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GG replacement parts were done as courtesy by Classic Hostess to our Gracious Goods fans. With replacement ceramic pie plates, to glass domes, hold on to your precious GG Collection item forever.

GG Replacement Parts

GG Replacement PartsWhen Classic Hostess started getting oft calls about their Gracious Goods line, they jumped right into action. People spend so much on their GG Collection, we would hate to see it go because of one part missing. Thereby, now we can say – all good things last forever! On our Classic Hostess Blog, find the most recent replacements available.

GG Replacement Parts – Lids

We are all human, and we all make mistakes. So if you are cleaning that GG lid and then BANG, no worries. Classic Hostess sells most lids to GG canisters, and drink dispensers. Plus, the Classic Hostess Blog will sometimes announce some spare finials… look out for that!

Even if the replacement part you are looking for is not currently on our site, do not give up! Please do call in and we shall check our warehouse. If you are in luck, the GG item you have will be complete pretty soon. Note: Classic Hostess is constantly updating their GG Replacement Parts.

GG Collection – It’s Changed, But It Hasn’t!

With the GG Collection, you get to serve up traditional gracious goods with all the modern day functionality! How brilliant?

Originally conceived as a product line that represents the revival of classical European décor, GG Collection now widened to also include traces of current décor trends.

Using innovative material combinations, all of your favorite themes are here! Check out some proper home and table décor for your contemporary, old world, and even French country space.

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GG Collection – HOT New Items For Fall 2016

GG Collection has officially nailed the art of merging gracious entertaining with everyday living.  Meet the Fall 2016 Gracious Goods product line. We were planning to surprise you later in the season. Due to our sheer excitement though over this new collection, the secret is out!

A very close relative to the GG Antiquity Collection – Classic Hostess proudly presents the Antiquity Wood and Marble Family. We invite you to see for yourself how true modern versatility can work with rich traditional undercurrents.

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GG Collection – How To Serve Summer!

GG Collection has been giving you its best in European warmth all winter? Bring the Gracious Goods outdoors, and watch its spread summer sunshine in style!  Versatile, ever so rich, with a perfect touch of trendy.

Classic Hostess showcases four of their favorite GG serving ware for the new season.  It’s not hot; it’s sizzlin’!

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GG Collection – Your Care Manual

GG Collection Care Manual

The GG Collection was designed to grace your home, not your display cabinet.  When we describe the beautiful Gracious Goods as functional, we ain’t kidding you! We mean practical, versatile, and serviceable. For every single day, dinner, and affair.

With the proper wash and care guide, feel comfy using your GG Collection on a daily basis. Every day is a special day, ain’t it?

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New Fall 2014 – Mercury GG Bathroom Collection


For anybody looking to uptrend their Powder Room or Bathroom, Gracious Goods has once again come forth with sophisticated rustic collection. Like most of the GG Collections, this Bathroom Collection is reminiscent of Old World Elegance.

The GG Bathroom Collection in Mercury Glass serves as beautiful luxurious toilet accessories and will match any bathroom decor.

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GG Replacement Parts For Your Convenience

GG Replacement PartBroke or lost a part of your beloved GG Item? Never Fret! Hold on to the lovely GG Goods and simply purchase the part so the Gracious Entertaining may resume! At Classic Hostess we do have many GG replacement parts available. Those include: Domes for the cake and dessert pedestals, Replacement parts for the GG Lotion and Pump Set, Lids for beverage servers, and GG ceramic cream plates for pastry keepers and pie plates among the many others.

Everybody can use a change and so can your spouts! GG offers plastic or metal replacement spouts for their elegant 2.5 or 4 gallon elegant Versailles Drink Dispenser.  Like most of Classic Hostess’s products : Convenience and Practicality is the name of the game. They can all be changed by hand by simply unscrewing the aging spigot and screwing the new valve on.