Glass Footed Cake Pedestals by Mosser Glass


Meet the highest quality hand- pressed glassware in cake stands – The Elizabeth Colored Footed Cake Pedestals.

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Vintage Milk Bottles & Mason Glassware

Vintage Milk Bottles


  More Party Supplies by Classic Hostess coming your way – With a focus today on shabby and rustic chic, the Milk Bottles and Mason Glassware are the ideal table ware for any vintage affair.

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Canvas Tote Bags


Canvas Women's Handbag Totes

From golden school days to idyllic travel locales, the Canvas Totes bring back memories of life’s lovelier moments.

As summer dawns upon us, view the Canvas Totes by Rosanna to take to Farmer’s Market, Bakery, and even Work.

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Party Supplies & Decor

Summer Party Supplies

Spring Time, Party Time!

Party Decor and Supplies


All new entertaining essentials and tableware online for Spring Weddings, Summer Soirees, Barbeque Parties, and more. Classic Hostess has got your back with newly categorized and organized Party Supplies and Accessories Category.

First up: Barware and Drinwkare!



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