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There’s always something new at the GG Collection line. Here at Classic Hostess’s Blog, we keep you posted on new GG Collection products.  A new GG Heritage line has been added! The designers never rest, new products have been added to the GG antiquity and GG Provencial collections.

We’ll keep you posted whenever we have some good news from GG Collection products

Give Your Party Table an Antique Appeal with GG Collection

Planning to throw a housewarming social gathering next week? What about a vintage themed party?  It is a great wonderful to breathe life into your event, have a memorable evening.

GG Collection has the mastered the art of fusing class and elegance, which mirrors through its vast assortment of throwback serve ware.

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Adoring and cheap Washroom goods are at the helm of tapping of your fingers

Are you ready to renovate your washroom? Yes! Regardless of whether you are tearing every tile off, or just refining it by adding new essential elements. For both, you have to plan what you want to do. For instance, if you want to change your old shower, you will obviously need a new one. And, the major problem most of the home owners face is where to buy washroom necessities.

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5 Bathroom Essential You Will Love From GG Collections

Having a perfectly clean and organized bathroom not only reflects on your home decorating skills, but will also make your morning routines much faster and classier. With GG collection and its incredible assemblies like GG antique collection will offer you the best way to make your dream bathroom settings a reality. Now, you can pick the one that will prove as a functional as well as stylish addition to your bathroom décor from the incredible GG heritage collection.

Take a look at the top 5 bathroom accessories you should own-

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GG Collection – It’s Changed, But It Hasn’t!

With the GG Collection, you get to serve up traditional gracious goods with all the modern day functionality! How brilliant?

Originally conceived as a product line that represents the revival of classical European décor, GG Collection now widened to also include traces of current décor trends.

Using innovative material combinations, all of your favorite themes are here! Check out some proper home and table décor for your contemporary, old world, and even French country space.

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GG Collection – HOT New Items For Fall 2016

GG Collection has officially nailed the art of merging gracious entertaining with everyday living.  Meet the Fall 2016 Gracious Goods product line. We were planning to surprise you later in the season. Due to our sheer excitement though over this new collection, the secret is out!

A very close relative to the GG Antiquity Collection – Classic Hostess proudly presents the Antiquity Wood and Marble Family. We invite you to see for yourself how true modern versatility can work with rich traditional undercurrents.

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Stand out Serving Trays and Platters to enhance Food Presentation

They say we first eat with our eyes. Going by this saying, a captivating presentation of food is just as important as the recipe and ingredients. A beautiful serveware can help you create an inviting display for your delicious food.  Here are some outstanding serving trays and platters, which can help enhance your food presentation and make your homemade goodies look even more tempting. These exceptional serving dishes vary in size and style and you so that you can choose one as per your serving requirements. Take a look!

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5 Steal-Worthy Accent Tables to Uplift Your Home Décor

Speaking of redecorating the home, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Changing the color theme of walls or adding some statement pieces of furniture, right? Since our furniture takes up the majority of space in our house, little changes like re positioning them or adding a new piece can instantly give uplift to the interiors. Just by adding a stand-out table you can give any room a fantastic focal point and add some definition. We have put together a selection of some unique accent tables, you can use to give your home décor a new look. Check out our top five picks!

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Storage Essentials: Distinct Cruet Sets For Your Kitchen

Storage essentials for kitchen come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each one with a distinct purpose.  Every well-equipped kitchen needs canisters to store bulk grains like rice, faro etc, and many glass jars for every day supplies like flour, sugar etc. Then there are condiment and cruet sets for other kitchen essentials. You just can’t have a complete kitchen without these organizational and storage essentials. In this post, we are going to talk about cruet sets, which are small glass vessels you can use to store liquids like oil and vinegar. Take a look at some of the most amazing designs of this must-have organizational unit.

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Complete Guide to Setting up a Home Bar

Planning to build a home bar from scratch? Well, it doesn’t have to as daunting as it seems. With the help of some basic equipment, essential glassware and exquisite liquor you can effortlessly set up a home bar, which can impress both amateurs and professionals alike. Let us make the task a bit easier for you. Here is a complete guide to setting up a well-stocked home bar. Whether you have been mixing cocktails for a while now or have just started appreciating spirits, you will definitely benefit from these basic tips. Take a look!

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Enchanting Jewelry Boxes to Safeguard Your Precious Accessories

Jewelry is that one little thing that makes a girl feel special and hence, it needs to be safeguarded. Improperly stored ornaments and accessories get damaged easily. Are you looking for a way to keep your precious jewelry and ornaments safe? A jewelry box is the most convenient and elegant way to keep your precious accessories organized. Jewelry box becomes a home to your favourite ornaments and keeps them secure and organized. It is also a great travelling companion for your accessories. Here, take a look at this five astonishing jewelry boxes, which you can consider adding to your collection.

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