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Tourance Throw Blankets- Soft, Luscious and Lavish

Tourance is a reputed brand in the vertical of blanket manufacturing industry based in San Francisco. From baby-friendly adoring blankets to adult classy throws, they have the widest assortment enveloping a variety of textures such as Moroccan, Channel, and Rosebud.

Tourance signature throws are fashioned with finest-quality fabric are feathery soft, and they will complement your bedtime setting. Browse till the end to find a throw blanket that suits your needs and your taste:

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Tips on Buying the Best Throw Blanket

Throws are basically a perfect way to enhance warmth and comfort around your living space with style. It is a simple yet effective way to introduce some fun and function to your décor. These amazing accessories are available in a large variety with choice in color, design, fabric and what not. As such, it can be really overwhelming to pick a throw that not only matches your taste and requirement, but also boasts of high quality. Here are some great pointers, which will help you buy an incredible throw without compromising on either style or quality. Dig in to find out.

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Faux Fur Throw Blanket Comes To #Brooklyn

If comfort, warmth, and sense of style tip your home decor list – wave hi to the faux fur throw blanket, now available in our Brooklyn Gift Shop.

Lavishly textured, the faux fur throw makes for affordable indulgence.  In fact , they might be the softest thing you will ever know. Beware of cuddlers as soon as the blanket is out!

Classic Hostess ( and many more throw addicts) are  in love with the Tourance throws in particular…. can you figure out why?

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Classic Hostess Storefront – Grand Opening!!

Finally, after months of dreaming, planning, building, and designing! We are so excited to share with you the grand opening of the Classic Hostess Storefront!  If you are located in the #brooklyn, #williamsburg, or #bedstuy area,  we suggest you stop reading and rev up your car.

For years, satisfied clients have been begging for a proper Brooklyn Gift Shop to view exclusive products. For years, we have been harboring a dream of doing just that. And.. here we go!

As we humbly say now, ” gifting in Brooklyn will never be the same again!”

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Tourance for Little One’s and Grown Up’s

Who doesn’t love the warmth of a soft and sumptuous blanket in a cold chilly winter evening? Tourance blankets offer soft and stylish blanket’s for every member of the family. Both the little ones and grownups can enjoy the plush and gentle feel of a tourance blankets and stay warm during winters. Tourance also offers an irresistible range of glamour accessories like robes. Each of these amazing tourance blankets are equally fashionable and functional. Tourance also makes up for a thoughtful and unique present for your near and dear ones. Here, take a look at some of the best tourance products.

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5 Best Ways to Utilize Tourance

Home is the only place on earth that can make us feel comfortable and at ease. Tourance is a world-renowned blanket, throws and robes producer, who knows the art of mixing coziness with class. When you relax in these soft clothing, your unwinding with become more delightful and stylish. There are many different types of Tourance collection and even more ways to use these incredible creations.

Let’s give you the best ways to utilize Tourance items available at Classic Hostess:

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Tourance Baby Blankets: Favorite New Born Gifts

Do you have an upcoming baby shower to attend? Well, choosing the perfect gift for such a special occasion is no walk in the park. While there are several options to choose from, but not all are a lasting present. Most baby gifts are easily outgrown and then quickly discarded. If you want to give present which is cherished for a long time, tourance blanket is the perfect choice. Newborn’s need warmth and a soft and snuggly tourance blanket represent the loving arms of parents. It helps baby fall asleep effortlessly. Here are some amazing tourance baby blankets which you can gift on a baby shower.

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Tourance Throws – In The Lap of Luxury (literally!)

Tourance Throws

Plush, lush, cuddly, supersoft….. Nope, we are not describing baby blankets! We are talking biiiiig, adult sized, and very addictive!

Envelope yourself in one of the Tourance throws and let the cozy comfort that only comes from luxury faux fur throws seep in. Akin to feathers from heaven and fresh flower petals.

Okay, maybe that was a bit too saccharine, but read on to see for yourselves why we totally melt when surrounded by anything Tourance.

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Tourance Throws – Love At First Feel!

Tourance ProductsHow good does a bed of feathers, down, and rose petals feel? As good as being enveloped in a faux fur throw, blanket, scarf, or anything Tourance for that matter!

Classic Hostess would go as far to say that we are practically fans of the luxurious and heavenly Tourance products. Aww, how cozy, we know! This is serious love though.

Did we mention that these softest things are actually made in the USA?

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