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32 Best Cake Stands for Birthdays

Do you have a birthday party coming up? Are you decked up for all the effort it takes to bake a cake, batch of brownies or a pie? Well, it doesn’t matter how perfectly you bake it, how graceful your piping is or how well set your cream Pat is; a baking triumph without a cake stand is never going to make you the star of the event.

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Top 5 Flatware You Must Add to Your Collection

Because every delicious meal deserves to be enjoyed with equally nice utensils!

Elegant flatware that melds well with your table setting is an absolute must-have for entertaining accessory whether you are hosting a casual dinner or an extravagant fete. Yes! Great flatware is not only necessary for its functional purposes, but also helps in setting the scene in style.

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Top 4 Decorative Sculptures for Home and Office Décor

Decorative, be it table or floor sculptures; whether abstract, still or true to life, effortlessly bring an artistic appeal to your space. The sculptures are majestic, which will evoke mystical sights and a whimsical blend with their realistic and stunning details. Choose from themed figurines, table top sculptures or statues, and add a decorative touch in your space.

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Top 4 Vintage Desk Accessories for your Office Table

Whether you work at an office or in a home office, personalization of the desk is important. Accessories at the desk will accentuate its aesthetic appeal and as well as will help in increasing your productivity. There is no universal desk configuration, but there are few standard accessories, which will set you desk from monotonous work spaces around you.

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Best Wine Glasses for Every Occasion

What do you look for when you shop for the wine glasses? Material? Style? Durability? Well, there are more things to look for rather than just looking for the size, style, and material. The best wine glasses are elegant, stylish, lightweight, and also have the potential to do what they are designed for!

They are the glasses that will add a touch of sophistication to every occasion and will speak volumes about your individual personality.

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5 Cake Stands for an Extravagant Wedding Party

Making and baking a wedding cake from scratch is basic but what after the icing has been spread and the sprinkles are dropped? Show off your baking triumphs and give it the exquisite presentation with these gorgeous cake stands- starting with these five to choose from. Take a look!

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Most Quirky Furnishing for Every Home Decor

When it comes to designing our home interiors, we all want it to be extraordinary. Accessorizing is the perfect way to show off your unique design sensibilities and create a space that can instantly “wow” the onlookers.

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Top 3 Table Accessories That Shout Of a Fancy Dinner

When it comes to high-end entertaining, there are few things that every tasteful tablescape have in common. No, we are not talking about stunning dinnerware and striking stemware. Well, this is no secret that adding an alluring centerpiece or an arresting accessory to spruce up the tablescape is the difference between a casual party hosting and a fancy dinner. But choosing from an ocean of choices can be really overwhelming. We have made the task easier for you, by finding the top 3 table accessories that can make you the impresario of events. Dig in to discover.

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Top 3 Refreshing Cocktails for Spring

If you are anything like me who loves throwing a few shindigs every now and then, then you’ll surely understand that the hunt for fresh ideas to impress the guests is just endless. Well, I am no Martha Stewart myself, but my little party hosting experience has definitely taught me a few entertaining tricks that saved me from host burn-out several times.

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Top 7 Desk Accessories to Make Your Workstation More Functional

Cos nothing inspires productivity like a clean, organized and beautiful looking workstation!

Whether you love to keep everything organized or are one of those workaholics who bury themselves in work and have no time to clean up their desks, we’ve got some fun and functional office supplies to pep up your work space.

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