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Authentic Models
brings you historical replicas and classical arts . Although AM has been created a mere 40 years ago, its interests and expertise date back to some centuries ago. Each of the its decor will enthrall collectors. For the discerning eye bring  AM USA home.

Authentic Models

Authentic ModelsImagine stumbling upon an ancient map. Amazed by its detailed listing, you scan fueling stops and legendary cities. Who traversed these paths? How did they get there? Authentic Models lets you carry history in your pocket. AM lets you feel adventure in your hand.  If you have an ardor for unusual,  and uncharted, you found your passion here! From bar decor to museum collections, let the journey through the ages begin.

Authentic Models Ship Models

The nautical decor by Authentic Models brings sea life to your home. From yacht models to to oar racks, say AHOY to the age of nostalgic sailing. The AM USA models are handcrafted, hand painted, and hand finished to boot.

Authentic Models Replica Compasses

Get onto the campaign trail! Or join the 18th century expedition. Each of the AM replica navigational tools are exceptional in history, and functionality. The compasses cards are a fascinating work of science and art. Bronze pocket compasses make for great gifts as well.

Authentic Models Maps and Globes

Would you like to head to Spice Island perhaps? Get onto a camel and discover the Gobi dessert? AM USA strives to provide you with a sense of infinite possibilities. Detailed replication and high end quality are foremost important on each of the AM globes and maps.  True vintage collectibles, the AM Globes bring a sense of antiquity to your desktop anywhere.

Authentic Models Bar Furniture

Authentic ModelsTimeless luxury merges with old world glamour. Here’s a bar that goes far beyond your imaginations. Fun, versatile, and tasteful, AM USA makes for a home bar to hang around often.  The complete category includes game boards, bar stands, and shakers. The bars feature wheels for easy stowaway. Mahogany tops and brass rails lend to the sentimental air.

Authentic Models Hot Air Balloons

The sheer thrill a journey above the clouds offer! Bring that delight to your desktop. For the free spirited, AM USA brings you hot air balloons. Royal colors and rattan baskets lend to the authentic feel. Hand made, find the woven net so thrilling.

Dreamy, yet real, authentic and functional, there is so much to love from the Authentic Models.

Your Vintage Bedroom- 4 Must Have from Authentic Models

Forget all your stresses and strains of daily life, and take a dive into a vintage livings space. A classic bedroom is easy and inexpensive to create; just add a few retro items to transform your room into a country side getaway.

Check out the top four products from authentic models to make the above happen:

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Give Your Party Table an Antique Appeal with GG Collection

Planning to throw a housewarming social gathering next week? What about a vintage themed party?  It is a great wonderful to breathe life into your event, have a memorable evening.

GG Collection has the mastered the art of fusing class and elegance, which mirrors through its vast assortment of throwback serve ware.

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5 Accessories All Luxe Homes Have In Common

We all put in much thought and efforts while decorating our living space in an endeavor to turn the ordinary into extra-ordinary. From pinterest to pictures of celebrity homes in magazines, we try and draw inspiration every source but still wonder how to make our homes look like a million buck.

Put aside your pinterest envy and read on. Enlisted below are five essential, in fact indispensible home décor accessories that can help you accentuate your home décor and take it to the next level.

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Dress up Your Center Table with These Three Products from Authentic Models

Authentic Models is a company manufacturing products which rediscover historical and fine art classic from the 17th to 20th centuries. Since it’s unveiling in the year 1968 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this group has reached new heights with every passing day, and now has cemented the top spot in the minds of millions of consumers for its high-quality goods, eclectic, and affordable pricing.

Haring Piebenga, the founder started this business for the antique hoarders, those who are moving away from the counterfeit world of brands, and for individual, who fancy uniqueness.

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Tips to Buy the Perfect Lighting Fixtures for Home

Lighting plays a quintessential role in designing the home interiors. With the right lighting you can create an inviting ambience and intrigue in a room. It also helps change the mood and give the home decor a photo ready finish. It can rightly be said that lighting adds the finishing touches to the overall interiors of a home. Therefore, choosing the perfect lighting fixtures to illuminate the space is the key to create an outstanding living space. Let us help you pick the best lighting fixtures to uplift your home decor. Here are some expert tips on lighting up your home decor. Read on!

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Collectors Favorite Aircraft & Aviation Models

Collectors Favourite Aircraft & Aviation Models

Aircraft’s are inspiring, they constantly remind us that sky is the limit and no dream is too big.  So if you are passionate about aircraft’s and flying, here is something to fuel your passion. Timeless classics from the history of flying, these amazing replicas of Die cast Air planes, Blimp Models, RC Model Aircraft Kits will definitely fascinate you. The aviation models epitomise aeronautics history and will take you back to the glorious old days. Behold all collectors and flying enthusiasts, these aircraft models will surely thrill you and force you to make some additions to your collection. Take a peek at these enthralling aircraft and aviation models.

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5 Best Nautical Accessories for Home Décor

Who doesn’t like the spirit of an ocean? Sunshine on the face and sand in between the toes, living near a sea can be pure bliss. But if you aren’t lucky enough to live near the beach, a nautical themed décor can instantly add a coastal appeal to your home and bring you closer to the sea, at least virtually. Here is a selection of the best nautical accessories that can help you infuse some nautical inspired accents in your home. Take a peek at these incredible accessories and create a classic coastal heaven without going overboard.

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5 Steal-Worthy Accent Tables to Uplift Your Home Décor

Speaking of redecorating the home, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Changing the color theme of walls or adding some statement pieces of furniture, right? Since our furniture takes up the majority of space in our house, little changes like re positioning them or adding a new piece can instantly give uplift to the interiors. Just by adding a stand-out table you can give any room a fantastic focal point and add some definition. We have put together a selection of some unique accent tables, you can use to give your home décor a new look. Check out our top five picks!

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Why figurines are the best décor items

Are you one of those who love you indulge in trying new things to improve your home decor, you have just landed at the right place. We have been underestimating the power of everything small. Small changes like adding decorative details can quickly refresh your interiors. Similarly, you can use figurines and collectables to efficiently add more personality and charm to your decor.  Decor statutes and small figurines make up for a great choice in stepping up the home interiors. Let us explain how.

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5 Desk Accessories Your Kid’s Study Must Have

Having a well-equipped work station especially designed for kids is indeed indefensible for the healthy growth of children. This little space acts as an inspiration that stimulates them for studies and helps them perform better. A lively study also helps enhance their concentration level and also keeps them organised. But how to create a perfect personal sanctuary for kids that they will love?  Well you need a quality desk unit, spacious shelves for books, good lighting and some interactive accessories to create a fusion of aesthetics and ergonomics in your child’s study. Here are some must-have desk accessories that can make your kid’s study more appealing.

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