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Anything attention worthy deserves a cake stand.  The sky’s the limit (literally!) when it comes to dessert table ideas. Classic Hostess brings you wedding cake stands and tiered cake stands ideas to purchase , or create,  your way to Instagram worthy displays.

Welcome the Age of the Cake Stand

Cake Stand BlogFortunately, in recent years there’s been a certain rebirth of cake pedestals. Thankfully, cake stands no longer accumulate dust in grandma’s cupboards. Classic Hostess is sure happy to see the many creative uses ladies and gentleman have of their dessert plates all over the home.  And if you are still only associating brownie fudge cake with a glass cake plate ( yum never mind),  let us enlighten you here. The cake stand journey includes cake pedestals of every composition, arrangements of all sort on your plate, and the most heavenly recipes too!

The Wedding Cake Stand

You will have drink stations, floral arrangements, and beautiful place cards. But, here’s to one majorly overlooked wedding decor essential: wedding cake stands! It can even act as a memento for the bride and groom when they take it home. Check out our unique wedding cake stands, and wedding dessert table ideas. You might just love our milk glass cake stands as well for wedding cakes!

The Tiered Cake Sand

Sophisticated, sweet, and space saving! Up, up, and exquisite is what tiered cake stands do to any sweet table. Plus, in 2016 there are so many things to display on your tiered cake pedestal. Think cheeses, tarts, and even flowers. Plus, many even planners are opting for the neater option of individual cupcakes vs the messy cake slicing ordeal.

The Cake Stand Re-purposed

Hey, if you were eyeing that pretty cake stand and stayed stuck over the pretty price tag, fear not! Classic Hostess has got lovely ways of justifying your purchase. Why, every cakes stand can now be displayed year round for so many different things. Find unique, and versatile ways of displaying your cake stand all over the home.

50+ Unique Hostess Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Next time when you go to a soiree, don’t go empty handed!

Show your appreciation and gratitude towards the lovely hostess with an unexpected token tailored according to her taste! Because they deserve nothing but the best for all the hard work they put in for treating you.

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32 Best Cake Stands for Birthdays

Do you have a birthday party coming up? Are you decked up for all the effort it takes to bake a cake, batch of brownies or a pie? Well, it doesn’t matter how perfectly you bake it, how graceful your piping is or how well set your cream Pat is; a baking triumph without a cake stand is never going to make you the star of the event.

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5 Tiered Cake Stands That Make the Perfect Centerpiece for Dessert Station

Planning an extravagant fete but missing out on the perfect scene stealer for your dessert station? Whether you are looking to make a dramatic statement or create a minimal and laid back ambiance, we have the perfect centerpiece to uplift your party decorations. Take a look at our top five picks of the most striking cake stands.  

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5 Cake Stands for an Extravagant Wedding Party

Making and baking a wedding cake from scratch is basic but what after the icing has been spread and the sprinkles are dropped? Show off your baking triumphs and give it the exquisite presentation with these gorgeous cake stands- starting with these five to choose from. Take a look!

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Some Best Alternate Ways To Use Cake Stands

Cakes have now-a-days become an integral part of any kind of celebrations. Whether, it is birthday parties, anniversary function, get together or a usual party, one thing which has been common among all is cake. These delicious and tasty flavored cakes, transform your day into a ‘special day’.

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3 Party Essential from Godinger Your next Weekend Bash

From casual social get-together to elegant affairs, entertaining at home is a great idea. It requires extra effort, right from staging the house to the main course, but is always worth it.

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Trend Alert: 5 Drool-worthy Cake Trends to Sweeten 2017

Cakes are an indispensible part of every big or small celebration. Whether it is an extravagant wedding reception or a casual kids’ birthday party, a delectable cake is what sweetens every party mood. Since cakes hold such paramount importance at every event, it is only fair to choose the most beautiful and bespoke cake for a special event.

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Top four trendy Serving Essentials from Mosser Glasses

The Mosser glasses, a family owned company is a popular brand in the United State of America.  It present a full spectrum of unique and modish products covering candle stands, tableware, cake plates, and other kitchenware stuff.

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7 Trending Wedding Themes and Ideas You Can’t Miss

This day and age, the wedding scene has evolved extensively.  From the days of cookie cutter weddings and set traditions, weddings have reached to more personalized and eventful celebrations. Today couples try to incorporate their personality in their wedding celebrations to add more flavor and meaning to the celebrations. Be it through the decorations, venue or the central theme of the wedding, you will find couples playing around with various new things. There are no more rules to follow when it comes to celebrating the big day.

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Sparkling Crystal Serveware to Host the Perfect Dinner At Home

We pay a lot of attention on selecting the perfect menu for a dinner party and even more on getting the flavors right in each and every dish. But even the five-star restaurant quality dishes require high-end presentation to wow the guests. Therefore, a swoon-worthy presentation is just as important as the ingredients and recipe of the dish.

Today we bring to you some eye-catching serveware to boost the tablescape at your next entertaining endeavor. Take your pick from the Dublin Godinger Crystal collection of serveware and impress your guests with a gorgeous table setting.

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