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4 Party-Worthy Drink Dispensers, Available at Classic Hostess

If you love to entertain, then a drink station can be the ultimate central entity for your buffet table, counter top, and patio or bar. Even if your galas usually consists of kids or some your some of best pals coming in from the outdoors, installing a drink dispenser can help make sure everyone in your house is well-hydrated and happy.

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5 Gallon Beverage Dispenser + Recipe

The 5 gallon beverage dispenser brings on this one awkward problem. You will be enjoying yourself so much at your own party that nobody will know who the hostess is! After all, if the batch of cocktails can be prepared days beforehand, and no refills are necessary throughout – what’s a hostess to worry about?

Using the recipe Classic Hostess brings you today with the awesome 5 gallon drink dispenser, let entertaining take on a whole new meaning!

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The 5 Gallon Beverage Dispenser Celebration!

So, how do we break this gently to you?? We finally got the 5 gallon beverage dispenser you were begging us for!

You are very welcome; it is our greatest  pleasure!

As part of the coronation ceremony, how ’bout some recipes and one awesome giveaway??

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Toast To Drink Dispenser : Spring Cocktails + Giveaway

Drink-Dispenser-Classic-Hostessdrink dispenser fill to the brim with refreshingly pretty spring cocktails! Any better way to greet the Spring?  Any better way to usher in guests to your spring wedding, party, or event?

With spring’s freshest ingredients and our favorite beverage dispensers in mind, Classic Hostess brings you spring cocktail ideas that’ll have you singing spring’s praises!

Oh, and we give you a chance to win a Rocks Borough Drink Dispenser by commenting on the post below.

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Best Ways a Beverage Dispenser Can Redefine Your Wedding Décor

Marriages are also thought out to be an extravagant affair and they should be! It is the most important part of your life and should be dealt with happiness, beauty, love and incredible décor. There are many ways in which you can easily decorate your wedding in the most stylish and inexpensive manner. Placing a beautiful and delicate beverage dispenser, to serve your guests with delicious drinks and elevate the quotient of décor, at the same time.

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The Best Three Glassware Collections by Rolf Glass

Rolf Glass is known to manufacture some of the best glassware collection in the world. Their products are considered ideal for every event and amplify the panache of any party. Your drink will look even more appetizing in their glassware and their high-quality materials add more to the deal.

Now let’s introduce to the best three collections by Rolf Glass available with Classic Hostess.

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The Best Way To Creatively Fill Your Beverage Dispensers This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is America’s favorite holiday celebrated every fourth Thursday in November. This is the time when we all get to meet our loved ones and renew our memories. Any hostess of a Thanksgiving feast knows that the struggle of doing something different for their guests is real! Turkey is always on the top of the menu and without a doubt, needs to be done with perfection. There are many ways to woo your guests this year, including a decorative beverage dispenser.

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Why Glass Beverage Dispensers Have Become A Necessity

In 2015, everything is fast, efficient, and self-serve! Yups, even parties! And that is precisely why Glass Drink Dispensers have become the most essential party accessory as of late. Whether you are thinking along the lines of a large wedding hydration station, or intimate patio gathering, a glass drink dispenser should rank number one on your list of party must haves. And the greatest news is that these beverage servers were not created equal. There is so much variety when choosing this important bar-tending vessel.  Hostessing this labor day can be labor – free!

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3 New Glass Drink Dispenser For Outdoor Summer Party

Summer is the time to pour on the fun at outdoor graduation parties, cocktail events, and even BBQs.

Classic Hostess welcomes guests to help themselves, thank you! Use Glass Drink Dispenser to set up eye catching and thirst quenching drink stations.


Glass Mason Drink Dispensers

Glass Mason Jar Drink Dispenser and Drink Stand

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Glass Beverage Dispensers For Spring

Spring Beverage Dispenser Station



Ready to Welcome Spring??  A lil bit of sunshine and a Dispenserful of Lemonade should do the trick.

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