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Arte Italica Dinnerware is considered a trendsetter in pewter combinations.  Arte Italica captures the essence of European decor at its luxurious best.  See unique colors, interesting patterns, and unusual designs. All of this elite Dinnerware can be mixed and matched. Classic Hostess Blog brings you the beauty and versatility inherent in each set.

The Passion in Arte Italica Dinnerware

Arte Italica DinnerwareAnn Skidmore is the proud founder of Arte Italica. She says her story begins with a deep love for pewter. And for everything Italy. So, off to Italy she went in search for true Italian pewter. But, Ann brought back so much more than rich pewter. She expanded the horizons of possible combinations, designs, and color. Essentially, Arte Italica captured the heart of European entertaining.  Classic Hostess Blog passes on the ardor of the founder’s passion.

Think practical. All of Arte Italica Dinnerware works with any other set easily. The shared pewter in each set makes for one happy family. And one beautiful table setting.  The possible combinations are endless and stunning.

Think long lasting. Arte Italica is crafted by hand. It’s an art and technique that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Think Awesome.  From the first Tuscan Collection, to the now popular Vetro Gold Dinnerware, fall in love with the glory. It’s more than innovative home decor. Arte Italica Dinnerware is way of life.

 3 Top Kitchenware Picks from Arte Italica Tesoro Collection

With the summer just around the corner, you might be considering interior remodeling upgrades that can be completed before the warmer season. And, if you are, then undoubtedly, renovating your kitchen will probably be high on that priority list. The kitchen is a significantly valuable space where most members of the house spend their time to prepare delicious meals for the family.

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3 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift for Him as an Expression of Your Love and Emotions

Valentine day will be here in weeks, and you are still in look for a present to show how much you love him. An ideal Valentine day gift is something that parallels your husband’s persona, in sync with her taste.

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Want To Serve Up Some Italian Splendore? Try Arte Italica!

Summer entertaining done well the European way. Sounds too over the top for you, eh? Not if you own any of the Arte Italica serve ware.

There, you go! Get casual, modern, and traditional European splendore on your tabletop! Sure will make you proud to display all the time. From the Animale barware to Tuscan dinnerware, rare richness is inherent in every single piece. And, like all great fairy tales, how did this story begin?

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5 Most Graceful Dinnerware to Help you Dine in Style

Do you like hosting elegant dinner parties and entertaining friends? If yes, then you will surely understand the need and importance of a classic dinnerware to serve in. Elevate your dining style and impress your guests by serving the gourmet delights in this artfully designed dinnerware collections by Arte Italica. Whether you like to go by the rule of minimalism or prefer something bold and outstanding, the extensive range of Arte Italica dinnerware has something for everyone. From stylishly quirky to timeless classics, here are the most graceful dinnerware that we strongly recommend to help you dine in style.

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Storage Essentials: Distinct Cruet Sets For Your Kitchen

Storage essentials for kitchen come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each one with a distinct purpose.  Every well-equipped kitchen needs canisters to store bulk grains like rice, faro etc, and many glass jars for every day supplies like flour, sugar etc. Then there are condiment and cruet sets for other kitchen essentials. You just can’t have a complete kitchen without these organizational and storage essentials. In this post, we are going to talk about cruet sets, which are small glass vessels you can use to store liquids like oil and vinegar. Take a look at some of the most amazing designs of this must-have organizational unit.

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Cuteness Overloaded! 5 Chiciest Salt & Pepper Shakers

A salt and pepper shaker is set is considered to be the king and queen of the table. You can rightly say that no dish-ware collection is incomplete without a set of stylish and utilitarian condiment dispensers. These little pieces not only spice up your food, but they also make up for wonderful kitchen accessory. Whether you are looking for a contemporary set for everyday use or a fancy one for special occasions to match your elegant china, we have compiled a list of 5 chicest salt and pepper shakers. Crystal; silver-plated; glass or porcelain you name it and we have the best it. Take a look.

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Buying Guide for Wedding Dinnerware

Wedding registry is every girl’s chance to make her ultimate wish list come true. But if you don’t plan out properly, this fun task can end being quite overwhelming. Though it might be the first time of your life when you are shopping for dinnerware, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Ask yourself these simple questions before you go out shopping and you can easily avoid a lot of stress. After all you wouldn’t want a dozen of serving dishes, mismatched dinner plates and no flatware. Our guide will help you register the perfect china for your wedding even if your idea of entertaining till now was just ordering pizza.

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Arte Italica’s Top Choices for Mother’s Day Gift

Attention everyone, the time to treat the special lady of our lives, “Mother’s” is just around the corner.  Most of us choose to please our mom’s with a bouquet of flowers, which is a great idea. But this year, why not do something unexpected and unique to express our gratitude for our mom’s. They say the excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness. Going by this you can surely count on fancy dinnerware or home décor accessories for the perfect mother’s day present. Arte Italica offers some outstanding gift options for this mother’s day. Their antique dinnerware collection is sure to impress every mother.

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