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Fun Ways to Serve Drinks at Your Kids Birthday Party

Smoothies and punches are popular among kids and hence a must-haves at all birthday parties. In order to jazz up your kid’s birthday party, you could set up a hydration station with some of the best thirst-quenching and delicious drinks. Serve these drinks in style using Yurana Wine Glasses and make the party a hit among children. Oh! Don’t get us wrong, these versatile wine glasses can go with all occasions from your fancy dinners to your little ones birthday parties.

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GG Collection – Now Gifting YOU!

GG Collection Survey

GG Collection has been gifting you with casual elegance and old European flair for some time. Now Gracious Goods is conducting a simple survey in which you can win the epitome of the GG Goods for the Home.  How ’bout a the GG Collection Fleur De Lis Flatware Set?? Yup, it’s our pleasure; you are very welcome!

In honor of all our GG fans, Classic Hostess brings you two of their most popular Gracious Goods Products line to vote on. If you have never heard of GG Collection before, let us warn you. A free set of stainless steel Fleur de Lis flatware is the ultimate way to ignite the GG addiction.

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BALANCE TOYS: Unique Gift Ideas for Study Rooms

We are usually overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for our beloveds. We have to consider the choice and preferences of the person for whom we are buying the present. Here’s a tip: go with something universal that everyone is bound to like. Balance toys can be a unique gift idea as they look impressive on study tables and also enhance the decor of your study room. Additionally, these can be really inspirational too. All you need to do is add your creativity and be a little thoughtful and your task will be accomplished.

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How to Deck up Your Tabletop Using Cake Pedestals

Presentation is the key to every successful entertaining endeavor. Whether you are planning to host a big extravagant party or a small tea time treat for near and dear ones; how you serve your delicious dinner and delectable deserts will make all the difference. A beautifully laid out tabletop and an elegant cake pedestal as the centerpiece is bound to sweeten up the party mood and make a great first impression on your guests. Here are some great tabletop trends to inspire you before you shift into high gear of party mode on your birthday, anniversary or Christmas.

Take a look at these fabulous cake stands that will make your party much more colorful and lively.

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Ways to Bring Old World Elegance to Your Home Décor

Draw some inspiration from old-world as you revamp your home décor. A stroll through the history can give you some unique and creative ideas to incorporate some ancient charm into your home décor. This will help you make your interiors look even more refined and warm. Don’t worry about making huge changes to your home. A little bit of accessorizing can help you elegantly style your house and change its look effortlessly. GG collection features exquisite accessories, aptly designed to combine European traditional designs with a modern flavor.

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Why is Drink Dispensers a Must-Have at Your Bachelors Party?

Planning a bachelor’s party can be a daunting experience, since you have to attend to the guests, manage food and music and then there are drinks. Getting everything right requires a whole lot of planning and effort. Introducing drink dispensers at your hydration station can make hosting a bachelor’s party effortless and also add flair of style to it. A beverage dispenser is bound to make entertaining fun and exciting.

Let us tell you how a drink dispenser lets you can take a hands-off approach as a host and enhances your party mood.

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Spring Wedding Ideas – Focus: Signature Drinks

Spring Wedding Ideas - Drinks


Our Spring wedding ideas represent ideas that are sunny, happy, and expressive of our whimsical selves. Your wedding day is going to be the most eventful day of your life, shan’t every detail get second consideration?
Today, Classic Hostess worked with Pantone’s Top 10 Spring Colors  for inspirational wedding signature drinks

Bridal Bonus: There’s a giveaway in here too! – C’mon and start sippin’ our wedding trends for Spring 2016.

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5 Party-Worthy Beverage Dispensers for Pretty Showcasing

With summer the party fever and the excitement to hop a party and host a few comes along. If you are one of the party buffs who love throwing a party, you must be aware of the work involved in organizing a flawless bash. There are lots of preparations you need to take care of like food, drinks and music. Let’s talk about drinks. Since summers are hot and humid, drinks top the list of party essentials. A well organized hydration station can help you host an effortless party.

We bring to you five party-worthy beverage dispensers that will serve dual purpose; pretty showcasing and effortless servicing of beverages at your party.

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How to Blend Different Glasses in Your Home Bar

If you take a stroll in the world of wine glasses, you will most likely be overwhelmed to see the diversity each wine glass carries along. It is good to have a unique collection of wine glasses in your home bar for all your exquisite drinks and cocktails. A tasteful collection of versatile wine glasses can help you stylize your home décor and host some fabulous parties too. But while you are looking out for some splendid wine glasses with history, you should also have to consider the kind of drinks and cocktails you mostly serve in order to find the correct fit.

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CAKE SERVERS: Exquisite Dessert Table Essentials

Dessert tables are party staples and centerpiece for every grand party. Gone are the days when all reception parties and birthdays had one cake to cut into. An elaborate dessert table is the new party trend to enhance all the festivities and celebrations. Delectable desserts sweeten up the party mood and decks up the party venue making it much more impressive.

If you are planning to add a dessert table and worry about getting it right; here are some elegant dessert table essentials that will help you host an exquisite party.

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