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Valentine’s Day Wine Tasting Party- 3 Must-Have Barware Accessories

This Valentine’s Day instead of a romantic dinner for two, or Valentine’s Day bash at a café, why not plan a wine tasting party? Invite a few friends and the ladies in their lives to compare notes on wines and have fun!

You can provide the scrumptious wine bottles, or invite each of your guests to bring their favorite ones. Let everyone mingle, and chat about their favorites while they catch up and have a fun wine-time!

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Top 3 Godinger Candlelight Holders for a Calm, Romantic, and Mesmerizing Evening

A Candlelight dinner is the most beautiful and romantic date for any couple in love. But, you don’t have to step out of your residence to a crowded restaurant on Valentine day in pursuit for a romantic evening. You can spend this auspicious day with your lover in the quaint solitude of your house itself.

Candlelight stands are of paramount importance when comes to candle light dinners, therefore just about any stand will not do. Roll down and check out the top three charming yet classy candle stands that take your valentine night celebration to another level of love and romance:

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Enchanting Jewelry Boxes to Safeguard Your Precious Accessories

Jewelry is that one little thing that makes a girl feel special and hence, it needs to be safeguarded. Improperly stored ornaments and accessories get damaged easily. Are you looking for a way to keep your precious jewelry and ornaments safe? A jewelry box is the most convenient and elegant way to keep your precious accessories organized. Jewelry box becomes a home to your favourite ornaments and keeps them secure and organized. It is also a great travelling companion for your accessories. Here, take a look at this five astonishing jewelry boxes, which you can consider adding to your collection.

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5 Outstanding Place Cards for Wedding Receptions

Seating arrangement is an overwhelming and daunting task of planning a wedding reception. This is why we have place cards or table number holders to make it stress-free. This is the most easiest and manageable way to direct guests to where they are suppose to sit. Along with creating a well-planned seating arrangement for guests, a place card also helps in creating beautiful displays on the tables. There are tons of eye-catching place cards options available in the market, but we have chosen five outstanding ones for your wedding reception. Whether you are planning a classy and sophisticated wedding or have a quirky theme, these place cards will surely take your table top displays up a notch. Take a look!

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