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Valentine Gift for Your better-half- Shop For Heart Shaped Bowls at Classic Hostess

If you haven’t made it to the shopping mall in your locality recently; you may have missed pink, fluffy, mushy, heart-shaped balloons, and aisle of chocolate tied with ribbons signaling that the Valentine day is just around the corner.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – What 2016 Loves

Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Hey early bird, if you are already shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift idea now, we sure envy your valentine!! And, we sure think you are one smart sweetheart!

Classic Hostess brings you another awesome gift guide for Valentines. But, beware that gifts may be running out of stock sooner than you can say: Love!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – The Love Issue

Valentine's Day Gift Blog


This is your best opportunity to shower your loved one with random affection.  For a valentine’s day gift, a  heartfelt personalized gift vs candy or flowers is as timeless as your relationship.

Without waxing too dramatic, your romantic valentine’s gift is just one click away!

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Heart Shaped Bowl – Love em!

Heart Shaped Bowls


My love (read: obsession) with any heart shaped bowl has been oft recorded, no news there! But, when I saw these cutest heart dishes at Classic Hostess, my own ‘lil heart gave one great flutter. And, I just HAVE to show them off!

If you ♥ these heart shaped bowls too, read on to see the cutest and most versatile dishes. They are great as valentine gifts, Christmas gifts, or any time your ticker does a little pitter pat dance.

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Sweet Treats For Your Sweetheart

valentineblogThey say the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Now, that holds true for both genders on a romantic valentine morning.

Cookies sure taste better than paper. So whether it’s a candlelit dinner, or intimate breakfast, whip up some treats for your main hang this year.

Classic Hostess has compiled 7 simple recipes of valentine treats for your sweetheart.


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Valentine’s Day – Crystal Glass Roses

valentineroseIt is the time of the year again  in which you can make your loved one aware of your sincere care and devotion.

Classic Hostess is back this Valentines with a new collection of Crystal and Glass Rose Bouquets.     ( Hey, we care too!) The glass roses go a long way and stay forever. We mean in the heart, too.


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Glass Roses – Valentine’s Day Gift

The rose is a symbol of love and a crystal rose accented by 22K Gold portrays it perfectly. Present your loves one with colored, red, single or bouquet of roses to convey your feelings in a unique and most purest way.

Crystal Red Rose With Stem and Love Note – $29.99


A tender note , I love You , is inscribed on a red heart and attached to the stem of the delicate rose. Glass Baron has created the Hand Blown Glass Red Rose with Stem to convey your feelings.



Hand Blown Glass Pink Loving Rose For Mom  – $29.99

Loving is Pink. Mom has been spoiling you for a while; it is time you spoil her once too! A glass baron gift is the perfect way to transform your emotions into a gift she will treasure forever. The hand blown glass pink rose with stem is in full bloom with delicate petals and 22K gold accents. A tender note Mom I love You is attached to the crystal stem and will touch her heart

Lavender Rose Of Love – $30.99

Lavender Roses are a hallmark of enchantment; it is also traditionally used to express feelings of love at first sight. This hand blown lavender glass rose with 22K gold accents on its stem and leave so perfectly portrays it. A Glass Baron gift is the ideal way to transform an emotion into a unique keepsake your loved one will treasure forever.


Bouquet of 12 Glass Red Roses$34.99

Beautifully handcrafted by expert hands, These Set of 12 Glass Red Roses with green leaves portray a symbol of purity, love and a flow of sweet smelling emotions. Give them as a gift for Valentines Day or Mothers Day

View a full selection of Valentine’s Day Gift as a perfect way to convey your love and appreciation!