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Holiday decorating tips were created for the clueless who would love to be in the know. Simple, basic, and chic Holiday decor previewed here on Classic Hostess Blog. From Christmas decorating ideas, to Easter buntings, your imagination is your only limitation.  

Holiday Decorating Tips

Holiday decorating tipsBring on the seasonal ambiance! You will like the magical feel in our home; and you will love the simplicity of the instructions. Plus, most of the holiday decor displayed can be purchased directly on our site. How easy? Among the decor tips find floral arrangements and home accents. Even your table will get some due dress up tips as well. So much refreshing fun; go ahead and read!

Holiday Decorating Tips – Christmas Decor Ideas

Wreaths, golden dinnerware, and ornaments abound. ‘Tis the season and we want you to SEE it. From actual home decor to DIY ideas, Christmas decor tip is just a click away.

Holiday Decorating Tips – Autumn Decor

Fall decor is somehow a favorite to most. And there is so much to FALL in love for. Best of all? These fall decorating ideas are not costly and not difficult. It’s for all the non Martha Stewarts in our generation.

Top 5 Silk Flower Arrangements That Are Just Too Pretty to Pass

Last year we saw silk flower arrangements making a huge comeback in the home décor industry. Judging by the way of their rapidly growing popularity amongst the home owners and interior designers, it’s safe to assume that the trend is here to stay. So if you’ve been avoiding adding these lovely decorative to you living space, thinking of them to be reserved for dusty pub fireplaces or unfashionable homes, we suggest you to rethink. The trend alert isn’t enough to convince you? Check out the following 5 silk flower arrangements and you will surely change your mind. Read on.

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Top 4 Decorative Sculptures for Home and Office Décor

Decorative, be it table or floor sculptures; whether abstract, still or true to life, effortlessly bring an artistic appeal to your space. The sculptures are majestic, which will evoke mystical sights and a whimsical blend with their realistic and stunning details. Choose from themed figurines, table top sculptures or statues, and add a decorative touch in your space.

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Home Décor Trends that are Simply Timeless

Who doesn’t love to decorate his/her home with the trendiest accessories and furnishings? We all drool over the picture-perfect homes that are featured in décor magazines. But achieving the same is no easy fete; the redecorating costs alone can make you change your mind.

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6 Photography Wall Arts for your Living Space

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to outfit or revamp your living space. In fact, improvising your place or adding decorative elements to your room is easier than it seems!

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Top 5 Decorative Vases that Shout of Luxury

Whether you are looking for the right accessory to enhance the elegance of your tablescape or something decorative to spruce up your home decor, a beautiful vase with the charming flowers is just what you need. Today, we bring to you the best and most striking vases that can help you create a luxurious ambiance effortlessly. Take a look!

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Most Quirky Furnishing for Every Home Decor

When it comes to designing our home interiors, we all want it to be extraordinary. Accessorizing is the perfect way to show off your unique design sensibilities and create a space that can instantly “wow” the onlookers.

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Top 3 Table Accessories That Shout Of a Fancy Dinner

When it comes to high-end entertaining, there are few things that every tasteful tablescape have in common. No, we are not talking about stunning dinnerware and striking stemware. Well, this is no secret that adding an alluring centerpiece or an arresting accessory to spruce up the tablescape is the difference between a casual party hosting and a fancy dinner. But choosing from an ocean of choices can be really overwhelming. We have made the task easier for you, by finding the top 3 table accessories that can make you the impresario of events. Dig in to discover.

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Decorating on a Budget using Candle Holders

There is nothing striking than an elegant candle holder in the middle of your dinner table with the tall candles creating an intimidating effect in the room. With the stunning shapes and size, the varied range of candle holders gives a spectacular appeal to votive and other type of candles.

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3 Party Essential from Godinger Your next Weekend Bash

From casual social get-together to elegant affairs, entertaining at home is a great idea. It requires extra effort, right from staging the house to the main course, but is always worth it.

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Trend Alert: 5 Drool-worthy Cake Trends to Sweeten 2017

Cakes are an indispensible part of every big or small celebration. Whether it is an extravagant wedding reception or a casual kids’ birthday party, a delectable cake is what sweetens every party mood. Since cakes hold such paramount importance at every event, it is only fair to choose the most beautiful and bespoke cake for a special event.

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