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Wooden Serve ware

Wooden serve ware  is the must have for any presentation. It adds so much warmth, nature, and character. Classic Hostess Blog will take you on a wooden serving ware journey. You’ll be surprised in how many ways, and with how many things our beloved natural collection works. See how wood can downplay elegant affairs, and yet accessorize casual dinners at the same time. Versatile, eh?

It makes every get together so simple. Cheeses, a bit of apples, and nuts to accentuate the depth of wooden tabletop accessories. Our passion at Classic Hostess for repurposed natural wood is ever growing, and our wooden products reflect that.

C’mon and join the party. We are talking wooden platters, wooden cake stands, wooden trays, and more of our beloved wooden serve ware.

Wooden Serve ware

10 Stunning Rustic Wedding Items You Will Love

Weddings are joyous occasions that witness the union of two souls in love. They are meant to be celebrated with joy and extravagance. There are hundreds of wedding themes that people love to adopt for their special event, and vintage theme are among one of the most popular ones. Break the rules by adding different décor items together and create that perfect vintage look that actually works. Whether you want to throw a 1920 Hollywood glam party or a rustic country one, with meticulous planning and wedding decor ideas, you can create the most fabulous and perfect wedding party.

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GG Collection – It’s Changed, But It Hasn’t!

With the GG Collection, you get to serve up traditional gracious goods with all the modern day functionality! How brilliant?

Originally conceived as a product line that represents the revival of classical European décor, GG Collection now widened to also include traces of current décor trends.

Using innovative material combinations, all of your favorite themes are here! Check out some proper home and table décor for your contemporary, old world, and even French country space.

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5 Best Salad Bowls for Healthy Eating

Summers are here and so is the time for outdoor parties, patio gatherings, soirees, barbeques, pool parties and what not. So, here we are bringing you some quirky party favors. Summer is officially the season for cool beverages and light salads. Therefore, while you are planning a cool summer party for your friends and family, don’t forget to add some healthy salads in the menu. You will find delicious and healthy salads dominating the summer food trend. Salads mark the beginning of a meal and also set tone for the whole meal, which is why its flavors and presentation is of great importance. Here are some incredible salad bowls that helps create tempting presentation and alluring displays on the dining table. Take a peek.

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GG Collection Antiquity Collection – Extra Extra!

Read all ’bout it!  The GG Collection Antiquity Collection is the greatest example yet of extra things making an extra- ordinary difference. Spring has finally made its official ( hopefully permanent) appearance. And so did our new wooden outdoor entertaining accessories in the form of Gracious Goods! Extra extra! 

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Europe2You: Deck up Your Kitchen in European Style

Cooking is an art and just like every other art, you need special tools to bring out the best flavors. Only a kitchen equipped with best cookware, culinary, serveware and other essentials can provide delicious food. This is because cooking is much more than just ingredients and recipes. Europe2you carefully crafts an amazing collection of antique culinary accents which captures the spirit of rich European lifestyle. Every kitchen essential by Europe2you is utilitarian and stylish as all the items are designed using reclaimed wood from 19th century buildings. Here are some of the best selling signature items from Europe2you, which are must-haves for your kitchen.

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Four GG Collection Products You MUST Have For Spring

GG Collection For Spring


So much has been said about GG Collection already, but you know what? We ain’t done. There’s still so much more to show off. Especially with the Spring/Summer entertaining ahead of us, Gracious Goods wants to keep you in the loop.

We can’t have it all, I hear you thinking. So, Classic Hostess boiled it down to four GG Collection products you cannot refuse.

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Europe2You: Beautiful Vintage Serveware

How you present or serve the food make a lot of difference. As the saying goes, feast begins with eyes. Therefore, it is vital to equip your kitchen with some exquisite serveware, which you can show off at parties and gatherings. A nice serving dish will enhance the presentation of your favorite recipes and instantly ‘wow’ your guests at the parties. Europe2You offers an incredible selection of exquisite vintage serveware, crafted using reclaimed wood from 19th century. These stylish serving trays and pizza boards are bound to lend an authentic touch to the food you prepare. Here are some of the best serveware’s, which will be an incredible addition to your kitchen.

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Vintage Culinary Accents for a Serveware Collector

We all have different passion and interests we love to indulge in like music, dance or cooking. Those of us who love cooking are naturally captivated by exquisite culinary. They have a habit of adding exceptional kitchen accessories and culinary items to their collection in order to savor their love for cooking. For all you cooking enthusiasts, Europe2you brings an exceptional collection of carefully crafted antique culinary accents. Each of these items manifests rich European tradition and culture in its eternal designs.

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GG Collection – Now Gifting YOU!

GG Collection Survey

GG Collection has been gifting you with casual elegance and old European flair for some time. Now Gracious Goods is conducting a simple survey in which you can win the epitome of the GG Goods for the Home.  How ’bout a the GG Collection Fleur De Lis Flatware Set?? Yup, it’s our pleasure; you are very welcome!

In honor of all our GG fans, Classic Hostess brings you two of their most popular Gracious Goods Products line to vote on. If you have never heard of GG Collection before, let us warn you. A free set of stainless steel Fleur de Lis flatware is the ultimate way to ignite the GG addiction.

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Why Do People Think Wooden Kitchenware is a Good Idea?

The importance of a great quality kitchenware in making of a sensible household cannot be denied. Whether you’re looking for an elegant way to display your vegetables or a convenient platform to cut them, wooden kitchenware always tops the list. The company of Europe2You, is popular for its world class production of wooden accessories for your home. From cutting boards and trivets to tabletop accessories, you can set your kitchen shelves apart from the rest.

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