Every home smells unique. Which scent defines your personal dwelling?? The Chando Diffuser brings nature inspired aromas to your intimate space through artistic, porcelain oil diffusers.

Follow the Chando Shangai Aroma Diffusers. Follow that endearing familiar scent. Enter the embrace of your sanctuary! ( …. and win one Chando Aroma Diffuser)

Chando Diffuser – The Luxurious King of Ambiance

Chando DiffuserEach product that bears the Aroma Porcelain patent features exotic intricate details from the Far East merged with modern fragrances. Vicki Chen, founder of Chando Shanghai, has observed porcelain sculpting techniques in her family for decades. By creating stunning works of art for unique aromas, Chen ensured oriental fragrance tradition reaches the masses through Chando Shanghai Diffusers.

Through four product lines – watch your ordinary living space be transformed to extraordinarily graceful!

Chando Diffuser – The Myst Collection

Chando Diffuser

Featured Fragrances: Sunkissed Marigold, Midnight Lotus, Wild Orchid, Peony Garden, Fresh Lily, and Rose Garden.
The Chando Aroma Myst Collection brings you intimate scents blooming from velvety colored glass bottles. Stare at the porcelain flowers that emit the fragrant oils, and remember how beautiful it is to grow!

Chando Diffuser – The Fantasy Collection

Chando Fantasy

Featured Fragrances: Wild Orchid, Sensual Camellia, Botanical Garden, and Apple Blossom.
The Chando Fantasy Collection features four ornate glass bottles with porcelain reed like flowers. The Fantasy collection will turn your personal space into a fairy-tale dwelling with its magical touch.

Chando Mini Diffuser – Youth Collection

Chando Diffuser - Youth

Ethereal! Be embraced by youth! Open to door to your home, and watch the joyful bounce return to your step. Delicate porcelain butterflies emit intimate, carefree scents.

The Chando Diffuser Giveaway!

Chando DIffuserHow would you like to wake up to the smell of the sun kissing your quilt? Or, how would you like to enter your work space to the scent of fallen leaves? To win one Chando Aroma Diffuser:

A) Comment: Which Chando Diffuser would your like to win AND why? ( i.e I love the Chando Rose Garden Fragrance from the Elegance Collection – because that’s the smell our summer home used to have!)

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