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The kids area rugs by Lorena Canals were greeted with much enthusiasm by mothers and children in USA.

For starters, the Lorena Canals kids area rugs are machine washable.  Plus, these children rugs were made in India with no child labor involved. Feel safe knowing your kids are spending time on a rug that is entirely dye free, non-toxic, and free of VOCs.

100% cotton, these kids area rugs are designed with a modern, kid friendly feel.


Pamper Your Kid’s Room with Lorena Canals Rugs

Rugs are perfect to give your bare floors a quick and easy makeover. A carpet may be considered as a home décor accessories, but it can be a foundation of a stunning space. Lorena Canals are available in several deign, color, pattern that fits your pocket.

Check the three best kid’s area rugs from Lorena Canals:

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The Best 4 Ways to Use Lorena Canals Rugs

Lorena canals rugs are popular for their premium material and luxurious appeal. Rugs are an integral part of any home décor and now Lorena Canals gives you the best way to decorate your home with the best. Below are the ways to use your new Lorena Canals:

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Stain Removal tips for Kid’s Area Rugs

Who doesn’t like to see a clean and organized home every day? But with kids’ around achieving this goal becomes incredibly challenging. Daily moping, cleaning and dusting helps, but there are times when the mess is not limited to the kids’ toys scattered in the living room or undone laundry or dishes. What if your toddler is a tipsy tornado or an artist who loves to splash everything from walls to rugs with color? Won’t you cringe to find out that your little munchkin has painted that Lorena canal rug you recently bought with crayons? Allow us to give you some quick and easy stain removal tips, which will at least help you in keeping your kids area rugs. Take a look.

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Put Fun in Function with Lorena Canal Kid’s Area Rugs

Seeking to add some warmth and coziness to your kid’s bedroom? What’s better than an accent area rug in playful patterns, lovely colors and rich material? Lorena Canal offers charming area rugs to help you make your child’s living space more welcoming. The bright and poppy collection of kid’s area rugs will surely add a statement piece, which will bring out the real style of your kids bedroom and uplift the decor. Here are some steel-worthy kid’s area rugs you would absolutely love. Treat your kid’s bedroom or playroom with these fun and functional rugs and see how they will make the décor more inviting.

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Kids Area Rugs: A Wonderful Way to Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom

Kid’s area rugs are a wonderful way to decorate any kid’s bedroom and provide a cozy play area. Whether you have designed a modern bedroom with bold colors and vibrant patterns or chose to stick to a minimalist theme with neutral backdrops for your kid’s bedroom, or maybe a mix of both; these kid’s area rugs will effortlessly amplify the style quotient of your kid’s bedroom. Check out these versatile kids area rugs which will easily harmonize with every home décor.

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Classic Hostess Storefront – Grand Opening!!

Finally, after months of dreaming, planning, building, and designing! We are so excited to share with you the grand opening of the Classic Hostess Storefront!  If you are located in the #brooklyn, #williamsburg, or #bedstuy area,  we suggest you stop reading and rev up your car.

For years, satisfied clients have been begging for a proper Brooklyn Gift Shop to view exclusive products. For years, we have been harboring a dream of doing just that. And.. here we go!

As we humbly say now, ” gifting in Brooklyn will never be the same again!”

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How Creative Can Rug for Kids go? Check out!

Rugs play a very important role in designing a kid’s nursery. Though we all give durability and quality the first preference while choosing the perfect kids area rugs, style should not have to take the second place. Kid’s area rugs can be incredible creative and give loads of options to enhance the décor of your kid’s room. There is an endless list of rugs, which look great and are designed to last a really long time. You can outfit your child’s nursery, bedroom or playroom with some incredibly stylish and durable kids’ area rugs. Check out some of the best options here.

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Kids Area Rugs by Lorena Canals Come to USA!!

Why are the kids area rugs by Lorena Canals making parents and kids jump for joy? Well, if children’s rugs are meant for imagining, playing, and relaxing, it’s time we let kids do just that on ‘em!
Beautifully handmade, these washable kids rugs sport designs that are kids happy, yet engineered with a modern flair to please parents.
An absolute sensation in Europe, Classic Hostess is now proud to partner with Lorena Canals in helping spread that kids friendly stylish comfort.

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