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4 Top Beverage Dispensers for Your Party Tabletop

Attending to the invitees, making sure there’s adequate food to go around and getting everyone’s thirst quenched are fundamental activities of any host.  While, food servings can be monitored by the hostess of the party, for drinks you need to allow your guests to safely fend their favorite beverage without rooting through your coolers, fridge for something to satisfy their thirst. In simple words, you need to have beverage stations installed at regular intervals on your festivity table.

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3 Party Essential from Godinger Your next Weekend Bash

From casual social get-together to elegant affairs, entertaining at home is a great idea. It requires extra effort, right from staging the house to the main course, but is always worth it.

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Top 3 Godinger Candlelight Holders for a Calm, Romantic, and Mesmerizing Evening

A Candlelight dinner is the most beautiful and romantic date for any couple in love. But, you don’t have to step out of your residence to a crowded restaurant on Valentine day in pursuit for a romantic evening. You can spend this auspicious day with your lover in the quaint solitude of your house itself.

Candlelight stands are of paramount importance when comes to candle light dinners, therefore just about any stand will not do. Roll down and check out the top three charming yet classy candle stands that take your valentine night celebration to another level of love and romance:

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3 Most Popular Decorative Bowls From Emilio Robba

Emilio Robba is a leading Italian Artist with tremendous influence on the interior design trends. He creates the most breathtaking sculptural floral arrangements and decoratives with a sensitivity to fashion. His designs are much more than simple flower bouquets but great art works that can instantly transform any dull and monotonous space into an a professionally designed living area.  

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10 Best Quick & Easy Recipes for Kids

Feeding children with a nutritional meal is probably the most challenging aspect of parenthood. You want them to get all the vitamins and proteins that are only naturally available in green vegetables and fruits. Most children frown upon the name of ‘broccoli’ or ‘spinach,’ and finding new ideas for cooking that will appeal to the kids and encourage them to eat healthy can be an excruciating task. You can also cheer them more by giving them kid’s dinner plates to fascinate them with colors.

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10 Stunning Rustic Wedding Items You Will Love

Weddings are joyous occasions that witness the union of two souls in love. They are meant to be celebrated with joy and extravagance. There are hundreds of wedding themes that people love to adopt for their special event, and vintage theme are among one of the most popular ones. Break the rules by adding different décor items together and create that perfect vintage look that actually works. Whether you want to throw a 1920 Hollywood glam party or a rustic country one, with meticulous planning and wedding decor ideas, you can create the most fabulous and perfect wedding party.

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The 5 Gallon Beverage Dispenser Celebration!

So, how do we break this gently to you?? We finally got the 5 gallon beverage dispenser you were begging us for!

You are very welcome; it is our greatest  pleasure!

As part of the coronation ceremony, how ’bout some recipes and one awesome giveaway??

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Mosser Glass Collection – By Color!

So if you cannot make it to the Mosser Glass showroom, we bring the Mosser products to you.  Caution: our new categories based on their stunning color palette, makes feeding your collector’s obsession just a bit easier. Sorry, therapists!

From mixing bowls to butter dishes, and everything in between – there’s a color you are after right here!

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Mosser Glass – The Full Fairy Tale Story!

Once upon a time there lived a very dedicated employee by the name of Orie Mosser. He worked very hard at the Cambridge Glass Company until they closed its doors. Now Orie’s son, Thomas, is reaping the fruits of his labor with the successful company run by his own family, famously known as Mosser Glass.

And so with stunning colored tableware, vintage cake stands, and mixing bowls being hand pressed daily, they lived happily ever after!

Want the full version and full Mosser catalog?

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Making the Moster of Your Mosser Cake Stands!

We got more, no most, make that- the Mostest of the Mosser Cake Stands inspiration!

These vintage glass cake stands are still flying off our shelves. Truthfully, will dessert ever be out of fad?

For the summer, here’s our bit of simple ideas to dispel the Monday gloom.. Smile ‘cuz dessert is on its way!

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