Next time when you go to a soiree, don’t go empty handed!

Show your appreciation and gratitude towards the lovely hostess with an unexpected token tailored according to her taste! Because they deserve nothing but the best for all the hard work they put in for treating you.

No, we are not talking about the bottle of wine; you can have a look at these fifty-three unique and handpicked hostess gift ideas to make for your host feel special.

For a Baking Enthusiast

If your hostess is a big time baking buff; Surprise her with a luxurious cake plate or a contemporarily styled cake stand, which can cater her everyday hosting needs.

Cake Stands

  1. Glass Cake Stands


Take this Jade Green Glass Footed Cake stand for a hostess who loves to bake extravagant baking triumphs for every occasion. You can gift a single cake stand as a gift or mix and match different styles and colors.



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  1. Crystal Cake Plate with Dome


Help your loved one to enhance her serve ware collection by gifting this elegant Dublin Crystal Cake Plate with Dome. With a scalloped cake plate with the sturdy base; this masterpiece will make an exceptional gift for any occasion.



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  1. Silver Cake Stands


If you have a hostess friend who loves sophistication; gift this La Vigna Stainless Steel Cake Stand to her! With the beautiful grape and vine accents; this cake stand makes a graceful present for your loved one!



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Cake Servers

  1. Butterfly Accented Cake Serving Set


Gift this Butterfly Accented Cake Serving Set by Godinger to your loved one who loves to bake and serve cakes at parties.

This serving set with butterfly accents will help her serve the cakes in an exquisite manner at upcoming occasions.


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  1. Cake Server in Blue White Enamel Finish by Classic Touch


Chiseled to perfection by the expert artisans of Classic Touch, these cake servers in blue and white enamel finish will help her serve the baked delicacies in a stylish way.


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  1. Is Paris one of her Favorite Places?


Gift your hostess friend this Eiffel tower cake serving set and make it a memorable gift for her. This set has a high aesthetic appeal due to the Eiffel tower handles, and at the same time, it serves as a utilitarian piece.


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Cupcake Stands

  1. Glass Cupcake Stand with Appealing Decals


Think a little with your creative head and gift this Glass cupcake stand with spoon and fork decal to her so that she can serve her delicious cupcakes in a stylish way.



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  1. Set of Cupcake Stands


No cake pedestal can beat the classic beauty of these assorted cupcake stands. Gift this Set of cupcake stands to a hostess friend of yours so that she can display her numerous baking delicacies at one instance.



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  1. The Strawberry Cupcake Stand


This Crystal cupcake with a strawberry fin is perfect for a hostess who loved to present the cupcakes in style. Gift her set of these crystal cupcake holders and make her feel special.



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  1. Ceramic Bakeware Set


Treat your hostess friend with this Ceramic bakeware set in the assorted shade. This set of six ramekins and three casserole dishes will let her bake and cook in microwave on the go!


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For A Wine Lover

Well, gifting wine to a hostess is a no brainer! But, with her favorite bottle of bourbon; reward her with a stylish bottle stopper or an exquisite wine rack.

Bottle Stoppers

  1. Yurana Lady Bottle Stopper


Gifting a bottle of wine is the most followed idea as a hostess gift. Top the bottle of her favorite wine with this Yurana lady with the grapes and glass bottle stopper and give it a personalized appeal.



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  1. Glitter Shoe Wine Bottle Stopper


Adding a feminine accessory to a wine bottle also make a very creative and a thoughtful gift. Use this glitter shoe wine bottle stopper and lend a unique and chic appeal to your present.


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  1. Natural Agate Bottle Stopper


Lend a vintage as well as elegant appeal to your gift by adding this Natural Agate Bottle Stopper on the bottle. Crafted out of the volcanic material, this bottle stopper has a snug gift and is perfect for gifting to a wine buff.



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Wine Racks

  1. Bella Toscana Vineyard Wine Bottle Holder


Handcrafted gifts always make the best present for any occasion! This Bella Toscana Vineyard Tile Wine Bottle Holder is specially hand forged in a concave shape, which makes it hold the wine bottle in a gracious manner.



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  1. Black Bicycle Wine Rack


Help your hostess friend to set the table in style with this stylish black bicycle wine rack. Rather than presenting the same old bottle of wine as a gift; present this rack, which will also serve as a utilitarian gift for her.



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Wine Glasses

  1. Give a Royal Gift to your Favorite Hostess


Nothing speaks royalty then this Set of 4 Celine Gold Wine Goblets. Gift this set to a wine lover host and enjoy your wine and cheese parties with flair.



