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Top Four Best Lighters for Your Backyard Cookouts: Social Lighter

As the summer afternoons begins to heat up, you might be thinking of hosting a baroque bash. After all, what’s more fun than gathering family and friends for a backyard picnic; flipping hot dogs, dancing to the tunes of your favorite songs, and much more?

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Social Light Lighters: For all your Fire Lighting Needs

Social lighters are the latest and most trendy new home décor items on the market, which are also functional. Whether you want to add grace to your living space or make your dinner dates classier, these social light lighters will make your every lighting moment more special.

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Collector’s Favorite Social Light Lighters

Initially the lighters were more like converted flintlock pistols, which used gunpowder to create flame. The first portable lighter was invented in 1883 by a German chemist, Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner and hence it came to be known as the Dobereiner’s lamp. It worked by passing flammable hydrogen gas over a platinum metal catalyst which in turn created flame.

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Tips for Care and Maintenance of Your Social Light Lighters

Have you ever encountered problems like short flame, inconsistent lighting or malfunctioning lighter? Well, refillable lighters can be tricky to operate and hence exercising care in use and following proper maintenance instructions can spare you a lot of trouble. Here, we have enlisted some care and maintenance tips, which will surely make your social light lighters work more effectively and give them a long life. From refilling the lighter to keeping it clean, these tips will help you to maintain your lighter in top shape. Take a look!

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Top 5 Decorative Lighters by Social Light

Lighters are an essential item in every household. We use to light the gas for cooking; fire up the coal or wood in the fireplace during the chilly winter evenings; and sometimes just to create a romantic ambience in the home by lighting candles. Though a lighter is used for multiple purposes, we never try to look beyond the functionality of a lighter before purchasing one. Social Light offers a wide assortment of decorative lighters, which will likewise coordinate with your home’s stylistic layout. All the lighters by social light are one of a kind mix of utility and design.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 decorative social light lighters which will help you fire up some fun during all your casual and fancy parties.

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4 Interesting Facts about Social Lighters

Social lighters are the new way of adding a decorative item to the décor of your home, which is also highly functional. Regular lighters have a very ordinary appeal, and finding the right place to add them into the kitchen has bothered home makers and interior designers for ages. Now with the introduction of stylish social lighters, there are no more worries about placing this attractive item in the house.

Let’s introduce you to the lesser known facts about social lighters:

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Fire up the Fun with Social Light’s Stylish Lighters

We all love the ambiance of a candle lit room during dinners, fireplaces in cold, chilly winters or bonfires under the sky. Whether you think of a dinner date with your beloved or a happening party with friends you can add flair of fun and jazz up the atmosphere with the help of fire. Social light lighters help you create fire in style and enjoy those barbeques, gatherings, parties and dates. Every lighter by social lighter is a unique blend of utility and fashion. Take a look at some of the best lighters which are held up against the competition.

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