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Gift Ideas on Classic Hostess Blog is your one stop for all gift needs.  For everybody, every season.  From the usual (albeit special) gift ideas to geeky and eccentric present ideas, there are talented gift gurus and writers holding your back. Oh, and watching your wallet. Did we mention affordable yet??

Gift Ideas

Gift IdeasGifting is an art, and Classic Hostess has mastered it for you. You want to love giving the gift you love to the person you love. It ain’t so complicated! Classic Hostess Blog releases gift guides year ’round. Organized according to gender, interests, and even budgets, you can now cut browsing and spending in half.

Gift Ideas – For Him

He might be a wine lover, he might be a geeky scientist, or he might even be an aviation enthusiast. Whatever it is, he certainly deserves the gift you want to present. Gift Guides for Him are categorized based on his passions so you can zero in on the appropriate products. The trendiest technology, travel accessories, bar ware, and even historical artifacts are all part of the magical category created for Him.

Gift Ideas – For Her

She is not all that difficult to please once you identify her interests.  The Gift Guides for Her allows you to choose from categories for tech savvy women, fashionistas, or frequent hostesses. The gifts all range from Home decor, iPhone cases, to bar accessories. Classic Hostess would love for your to be able to add that personal feel. Thereby, Classic Hostess Blog also added a category with namely personalized gift ideas.

Gift Ideas – On A Budget

Well if your circle of friends is constantly growing and your bank account is not, you would have an issue. Luckily, you now don’t! ( So, yeah keep making friends.. ) Classic Hostess Gift Guides for Under $50 is your savior. No worries, these gifts are trendy, high quality, and always greatly appreciated.

Times change; styles change; be updated on the latest trends with Classic Hostess Blog’s daily release of inspirational gift ideas. 

Best Wine Glasses for Every Occasion

What do you look for when you shop for the wine glasses? Material? Style? Durability? Well, there are more things to look for rather than just looking for the size, style, and material. The best wine glasses are elegant, stylish, lightweight, and also have the potential to do what they are designed for!

They are the glasses that will add a touch of sophistication to every occasion and will speak volumes about your individual personality.

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Top 5 Decorative Vases that Shout of Luxury

Whether you are looking for the right accessory to enhance the elegance of your tablescape or something decorative to spruce up your home decor, a beautiful vase with the charming flowers is just what you need. Today, we bring to you the best and most striking vases that can help you create a luxurious ambiance effortlessly. Take a look!

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5 Cake Stands for an Extravagant Wedding Party

Making and baking a wedding cake from scratch is basic but what after the icing has been spread and the sprinkles are dropped? Show off your baking triumphs and give it the exquisite presentation with these gorgeous cake stands- starting with these five to choose from. Take a look!

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Money Banks to Inspire your Kids to Save

Money matters are the most important and tricky lessons that all parents need to teach their little ones. Getting it right requires starting early and offering loads and loads of inspiration.

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Most Quirky Furnishing for Every Home Decor

When it comes to designing our home interiors, we all want it to be extraordinary. Accessorizing is the perfect way to show off your unique design sensibilities and create a space that can instantly “wow” the onlookers.

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Top 3 Table Accessories That Shout Of a Fancy Dinner

When it comes to high-end entertaining, there are few things that every tasteful tablescape have in common. No, we are not talking about stunning dinnerware and striking stemware. Well, this is no secret that adding an alluring centerpiece or an arresting accessory to spruce up the tablescape is the difference between a casual party hosting and a fancy dinner. But choosing from an ocean of choices can be really overwhelming. We have made the task easier for you, by finding the top 3 table accessories that can make you the impresario of events. Dig in to discover.

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Top 3 Refreshing Cocktails for Spring

If you are anything like me who loves throwing a few shindigs every now and then, then you’ll surely understand that the hunt for fresh ideas to impress the guests is just endless. Well, I am no Martha Stewart myself, but my little party hosting experience has definitely taught me a few entertaining tricks that saved me from host burn-out several times.

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Decorating on a Budget using Candle Holders

There is nothing striking than an elegant candle holder in the middle of your dinner table with the tall candles creating an intimidating effect in the room. With the stunning shapes and size, the varied range of candle holders gives a spectacular appeal to votive and other type of candles.

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5 Most Sophisticated Flutes That Raises the Champagne Bar

Champagne is one celebratory drink that truly reflects opulence and height of luxury. So when it comes to appreciating the complex aromas of a fine Champagne and elevating its exquisite flavors, everyone will agree with a classy flute, brilliantly crafted from the most premium crystal.

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Top 7 Desk Accessories to Make Your Workstation More Functional

Cos nothing inspires productivity like a clean, organized and beautiful looking workstation!

Whether you love to keep everything organized or are one of those workaholics who bury themselves in work and have no time to clean up their desks, we’ve got some fun and functional office supplies to pep up your work space.

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