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  1. Add a Pop of Red to your Present


If your hostess friend is a white wine lover; gift this exquisite set of white wine glasses by Godinger. Adorned in the rich red shade, this set will instantly bring a smile on her face.


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  1. Surprise a Wine Lover with a Wine Set


There is no better gift than a wine set for a big time wine enthusiast. The Glass Wine Set by Classic Touch is made of premium quality glass and is adorned with stunning with 14k gold artwork making it a perfect gifting item.





For a Creative Cook

Well, Hostess gifts for a creative cook are very tricky! And, if she is a creative cook, then a regular wine bottle or a glass set does not make the perfect gift!

Have a look below for the perfect choice of perfect gifts, which may even snag you another invite!

Cookbook holder

  1. MOD Cookbook Holder


Creative people are known to have the messiest heads! Present her this MOD Cookbook holder and let her cook your favorite dishes with a breeze.


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  1. Kyle Clicker Man-The Gadget/ Cookbook Holder


Let her not fumble with the gadgets whenever she cooks her delicious dishes! Gift her Kylie Clicker Man gadget or cookbook holder as a perfect base for her essentials.



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Memo Board or Message Tiles

  1. Ceramic Memo Board


Present your host friend with this utilitarian GG Acanthus memo board that comes along with a marker. Made up from ceramic and adorned with the graceful carved pattern; this board will let her display menu and recipes in style.


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  1. Black Ceramic Message Tile


A chalkboard without a chalk? Well, this can be surprising as well as an astonishing gift for your loved one!

Gift this black ceramic message tile to her and let her display her menu, buffet items, etc. in an exquisite manner on the table top.

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Stir Sticks

  1. A Stir Stick that says Cheers


Already planned an extravagant gift but looking for a sweet and a subtle accent? What about a stir stick that says cheers?

Made up of wooden material, this stick is a perfect addition to your present.


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  1. Say Thank You with the Stir stick that says Best Day Ever


What an exceptional way to thank your hostess for that day! Made up of wood, this stir stick is the most graceful to thank your hostess for the soiree she has arranged for you.









  1. Festive Owl Ceramic Platter


Going to a festive dinner? Take along this festive owl ceramic platter and let your host friend serve nuts, candies, and finger footed food in style.


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  1. Let me Eat Dessert First Plates


Are you going for a birthday treat or is your host friend a cake lover? Gift this Set of Eat Dessert First Plates and let her serve the desserts in this gorgeous set of dishware.







Napkin Rings

  1. Women and Shell Napkin Holder


For a graceful and a creative hostess, this women and Shell Napkin Holder is a perfect gifting item! Made of premium quality porcelain, this masterpiece will help her intensify the grace of her table top.


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  1. Colored Pendant Napkin Rings


If you are looking for a quick gift for a host friend of yours, then these pendant napkin rings can serve as a perfect present!



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  1. Master Tool Grill Set


If she is a big fan of hosting cookout parties such as backyard parties, barbecues or patio events; this master grill set consists of a brush, tongs, spatula, skewers, fork and corn holders, which makes it a perfect gifting item for a cook.


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  1. Leather Flatware Case


If you are bored of gifting the same old wine bottle or glass sets; give a try to this classic brown leatherette case. With the tarnish preventive silver cloth lining; this case can store 80 flatware pieces including knives, forks, and spoons.



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For a Drink Maniac

The perfect gifts for a drink maniac are the various kinds of beverage glasses like the whiskey glasses, champagne flutes, and wine goblets. Pitcher and glass set also serve as a perfect gifting item.

Whiskey Glasses

  1. The Rotating Diamond Whiskey Glasses


Gift this set of Cupa Rocks Ice Whiskey Glasses to your host friend and let her enjoy the drinks in style! With the diamond base, this set of cupa glass series will enhance the aromatic experience of the drinker.



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  1. Whiskey Glass Gems


A mid-century modern Double Old Fashioned whiskey glass set makes an ideal gifting item for a drink maniac. Combine it with her favorite bottle of whiskey and make it a perfect gift.


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  1. Stockholm Multicolor Shot Glasses


Add charm and sophistication to your present by gifting this Stockholm set of 6 shooters from Godinger. In assorted shades, this set will let her spruce the elegance in next drink parties.


