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Celebrate your life, your love, and your place. Hometown personalized puzzles make for a labor of love with the address you chose at the heart of it. If you are looking for meaningful gift, or a cherished keepsake, it’s time for these personalized jigsaw puzzles. 

Hometown Personalized Puzzles

Hometown Personalized PuzzlesCustom made with the most recent maps, picture the joy of working on a puzzle centered around your home. Each of the jigsaw puzzles contain a center home shaped or heart shaped piece of the address you emailed. By Mapmarketing, these personalized puzzles are beautifully gift boxed. Note: most hometown puzzles are available in aerial or satellite view.

Personalized Puzzles – Map Placments

Talk about conversation starters. These maps will excite guests as they recognize their state of honor. Easy to clean, they ship four per order.

For valentine’s gift, holiday gifts, and more – see all of the hometown personalized puzzles.

Home Décor Trends that are Simply Timeless

Who doesn’t love to decorate his/her home with the trendiest accessories and furnishings? We all drool over the picture-perfect homes that are featured in décor magazines. But achieving the same is no easy fete; the redecorating costs alone can make you change your mind.

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Most Beautiful Christmas Ornaments to Dress up your Spurce

Christmas is just around the corner and we are sure you all must have started shopping for the holiday season. Whether it is buying gifts for the friends and family or the holiday supplies and decorations, preparing in advance can save a lot of time and hassle when the day arrives. Today, we are here to help you find the most beautiful Christmas ornaments, which can effortlessly add that extra festive bling to your spurce. After all, who doesn’t want to get high in the spirit of Christmas festivities and what shouts Christmas louder than a Christmas tree and Santa Claus? Take a look at our top picks for Christmas ornaments.

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4 Reasons why we love Map Marketing Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles

Buying presents for our beloved is always an overwhelming task, especially if you the person you are buying the gift for, seems to have absolutely everything already. In such a situation, the last thing you would want to do is get a gift, which is going to get buried away forever. If you agree with us, then you will also agree to the fact that handmade gifts or personalized gifts are always appreciated more by every individual.

Mapmarketing personalized jigsaw puzzles make up for a great present at every occasion and for everybody. Whether you want to get a birthday gift for your husband or a thoughtful token of appreciation at mother’s day for your lovely mom, a personalized jigsaw puzzle will definitely live up to the occasion. Let’s see how.

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5 Great Gift Idea’s For This Father’s Day

Father’s day is just around the corner. Have you decided on what to gift your dad for this father’s day? We understand that choosing the right gift can be a tough one. You must have already gifted him a tie or a watch or something of that sought. Why not get him something different and more unique this time? After all the guy deserves something special for all the things he has done for you all these years. Don’t worry, we will help you in the overcoming this daunting task. Whether your dad is a wine buff, an outdoorsy or a tech savvy guy; we have a list of some cool ideas, which will surely impress him. Take a look and pick the perfect present.

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5 Amazing Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

It’s usually easier to find gift for your girlie’s since you have an endless list of options to choose from. But when it comes down to getting a gift for your boyfriend, husband, father or brother the task seems quite overwhelming. Yes, you can always go for a watch or a wallet if you are running out of time and can’t think of something more unique.  But if you have time and want to give something unique and thoughtful for him to cherish his lifetime, we suggest you pause and take a look at these amazing gift ideas. Look no further, as your search for gifts for men in your life ends here.

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What Are the Most Popular Gifts For Your Special Women?

Gifts are a unique way to show your loved ones how much you truly care about them. Every gift has a though behind it which makes it special. But not everyone is good at choosing the perfect present for their special lady. Therefore it can be really overwhelming when a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary comes up. If you are amongst those who find it difficult to decide the best present for their loved ones, you are at the right place. Whether you want to impress your beloved or show your mom or sister, how much you admire them, we have the most imaginative and expressive gift ideas. Here take a look at unique gift ideas for her.

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Puzzle Solved!

You love your mother. She shall love these personalized puzzles. There, a mother’s day gift idea is as simple as that!

The home you were raised in is the heart of the puzzle ( literally!) , and surprise affectionate messages to mom are revealed as she nostalgically pieces your hometown together. Call it a true labor of love! Today, Classic Hostess previews our favorite personalized map puzzles by Map Marketing, and we grant you a chance to win one hometown puzzle. This one’s for you mom!

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Mother’s Day Gifts – This Way For Unique

Mother's Day Gifts


Mother’s Day gifts coming right up!! And…  this year all it takes is one site. Browse, love,  and you’re good to go! From traditional, to unique, to quite unconventional – there’s a gift here for everyone. And their mothers, of course.

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Map Puzzles: Impress Your Mother with Unique Present

Mothers are special and on mother’s day we celebrate the wonderful woman who has given us so much in life. You must have given her plenty of expensive gifts like jewelry, fancy dresses or extravagant china. These gifts surely make her happy. But do you know which present will touch her heart? A unique and thoughtful present like a personalized map puzzle by map marketing is bound to impress her a lot. It is the easiest way to give her something she will cherish all her life. These personalized map puzzles feature a map of your chosen destination and you can also add a special message inside the puzzle. Here, take a look at some amazing ideas and decide for yourself.

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4 Most Interesting Things about Map Marketing Map Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles have been an important part of everyone’s childhood. We are sure even you must have played a lot with different puzzles during your growing up years. Did you enjoy putting the pieces of those puzzles together? So why stop! Map Marketing offers a wide assortment of puzzles, which can be enjoyed by kids and grownups, equally. Here you can explore some of the most interesting things about Map marketing map puzzles, which makes them oh-so-special. Apart from the fact that these jigsaw puzzles feature the map of a particular location specified by you; here are some other interesting things about them which will surely amaze you.

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