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Trend Alert: 5 Drool-worthy Cake Trends to Sweeten 2017

Cakes are an indispensible part of every big or small celebration. Whether it is an extravagant wedding reception or a casual kids’ birthday party, a delectable cake is what sweetens every party mood. Since cakes hold such paramount importance at every event, it is only fair to choose the most beautiful and bespoke cake for a special event.

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Making the Moster of Your Mosser Cake Stands!

We got more, no most, make that- the Mostest of the Mosser Cake Stands inspiration!

These vintage glass cake stands are still flying off our shelves. Truthfully, will dessert ever be out of fad?

For the summer, here’s our bit of simple ideas to dispel the Monday gloom.. Smile ‘cuz dessert is on its way!

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Milk Glass Cake Stand Displays – Because Summer Is Sweet!

Are you also in love with the milk glass cake stand trend? Especially now, in the sweetest of seasons, ( that’s an opinion, we know! – but majority rules!) we decided to sweeten your parties up a bit with different  dessert tables.

For those who miss the age of simple sprinkled tops for dessert, hey there’s something of that feel here too. Based on the colors of the Mosser glass cake stand collection, we now present the colored dessert tables!

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Mosser Glass Cake Stand – Partyfolio #2

Here’s to a sweet week! We have spoken so much about dessert tables and summer entertaining, but this is my favorite part – let the mosser glass cake stand come on out! I never cease to be amazed by what a little height and a pop of color does to every cake, flower arrangement, or even fruits.

Sweet week? Oh, you bet! We are discussing my favorite subject, milk glass cakes stands and the wonderful desserts some creative people have created for us.

If Partyfolio part one made you gleefully full, go on.. indulge in part b!

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Milk Glass Cake Stand Partyfolio!

The milk glass cake stand Partyfolio has been compiled to guide our talented clients into creating the most awesome party dessert tables with the different colored dessert stands by Mosser milk glass cake stand ideasGlass. This is NOT to show off, or boast, or flaunt our vast milk glass collection or dessert creativity. Okay, maybe just a little bit.

Classic Hostess brings you one dessert table per color of the milk glass cake stand.  But, these parties are seriously so do-able, fresh, and adaptable to any theme, color, and season. 

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Daily Uses of a Cake Stand You Didn’t Know

For decades now we have been using cake pedestals the old fashioned way; for displaying cakes and pies. But what do you do with your beautiful cake stands when they are not in use? Here we have come up with some amazing ideas which will help you use your cake stands to the fullest. You can add some cute and quirky décor to your kitchen or dining area using your elegant cake stands. You can also keep your stuff more organized and home cleaner with the help of cake stands. All you need is a little bit of creativity and you can create amazing displays using cake stands. Here is some inspiration to fuel your creativity.

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Mosser Glass Cake Stands For Easter Prettiness + Giveaway!

Mosser Glass cake stands for easterNothing yells Easter more than pastel colors, vivid designs, and buncha eggs n bunnies! These dessert tables featuring all of the Mosser glass cake stands are practically beaming spring.

Designing your own Easter themed dessert table can be so much fun. Especially if you are lucky enough start out with one ( or many!) milk glass cake stands and then all you do is add your own spin to it.  Classic Hostess brings you some awesome Easter/Spring sweet tables incorporating the pastel colored cake stands.

And, we aren’t only giving away superb inspiration! There’s an actual cake stand giveaway on today. Let the egg, or cake stand, hunt begin!

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4 Best Rated Cake Stands of 2015

Cake stands are a must in every party if you want to make your bakeries stand out from the rest. When they are made with high quality material and latest designs, they are known to become the centerpiece of your event. The best known Milk glass cake stands are very popular and are known to be the best in the business. They are loved and cherished by millions around the globe and now you have the chance to find out the latest ones in the section below.

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Merry Cake Stands for Christmas Desserts

Cake Stands for Christmas

Thou shall not forget about dessert! With the Holidays being such an enchanting season, the world is practically filled with baked treats and delicious sweets. Zoom in on the dessert tables, and cake stands per se.

Classic Hostess showcases the top cake pedestals for a table full of goodies, buffet style!

Read on to see the magic and merriness cake stands can bring!

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The Best Cake Stand Collections for Christmas This Year

Cakes are the lifeline of every party and Christmas is incomplete without the mom and kids baking together and having fun. A beautiful cake needs an equal gorgeous stand so that it can be displayed with elegance among your guests. Your hard work should be displayed on a stunning platform and this is where these cake stands come into play.

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