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A Glass Drink Dispenser is a hostess’s favorite buddy yet. They are reliable, helpful, and ever so beautiful.  Beverage dispensers in glass are now available in so many styles, so many sizes, and they are so bound to confuse you! Classic Hostess Blog here to the rescue! Find drink dispenser ideas to sort you out based on style and capacity, with some recipes thrown in to boot! You’re very welcome; it our pleasure.

Glass Drink Dispenser

Glass Drink DispenserGlass drinking vessels showcase beautiful displays of colors and fruits. With the help of efficient spigot, you are now relieved from one huge part of hostessing. Gbye bar tending. Large glass drink dispensers have enough capacity to keep the beverages coming at even wedding receptions. Also available in smaller sizes, everyday family dinners can benefit from a glass drink dispenser too. All glasses were not created equal. Therefore, Classic Hostess will guide you towards crystal, regular glass, and other times towards the elegant hammered glass.

Glass Drink Dispenser – With Drink Stands

Originally created as a convenience, ( think sliding cups under the spout) has now become a true decor. If a glass drink dispenser is displayed on a stand know that it is included in the purchase. For drink stations, elegant affairs, and more, Classic Hostess will preview all of the Drink Dispensers on pedestals to choose from.

Glass Drink Dispenser – The Recipes

Depending on the season, color theme, and crowd, you will want to display your drink dispenser the right way! Choose from an ever growing list of delightful cocktails and beverage recipes.

Glass Drink Dispenser – The Spigot

You get more for your buck certainly holds true to spigots. Classic Hostess now offers metal spigots with most purchases that are virtually leak proof, clog free, and forever lasting. So if you are looking to saturate a crowd, metal spigots is the way to go!

4 Party-Worthy Drink Dispensers, Available at Classic Hostess

If you love to entertain, then a drink station can be the ultimate central entity for your buffet table, counter top, and patio or bar. Even if your galas usually consists of kids or some your some of best pals coming in from the outdoors, installing a drink dispenser can help make sure everyone in your house is well-hydrated and happy.

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5 Gallon Beverage Dispenser + Recipe

The 5 gallon beverage dispenser brings on this one awkward problem. You will be enjoying yourself so much at your own party that nobody will know who the hostess is! After all, if the batch of cocktails can be prepared days beforehand, and no refills are necessary throughout – what’s a hostess to worry about?

Using the recipe Classic Hostess brings you today with the awesome 5 gallon drink dispenser, let entertaining take on a whole new meaning!

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Drink Summer With Beverage Dispensers!

Beverage Dispensers filled with colored drinks like fruit infused water, sangria, or bright sun tea are like invigorating colorful summer décor! Especially if it’s the time of the year to take it outdoors….

A wedding, cookout, BBQs, or whatever, are best spent under the sun’s rays. More sunshine obviously requires more thirst quenchers… And that’s what we are writing about today! Check out these 3 artistic, clever, and very affordable drink dispensers + recipes for your summer get together.

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The 5 Gallon Beverage Dispenser Celebration!

So, how do we break this gently to you?? We finally got the 5 gallon beverage dispenser you were begging us for!

You are very welcome; it is our greatest  pleasure!

As part of the coronation ceremony, how ’bout some recipes and one awesome giveaway??

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Did You Eat Your Fruits & Veggies? Try It In A Beverage Dispenser !

No secret that most of us need to up our water and fruit consumption. How many cups of coffee did you down already today?? Alright, but all this boring h20 has got be served in style. Nothing more tasteful and stylish than a beverage dispenser with infuser/ice chamber!

Solution, eh?

We bring you 4 new drink dispensers with infused water recipes that’ll have you and yours drinking water and eating fruits like fiends. Promise!

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Weekend Ahead! Drink Dispenser Ideas For Pool/Beach Anyone?

Okay, I’ll admit. It’s the weekend I need to thank for my sanity! Listen, a person ought to have something to help them survive working indoors on these summer days. I envision my drink dispenser, exotic summer cocktail, pool/beach, and my best buddies. Maybe some good music and sunshine too. So what if it’s only Wednesday??

If you are planning on hosting the very best pool party or beach cookout, you can’t possibly go past these awesome beverage dispensers + drinks ideas. C’mon and make one big splash!

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Beverage Dispensers – Pour on the BBQ Ideas

Three shouts for the summer cookout season! And three very loud shouts for beverage dispensers and the good things they do to all BBQ menu ideas.

Today we show you three simple drink dispensers and drinks that we are absolutely in LOVE with.  See how to upgrade your backyard bbq into a true, fun -filled, and basically very HOT event!

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4th of July Drinks Buffet + Giveaway!

4th of July Drinks starring now! (yep, there’s another pun there!) And contrary to the old belief, your patriotic drink dispenser must not display only red, white, or blue drinks. See this stunning Fourth of July drinks stations for outdoor and indoor independence day parties!

Life, liberty, and pursuit of giveaways! Comment on the blog to win the fabulous beverage dispenser. It’s mason, bail and trigger, and truly American!

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4th of July Drinks – Yes, You Can!

4th of July Drinks ideas here. Beware: inspiration overload! Truthfully, there are so many ways of celebrating the Fourth of July, and we absolutely adore all of them.

There are vintage drink stations, nautical party themes, and even whimsical dessert tables. All of these Fourth of July drinks share adorable details, lots of creativity, and of course some stars and stripes.

C’mon, view some red, white and blue – and find the style that speaks to you!

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Fancy & Playful Party Supplies for Kids Birthdays

Planning to throw a fun birthday party for your child’s upcoming birthday? Birthdays create countless memories for a kid to cherish for a lifetime. Therefore, organizing the party requires special attention. From food and drinks to decorations and take home goody bags, there are so many preparations parents need to take care of. The task can be really daunting and the only way to overcome it is by advance planning. First you need to finalize the theme for the party so that you can start gathering some cool party supplies. Let us make the part of getting party supplies easier for you. Here are some fancy and playful party supplies you will definitely need for your child’s birthday party. Take a look!

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