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Glass and Pitcher Set

  1. Set of Colored Glasses and Pitcher Set



Do not show up empty handed on a festive dinner! Take along this Colored Glass and Pitcher set by Classic Touch and make your host feel special! In assorted shades along with the 14k artwork; this set is exquisite for special occasions.

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For a Wine Lover

  1. Clink and Say ‘Cheers’!


Nothing can beat the charm and beauty of this Wine glass set by Classic Touch as a gift. In delightful shades and with an exquisite artwork; this set is a perfect gifting item for various occasions!


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  1. Ravenscroft Blind Black Tasting Glasses


Help your host friend mask the color of the wine at her next event by gifting this set of Blind Black Tasting Glasses. Made of premium quality glass, this set will let her add a fun element at her events.



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For a Champagne Lover

  1. Camelot Etched Champagne Flutes


Inspired by the French Aristocracy style; this set of Camelot Etched Champagne Flutes is a classic as well as an elegant gift, which will let her savor the favorite beverage in style.



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For a Hostess who Loves to Entertain


Stubborn Water and beverage rings are every hostess nightmare. Help her prevent those by gifting her vintage or a quirky set of coasters.

  1. Personalized Vintage Coasters


Get yourself another invite by gifting this personalized set of vintage coasters. Printed with the state of art mapping technology, they are heat resistant and easy to clean.



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  1. Saurian Square Coasters


Well, this turquoise beauty will make an exceptional gift for a hostess! Gift this stunning set of Saurian Coasters to her and help her reduce the work of cleaning the stubborn beverage rings.



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  1. Europe2You Galvi Wine Coasters


Gift this galvanized wine coaster to a hostess who is a wine enthusiast. Apart from the water ring, it will also let her serve wine in style.



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If your host friend loves to arrange the seated parties, then these splaceholders will help her mark the seat for her invites. Also, she can use them to decorate photographs in them later on!

  1. Knob Shaped Card and Place Holders


Present this one of a kind Knob-shaped Place or Card holders to your host friend so that she has an ease of marking the places of her invitees.


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  1. Gift Card Holders


Present in the shape of a gift? Make your hostess feel special by gifting this set painted card holders.


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  1. Sutton Place Rectangular Tray by Godinger


Help you host friend to enhance her serving experience by gifting this Sutton Place Rectangular Tray by Godinger. With an intricately detailed design, this tray is also perfect for her serve ware collection.


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  1. Serenade Dessert Tray


Well, who doesn’t love desserts! Gift this Serenade dessert tray by Godinger to your hostess friend and let her serve the desserts in an exquisite manner.


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  1. Crystal Cracker Tray by Godinger


Serving finger footed dish and crackers is quite a tedious task for a hostess! Help her ease this task by gifting this exquisitely designed Cracker tray by Godinger.


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Drink Dispensers

Gift a utilitarian drink dispenser to your host friend, which will make her task of entertaining the guests a breeze!

  1. Beverage Dispenser with a Chained Black Board


This beverage drink dispenser with a chained blackboard will help your host friend to label the drinks in an extravagant event.



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  1. Mason Drink Dispenser with Infuser and Chiller


Present your favorite host friend this oasis mason drink dispenser with infuser and chiller, which will help her entertain her guests with healthy drinks in an easy manner.



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  1. GG Heritage Cream and Sugar Set


To a hostess who loves to arrange tea parties; this GG heritage cream and sugar set to her! This set consists of a sugar bowl, creamer, spoon and a tray, which will help her throw a party like a pro!



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  1. Bronze Oil and Vinegar Set


Contemporary, chic, and utilitarian- a perfect gift! Help her ease the cooking task by presenting her this metal oil and vinegar set.




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  1. Eurpope2U Pizza Board


For the hostess who loves to serve in style; this extra large pizza board will help her in kitchen prep and will also let her serve in an exquisite manner.



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  1. Mason Jar Sipper Set


It becomes very difficult to get serve the favorite drink of each guest! Make her a star hostess by gifting this Chalk it up Mason jar sipper set so that she can name the drink before everyone’s arrival.



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  1. Vintage Wine Bottle Cheese Plate


Is your hostess friend both wine and cheese lover? Gift this cheese plate in the shape of a vintage wine bottle and make her feel special!



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  1. Ceramic White Cookie Jar


Let her store the treats in a stylish yet classic way with a set of Ceramic White Cookie Jar.


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Liked the hostess gift ideas mentioned above but short on a budget this time? Have a look at these ideas, which may help you to find a better idea for a hostess friend.