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Barware is the spirit of each party. Find proper stemware and recipes to enhance the ambiance. Hey, you’d be surprised at the role correct glassware plays at each dinner.  Classic Hostess Blogs brings your barware tips to add some punch ( pun intended. again. ) to every cocktail and every event.



If you are getting all dressed up for the party, shouldn’t your table be dolled up accordingly? Special occasions call for memorable dining. From your everyday cuppa, to wedding bar tendering, follow us for awesome tips. Here’s to you!

Barware Esssentials

Your one stop destination for drink ware accessories that add some oomph to each sip. Find the most recent additions to our bar ware category and see what’s truly hot. Classic Hostess is pleased to present quirky drink ware accessories for fun party favors. Or, find elegant shakers and glass ware sets for sophisticated dining.

Barware Gift Sets

For wine lovers, there’s just one category to browse. It might be whiskey rocks, or personalized wine goblets, but any form of drink ware is bound to excite. During the Holiday season, or Father’s Day, there’s sure to be lots of new additions to enthrall. Personal, meaningful, and so not typical.

Cocktail Recipes

Warming cocktails? Perfect bourbons? Get the ideal beverage recipe for your drink ware. Not alcoholic at this time? We got you covered too. Find great twists to non-alcholic beverages for baby showers and more. Simple, effortless, and absolutely delicious is our name of the game.

Nobody is going to sue you for bringing on the wrong drink ware, but for ultimate effect, mind the proper barware.

Valentine’s Day Wine Tasting Party- 3 Must-Have Barware Accessories

This Valentine’s Day instead of a romantic dinner for two, or Valentine’s Day bash at a café, why not plan a wine tasting party? Invite a few friends and the ladies in their lives to compare notes on wines and have fun!

You can provide the scrumptious wine bottles, or invite each of your guests to bring their favorite ones. Let everyone mingle, and chat about their favorites while they catch up and have a fun wine-time!

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Top four glassware set from Rolf- perfect for any celebration

It’s Friday night, a rooftop cocktail party with your chums is wonderful to rejuvenate yourself after a chaotic week! You have the booze, the hardware, and the mixers, but you need wine glassware to send waves of class and elegance to your gala.

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4 Classic Touch Décor Glassware You’ll Love

Glassware is a very distinctive part of our hosting, which can make or break any party. The food and drinks appeal to the guests with eyes, and then the taste takes over. Are you looking for some new ways to dazzle your guests, at your upcoming event? With classic touch glassware collection, you’re in for a treat! Every item is specially designed with 24K gold artwork on a premium glass that will redefine the way you serve your guests.

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4 Unique Rolf Glassware Items You Should Know About

Rolf glassware is a collection of premium and classy glassware that is designed to add a value of creativity and style to your barware collection. Whether you love to drink scotch or sip wine, these incredible glassware products will make your every party an example of excellence and style. Even though Rolf Glassware has many great collections under its name, there are few who have made a significant impact on the customers. We present to you the most popular and mesmerizingly unique glassware items from Rolf’s collection, which will truly dazzle you:

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Top 5 Yurana Christmas Glassware

A decked up spruce, fairy lights, Santa Claus, Rudolph and reindeer’s; can you hear the Christmas bells ringing already? Yes! Christmas is right around the corner and all of us are busy preparing for our favorite holiday of the year. In order to add a more festive flourish to your celebrations, today we bring to you the top 5 Yurana Christmas Glassware. From wine glasses to Christmas ornaments, you name it and we offer the best and the most Christmassy glassware in the category. Get ready to enjoy a unique selection of Christmas inspired glasswares from the Yurana designs.

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Weekend Ahead! Drink Dispenser Ideas For Pool/Beach Anyone?

Okay, I’ll admit. It’s the weekend I need to thank for my sanity! Listen, a person ought to have something to help them survive working indoors on these summer days. I envision my drink dispenser, exotic summer cocktail, pool/beach, and my best buddies. Maybe some good music and sunshine too. So what if it’s only Wednesday??

If you are planning on hosting the very best pool party or beach cookout, you can’t possibly go past these awesome beverage dispensers + drinks ideas. C’mon and make one big splash!

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What’s The Latest In Personalized Barware? Yurana Glassware!

And you thought you have already seen them all in Yurana Glassware?? These new hand blown wine glasses by Yurana Design are yet to steal the show!

For yourself, they are bound to bring loads of panache to your home décor. And trigger lots of interesting compliments (conversations??).

As a gift, Yurana wine glasses reflect your recipients’ individuality with the hand-blown art portrayed on the stem. Blown away already? Wait, there’s more!

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Rolf School of Fish Glassware – The Beach Home Decor

Not your typical school of fish, and not your typical beach home décor either. No, siree! The Rolf School of Fish Glassware set actually has one fish swimming in the opposite direction, intentionally. And it’s precisely for that reason these coastal glassware set is bound to be the topic of every conversation this summer.

If your beach bar is still in need of barware, you have just uncovered a treasure in waiting. High quality crystal, whimsical etchings, and so many various glasses. Swim on over, to learn more here.

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4th of July Drinks – Yes, You Can!

4th of July Drinks ideas here. Beware: inspiration overload! Truthfully, there are so many ways of celebrating the Fourth of July, and we absolutely adore all of them.

There are vintage drink stations, nautical party themes, and even whimsical dessert tables. All of these Fourth of July drinks share adorable details, lots of creativity, and of course some stars and stripes.

C’mon, view some red, white and blue – and find the style that speaks to you!

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GG Collection – How To Serve Summer!

GG Collection has been giving you its best in European warmth all winter? Bring the Gracious Goods outdoors, and watch its spread summer sunshine in style!  Versatile, ever so rich, with a perfect touch of trendy.

Classic Hostess showcases four of their favorite GG serving ware for the new season.  It’s not hot; it’s sizzlin’!

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