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Tourance Throws – Love At First Feel!

Tourance ProductsHow good does a bed of feathers, down, and rose petals feel? As good as being enveloped in a faux fur throw, blanket, scarf, or anything Tourance for that matter!

Classic Hostess would go as far to say that we are practically fans of the luxurious and heavenly Tourance products. Aww, how cozy, we know! This is serious love though.

Did we mention that these softest things are actually made in the USA?

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4 Most Interesting Things about Map Marketing Map Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles have been an important part of everyone’s childhood. We are sure even you must have played a lot with different puzzles during your growing up years. Did you enjoy putting the pieces of those puzzles together? So why stop! Map Marketing offers a wide assortment of puzzles, which can be enjoyed by kids and grownups, equally. Here you can explore some of the most interesting things about Map marketing map puzzles, which makes them oh-so-special. Apart from the fact that these jigsaw puzzles feature the map of a particular location specified by you; here are some other interesting things about them which will surely amaze you.

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Four GG Collection Products You MUST Have For Spring

GG Collection For Spring


So much has been said about GG Collection already, but you know what? We ain’t done. There’s still so much more to show off. Especially with the Spring/Summer entertaining ahead of us, Gracious Goods wants to keep you in the loop.

We can’t have it all, I hear you thinking. So, Classic Hostess boiled it down to four GG Collection products you cannot refuse.

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Mosser Glass Cake Stands For Easter Prettiness + Giveaway!

Mosser Glass cake stands for easterNothing yells Easter more than pastel colors, vivid designs, and buncha eggs n bunnies! These dessert tables featuring all of the Mosser glass cake stands are practically beaming spring.

Designing your own Easter themed dessert table can be so much fun. Especially if you are lucky enough start out with one ( or many!) milk glass cake stands and then all you do is add your own spin to it.  Classic Hostess brings you some awesome Easter/Spring sweet tables incorporating the pastel colored cake stands.

And, we aren’t only giving away superb inspiration! There’s an actual cake stand giveaway on today. Let the egg, or cake stand, hunt begin!

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Fire up the Fun with Social Light’s Stylish Lighters

We all love the ambiance of a candle lit room during dinners, fireplaces in cold, chilly winters or bonfires under the sky. Whether you think of a dinner date with your beloved or a happening party with friends you can add flair of fun and jazz up the atmosphere with the help of fire. Social light lighters help you create fire in style and enjoy those barbeques, gatherings, parties and dates. Every lighter by social lighter is a unique blend of utility and fashion. Take a look at some of the best lighters which are held up against the competition.

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6 Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Glassware

We all have those expensive glassware’s in our households which we like to flaunt on special occasions and parties. Since these glassware’s are fragile and delicate, they demand a gentle hand and careful handling. If not properly maintained, glassware’s can accumulate a film on its surface which strips it off its shine and sparkle.  Here are some very useful tips which will help you keep your glassware crystal clear and as good as new.

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Mosser Glass Cake Stands – Spring Partying!!

Mosser Glass Cake Stands


Pastel colors, sunshine, and party please?? Although I love Mosser glass cake stands all year, nothing strengthens our bond more than the onset of the vernal equinox. With spring beckoning, I NEED to see, smell, and sense my favorite season in every part of the party!

From flowers, to cakes, to cheeses – here come the Mosser milk glass cake stands parade.

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Top 5 Snuggly & Stylish Baby Blankets

When you start shopping for the expected new member in the family, a nice baby blanket tops the list of baby essentials. Since babies cannot manage their body temperatures on their own, a warm and cozy throw will help you keep him comfortable as he lays down in his crib for a nap. A soft and comfy baby blanket will be an important tool in your caretaker-arsenal which will help you conquer your little one’s nap time with ease. Tourance throws and baby blanket is just what you need to equip yourself with to provide your child a peaceful sleep time. Here are the top five baby blankets by Tourance which are equally snuggly and stylish.

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GG Collection: Unique & Distinctive Accessories for Your Home

GG collection features the finest selection of exquisitely crafted home accessories for every home. The elegant European charm of these impressive home furnishings is not only pleasing to the eyes, but these goods are extremely utilitarian and functional too. From antique home accents to rustic accessories, you will find all sorts of old world furnishings, which will give your home a transitional and contemporary finish. You will find the perfect accessory to decorate your home with, in our unique and distinctive collection. Here are some choicest options held up against the competition, which will help you add an old world charm to your home décor.

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3 Most Stylish Glass Beverage Dispenser

Drink dispensers are quintessential accessories for an elegant and sophisticated hosting. Not only will a drink dispenser help you prevent a host burn out, but also assist you to add some charm and personality to your party. You can go with a hands-off approach and take the commitment out of the equation due to the self-serve nature of these drink dispenser. Additionally, a tasteful beverage dispenser will help you set up an attractive hydration station and make your party more organized and decorations even more pleasing. Here we have put together three most stylish glass beverage dispensers, which will help you host a graceful party.

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