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Trend Alert: 5 Drool-worthy Cake Trends to Sweeten 2017

Cakes are an indispensible part of every big or small celebration. Whether it is an extravagant wedding reception or a casual kids’ birthday party, a delectable cake is what sweetens every party mood. Since cakes hold such paramount importance at every event, it is only fair to choose the most beautiful and bespoke cake for a special event.

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Catering Essentials: Drink dispensers & Cake Stands

Whether you are a professional caterer or just an avid party-person who needs an excuse to host a shindig; cake stand and drink dispensers are totally indispensible. These two catering essentials will not make hosting effortless for you, but will also add oodles of charm to your party table. A drink dispenser makes self-serving seem like fun, while a well decorated cake stand doubles as a magnificent centerpiece at your party. Plus, these two party essentials hold the honor of being year around best-sellers. They are required at every event from a kid’s birthday to a wedding reception.

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Designer Cake Stands to Showcase your Cake with Class

Cakes are an integral part of any party. If you are planning a special celebration, a cake will be a must have for you! We all intend to include many interesting factors in our events, like music, dresses, menu and much more. One thing you must add to your list of things is a cake stand.  They are not only a beautiful stand to display your cake, but they add style to the event as well. Here is a list of some amazingly beautiful cake stands which can give more refreshing touch to your parties, have a look:

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Best Cake Stands For Displaying Tasty Treats during Tea Parties

While thinking of tea parties images of British gentry, Victorian décor and elite ladies in their fine gowns sipping tea and gossiping comes to mind. And why not, tea party is an age old British custom which involves a gorgeous venue with a pretty table escape displaying some homemade goodies, snacks and of course tea. The tea table is made to look its prettiest, dressed up with an elegant cloth, fine china with coordinating accents. Though the custom has now evolved, some things remain the same, for instance serving bite sized snacks and savory sweets along with a good pot of tea. Therefore, we bring to you some classy cake pedestals, perfect for dressing up your tea party table. Take a look!

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Cake Stands For Creating Mesmerizing Tablescapes

Every successful entertaining endeavour requires careful planning of each and every aspect. From food and drinks to serve ware and decorations, the host needs to pay proper attention to all big and small things. But what makes a party or an event memorable? You need to add some statement decorations or eye-catching presentations to your party, so that it becomes the talk of the town. A cake pedestal is the easiest way to create an arresting table scape with inviting displays of delectable deserts, flowers or whatever you like. All you need is an elegant cake stand and lots of creativity to lay down a mesmerizing table scape for your party. Here is some inspiration to get you started. Take a look at these stunning cake stands and create a beautiful centre-piece for your next event.

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CAKE SERVERS: Exquisite Dessert Table Essentials

Dessert tables are party staples and centerpiece for every grand party. Gone are the days when all reception parties and birthdays had one cake to cut into. An elaborate dessert table is the new party trend to enhance all the festivities and celebrations. Delectable desserts sweeten up the party mood and decks up the party venue making it much more impressive.

If you are planning to add a dessert table and worry about getting it right; here are some elegant dessert table essentials that will help you host an exquisite party.

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The Best Cake Stands For an Extravagant Birthday Table

Going by the name, cake stands are meant for cakes. Birthday cakes! All those fancy birthday cakes call for a decadent cake pedestal to enhance the display of the birthday table. A carefully selected cake pedestal can be the essence of your birthday parties since it makes the center piece of the dining table. If you are looking to host an extravagant birthday party you will require a fabulous cake pedestal that will rise to the occasion and make your party outstanding.

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Phenomenal and functional cake stands to embellish your parties

Be it a lavish wedding, fancy dinner or tasteful tea parties, cakes and pastries are the centerpieces at all occasions and they deserve to stand out. Who wouldn’t want to display these tasty treats in style that leaves all the guests awestruck? The way you present those delectable sweets can add an impressive flair to your parties. An elegant cake stand will give your cakes the support and style that will make it stand apart.

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How Cake Stands Can Make Your Party Extravagant? Let’s Find Out

Every host and hostess are familiar with elegant cake stands and their importance in any party with deserts. They can easily make or break your events and their careful selection is a very crucial part in effectively utilizing its power. They are known to elevate the extravagant feel and ambience of any party, but what is the reason behind its popularity? Let’s find out!

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What Cake Stands Look Like In 2016

Cake stands have been around since tea time earned its prominence in every Victorian home.  Fast forward one decade, and cake pedestals are still the number one stage for delicacies, fruits, and by now utilitarian needs too.

Yeah, I collect cake plates. The ones that have pedestals, and ones that have some color, and……  One of my healthy obsessions to put it mildly. Recently, I get a kick out of watching how the cake stands have evolved over the years…

Today, I share the newest additions. Some are elegant, some are tall, but they all add that impressive flair to your cakery creations.

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